Kanna is the name given to the fermented roots and leaves of the South African bush Sceletium tortuosum, a traditional vision-inducing entheogen and inebriant that in the West is more regularly used to improve mood.

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Kanna: raise the spirits and boost focus

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) has a long history of use among hunter-gatherers of South Africa. As an energising and mind-altering plant, these populations would chew on the dried plant material and swallow the alkaloid-rich saliva. Kanna is reported to raise the spirits, boost focus, and reduce worries. Although not hallucinogenic, kanna does produce somewhat of a euphoric and enjoyable effect.


Use as a snuff (20mg) or chew (100mg–1 gram) with some gum.
A single pack contains 1 gram of kanna.


The plant contains the alkaloid mesembrine, though the pharmacology of kanna is not fully understood.

Kanna data sheet
Weight 1 gram

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Reviews (249)
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    Very surprised by the nice feeling
    Very nice feeling of euphoria and good mood, slight boost of energy, pleasant taste and no weird feelings afterwards. Will definitely get more!

    I. G.

    Schnupffertiges Kanna
    Da es sich hier nicht um ein Extrakt handelt kann man es sehr leicht dosieren. Hatte keine Nebenwirkungen und bin sehr zufrieden. Wenn man Kanna nicht nasal applizieren möchte, dann sollte man sich eher geschreddertes Kanna kaufen. Das ist kostengünstiger

    J. G.

    Découverte extraordinaire
    Franchement comme kola kratom macca baby hawaïen woodrose Glory morning yerba maté guarana damiana et j'en passe comme les happy caps euphory qui comme démonstration est utilisé dans ces gélules pour donner l'humeur et la pêche..en plus différentes variétés à essayer diffement.. je me réjouis d'être dans les premiers à réservé les autres en rupture de stock..

    P. M.

    First attempt
    From what I've read, it's a good idea to try Kanna a few times for your body/brain to understand what it does to it. I didn't notice anything in particular, taking about ⅔ of a gram sublingually. I did get a particularly good night's sleep, and was in an excellent mood the next day. I will definitely have another shot, as the price seems very reasonable.

    R. W.

    Nice but not strong
    Very nice mood boost, not a strong effect even with the whole tube but still noticeable.

    Y. C.

    OK for the price
    Quite expensive compared to the extracts but seem to do the job.

    J. J.

    Fine produckt
    Good produc, I didn't feel the wild, i feelt something, so its okay.

    C. M.

    Supongo que hace el efecto
    No he probado en grandes cantidades. Me echo un poco en la mano y lo ingiero. :¿ efecto? Me hace dormir. No suelo tomar a menudo porque para dormir no tengo problemas. Todo correcto y tengo para mucho

    C. E.

    Slight but pleasant feelings
    This is a very mild herb, but worth it.

    I. A.

    Kanna ist cool!
    Ich habe Kanna schätzen gelernt, allerdings ist der normale Extrakt für mich zu schwach. Gut um als Anfänger zu experimentieren, aber für mich lieber die höheren Extrakte.

    S. H.
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Video (1)
  • Video: How To Use: Kanna
    How To Use: Kanna

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    So if you want to find out the lowdown on Kanna, be sure to watch this video!

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