Salvia Extract 40x


For very experienced users and card-carrying Mexican shamans only! This is one of the the strongest Salvia extract we stock. You have been warned!

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Reviews (108)

    Korte maar heftige trip
    Kort en hevig trippen zonder te beseffen dat je aan het trippen bent. Dus enige voorbereiding (rustige setting) en ervaring aangeraden. Niet vergelijkbaar met psilocybine die rustig opkomt, word je door salvia plots in en uit een andere dimensie gegooid word die ook als angstaanjagend kan ervaren worden. Maar eenmaal het een plaats gegeven is wel een mooie ervaring is.


    La mejor muerte del ego .
    Fui la conciencia de todo incluso de una cremallera de mi mismo pantalon .. Preparate para un viaje brutal en dos segundos ...


    This sage extract transported me to another parallel dimension where I felt like a superman or a deity.


    Had meer verwacht
    Wou dit al lang eens doen en het is er eindelijk van gekomen. Had er voor die prijs wel iets meer van verwacht.


    If you consider buying this because you think 80x might be too much. DON'T! Go for the 20x if you think you can handle it because you been smoking weed for some years, idc bro. You're only 0.2 on a pipe away (held in for 15 seconds) to turn Mista macho man to want his máma with this one.


    Effet vite dissipé mais costaud.
    Il serait préférable de ne pas en donner à fumer au premier scout venu. Fort, très....


    State attenti e davvero potente,e consigliato farlo in un momento apropriato in completa assicurerà, grazie zamnesia sempre affidabili e qualità ottime!:)


    Aimer planer
    Bah comme pour la 30x, avec la salvia, l'effet est toujours au rendez-vous ! Attention, faut avoir le cœur bien accroché, ce n'est pas une plante à prendre à la légère ! Mais ce serait dommage de ne pas essayer, mais accompagné si c'est la première fois. À fumer en pipe ou en bang, car pour agir, les feuilles ont besoin de monter en température ! Bien garder la fumée et bons planes à vous ;-)


    Bisogna andarci con i piedi di piombo... Fumata insieme al tabacco sfuso, 20% Salvia, 80% tabacco (3 tiri)... Formicolio potente a braccia e gambe, brividi di freddo e allo stesso tempo vampate di calore (questa sensazione non mi è piaciuta), testa pesantissima, mi sono sdraiato sul letto per una botta improvvisa (simile a Super Skunk) il tutto è durato circa 5/6 minuti...


    Short but strong experience
    I tried with gravity bong twice few days apart. Had similar experience in both cases. I loaded 0.1g, lit it and inhaled all at once. Then held the smoke in for around 20 seconds while making sure I was seated comfortably. Geometry of space around me started to fall apart, I felt like I was being taken for some crazy ride in 4 spatial dimensions while experiencing strong acceleration, then everything started to calm down and quickly came to normal. It was only couple of minutes. Maybe tea would provide longer experience, this felt too short. I noticed some after effects that lasted about 30 minutes, but it was no more than a buzz. It felt like 1 minute, but was around 5 according to clock. Potent stuff and very interesting strong smell and taste.

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Salvia Extract 40x
Salvia Extract 40x