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Salvia Extract 40X

 5/5 (56)

    Definitely felt the effects
    I probably won’t be doing it for a while as the effects varied from hilarious and wacky to nightmarish. Think it’s one to do when in a good frame of mind which I’m not, but will certainly try again at some point, my other half said they hallucinated a fun water park!


    Deja essayer la normal et X5 j’attend un peu encore pour essayer la X40


    What in the world!?
    Probably stronger but most definitly weirder than freebase dmt just wow.


    Produit testé
    Produit qui te met une claque ...


    Excellent experience!
    Just a small amount of it and you're out of space! Great quality and fast delivery.


    Violent niveau mental mais vraiment cool
    J’ai tester solo et perte complète d’identité et de conscience. Ps: soyez prêt psychologiquement...


    Je m'attendais à un gros voyage mentale mais au final une grosse crise d'euphorie à la place, c'était cool quand même mais j'espère qu'un jours je trouverai quelque chose qui m'enverra vraiment ailleurs


    didn't try it yet
    but for free, friendly Zami


    Very potent!
    This stuff is very potent, Zamnesia shipped the product very quickly and discreetly.


    Very good
    Have smoked plain salvia leaves and they just give u a buzz but thats it. I finished that with a friend and after 5sec i started laughing uncontrollable and then the trip began, veeeery Trippy for half the package next time i want to do it all but at some point i got scared that im gomma loose my mind like i was going crazy because of all the new ideas it gives u! It really put u in parallel universe. Not really hallucinations tbh only i was seeing my pipe in a stone and going to grab it and it disappeared then i see it in my hand and i sayed loud to my friend WTF is going on Very cool do it but when u feel safe

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