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There is barely anything worse than having some fine weed at hand only to find out your smoking device is not ready for use. Be it screens or filters, you should always have a stockpile of all required wear and tear and spare parts up your sleeve.

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Pipe Tool

A tamper, a pick and a little spoon - this classic 3-way pipe tool is an indispensable accessory for every pipe smoker and pothead.


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Steel Screens

You should always keep a stock of replacement screens for your (water)pipe and change them regularly. These steel gauzes are extremely durable and strong, yet they can be molded for a perfect fit. Steel screens are NOT suitable for glass pipes! There are 100 screens per packet.


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Steel Hanging Spoon Screens

Steel Hanging Spoon Screens by Black Leaf, the masters of glass bongs. And other than the steely mesh screens, these spoon screens are 100% suited for glass bongs. No scratching and higher longevity than mesh screens. 3 per pack. Available sizes: 15mm and 18mm.


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Actitube Activated Carbon Filter

With the Activated Carbon Filters by Actitube you can significantly improve your smoking experience. Using these filters improves the taste of your blend, makes a pure or harsh smoke (Salvia) smoother and the amount of tar that reaches your lung is reduced. Tune activated carbon filters can be used to roll blunts or in the Smart Smoking Pipe from Actitube. Available in packs of 10, 40 and...


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Screen Brush

This small stiff wire brush is ideal for getting into the metal nooks and crannies of your smoking device and pipe screens.


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Black Leaf Pipe Cleaners (20 pcs)

Keeping your smoking device clean is crucial if you want to enjoy a satisfactory and flavorful smoke. Chillum, regular pipe or downpipe - these pipe cleaners with woven wire bristles will help you get the job done. Length: 30cm. Content: 20 pcs.


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Pipe Kleaner Concentrate

Reclaim a stainless bong. The "Kulu" pipe cleaner concentrate is a universal cleaner for bongs and other smoking devices made of glass, plastic, aluminum and other materials. Easy to use. Content: 500ml.


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RAW Classic Cone Loader

Filling cones can be a tedious and time-consuming task without the correct tools. The RAW Classic Cone Loader is the solution - it allows for a much faster filling. Simple fill the funnel with your smoking blend, stick it in a cone and let the content slide into it. To make sure it is properly packed, use the packer. Dimensions: 11cm long - 5.5cm wide.


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The Weezy Travel Tube

With The Weezy travel tube, you can safely store your Weezy and take it with you on your travels. Made from sturdy and odour-proof aluminium.


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Jack-Pod Stash Tube + 4 Pods

The Jack-Pod Stash Tube for your Weezy safely holds 4 extra Jack-Pods for when you’re on the go. Comes with 4 Jack-Pods.


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The Weezy Charcoal Filters

The Weezy charcoal filter box with 20 replacement activated charcoal filters.


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Fill-It 10 with Stash Box + 10 Pods

With the Fill-It 10 with Stash Box for your Weezy, you can easily fill your Jack-Pods with your favourite herb. It also serves as storage for your stash. Comes with 10 Jack-Pods for your Weezy.


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Jack-Pod Box

A box with 100 disposable Jack-Pods for your Weezy.


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Black Leaf Stainless Steel Screens Bowl

When you get the fundamental things right, smoking a pipe is a smooth and easy experience. That’s what you get using Bowl Stainless Steel Screens by Black Leaf—a smooth burn and unbeatable filtering that keeps the bowl of your pipe cleaner. Ideal for conical pipe bowls, but suitable for other kinds also.


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Conical Bong Brush

The conical bong brush is a long and narrow brush ideal for accessing those hard to reach areas of your bong. The tough bristles work well to rid your rig of tar and ash.


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Brass Screens

For the best possible filtering, you should always have a supply of screens (and change them frequently) for your bong, water pipe or vaporizer. These brass screens are perfect for usage with glass pipes and bongs because they are very flexible and don't scratch. There are 100 screens per packet (different sizes available).


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Brass Screens 20mm (5 Pack)

We can not stress it often enough - only a neat and tidy smoking device provides an enjoyable experience. In order to prevent crumbs from entering the downpipe, you should always use a screen - We recommend these soft and smooth brass screens as they don't scratch the surface. Content: 5 pcs.


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Chillum Stones (5 pcs)

The beauty of a chillum is its simplicity, it being essentially just a tapered cone with a hole bored through it. Easy to use, easy to clean. The drawback is your weed can just fall out. That’s unless you have one of these chillum stones that is. Complete your chillum smoking experience with one, or be prepared to chew!


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