Kola Nut - Cola nitida


Because of their stimulating properties Kola nuts were used in magic and as aphrodisiacs, and they still play a strong role in religious and social life of many West and Central African cultures. Europeans began Kola plantations in the 1600s and also took them to the New World - and yes, the original Coca-Cola used them.

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The Kola – or Cola – nut comes from two near identical trees, the small cola tree (Cola acuminata, which has a 4 to 6-part nut) and large cola tree (C. nitida, with a 2-part nut), both indigenous to West Africa.


Kola was found to contain caffeine in 1865, and later theobromine, which is an active ingredient in chocolate.


Some of the bitter red and white seeds are eaten fresh but most are stored in water or dried in the sun. The nuts are used to make extracts, tinctures and wine extracts.

Nuts are offered to guests and exchanged at the end of business meetings, and in places such as Ghana they are communally chewed at royal and parliamentary occasions. In South America cola nuts are integral to the Santeria and candomble religions.

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Reviews (23)

    Bon coup de fouet
    J'en mélange un peu dans mon café avec du sirop d'érable pour atténuer l'amertume, ça réveille bien et donne un sacré "coup de fouet" quand on se s'en un peu lourd et fatigué. Très bon produit, je recommande vivement.


    Good moraine energy


    [Expected better than this]
    This made me sick. I'm glad I got this more or less for free. This was a disgusting journey to finish. A few days back, through this powder, it was the first time I drank Kola and I was indeed shocked how utterly miserable this plant from Africa tastes. But with enough sugar, I gulped it down, this package lasting a few days. The quality is rather pathetic to be honest. I drank Kola before and it tasted a lot more smooth, finer, more complete than this. You can really taste that this is not IN THE LEAST organic quality. It's a terrible, bitter taste. Stay away from this overpriced, most likely cheap and sprayed with pesticides stuff and get the real Kola experience is my advice. Don't repeat my mistake. Zamnesia is truly losing quality and becoming the worst version of itself...


    Un effet boosteur sur le long terme
    J'ai pris du Koala Nut tous les matins pendant 2 semaines en petite quantité et j'ai senti un effet boosteur comme le café, et j'ai senti également un effet aphrodisiaque. Petite remarque, d'après ce que j'ai lu sur différents sites d'information sur le produit Koala Nut, il faut faire attention pour que le dosage soit pas trop grand.


    Fais un effet boosteur comme le café. Bien se renseigner sur le dosage pour avoir un bon effet voulut


    Very energizing
    Excellent to add to any drink when you need extra energy


    Le matin
    bon effet stimulant avec le chocolat chaud du matin !


    Pas mal !
    Franchement niquel effet boustant stimulant, juste attention a ne pas trop doser si vous prennez du kratom avec c'est vraiment un gros potentialisateur.


    Ha un saporaccio e non mi ha dato chissà che energie


    File la pêche a long terme attention au dosage ça peu faire de la tachycardie. Mais partais

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Kola Nut - Cola nitida
Kola Nut - Cola nitida