Salvia Dried Leaves


Salvia divinorum contains salvinorin A; one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and should not be confused with a party drug. Under its influence you will perceive a completely different "reality" than the one you normally would. Salvia should be used in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter.

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Salvia divinorum - Leaves of the divine sage of the Mazatec

Salvia divinorum has a long history of use as a holy medicine to induce a trance. Shamans of the Mazatec tribe used it for centuries to reach a dreamy state of consciousness in order to encounter visions; in lower doses it was used in healing ceremonies. There are two traditional methods of consuming Salvia: Chewing a quid of leaves for a long time and then swallowing down the leaves and dissolving the crushed leaves in water to make a drinkable concoction.

Salvia is not a party drug! It is one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and has the potential to tear down the curtain to a completely different "reality" than the one you normally perceive. It plays with all your senses as well as memories and thoughts while you wander through a different world and experience the Salvia dimension!

Use Salvia in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter. Have the lights dimmed low and keep distractions to a minimum - switch off the TV set as it will ruin the experience, have some quiet music playing in the background instead.


2-8 grams of dry leaves are enough for a strong experience.

The bitter taste of Salvia leaves is not to everyone's liking - you can flavor your quid with honey, syrup or sugar to make the experience a more sweet one.


Do not participate in road traffic or operate heavy machinery under the influence of Salvia divinorum.


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Reviews (271)

    Bien pour accompagner
    Bien pour accompagner avec des extractions de salvia plus forte


    Really helps me with my creative process of designing jewelry to have a conversation about it with the plants.


    Zuerst hatte ich 0,5 Gramm durch Bong geraucht, hatte eine leicht sedierende Wirkung und ein bisschen verpeilt war ich auch. Am nächsten Tag probierte ich 0,65 Gramm als Joint zu rauchen, es brannte ein wenig in der Kehle aber im akzeptablen Bereich. Schon beim halben Joint hab ich mich gefragt was ab geht, dann nachdem gesamten Joint hatte ich die Motorik eines Betrunkenen. Im Kopf ging alles rum, ich habe mir vorgestellt, dass ich ein Alien war der auf die Erde gekommen ist und auf dem Heimatplaneten gäbe es irgendwie komische Kräfte/Sprungfedern im Boden. Schwer zu erklären, muss man auf jeden Fall mal probiert haben.


    Potent dissasociative stuff!
    First time I used Shepardess weed. Got this and 20x extract. After trying a joint or two of only these leaves Im afraid to try the extract ;)... The only sitter I can find for now is my cat lolz I will be very very carefull with Mrs Salvia... Thanks @Zamnesia! Urban shamanism is a big deal! Help humanity make less disastrous decisions and possibly save the planet from mindless industrial destruction is a good cause and these plants allow for it!


    nice leafs
    very good material super fast shiping


    Not too good for me.
    I felt sick after every smoke fo these leaves. Im not sure if they have been processed or not, but I felt very dizzy and sick after smoking a small amount. I wont be buying anymore.


    quality is there
    I can feel the quality is there, but for me I think i need a stronger extract and vaping to get where I want to be. I made a quid of 5 g and my body was totally useless, I couldnt walk properly and everything seemed to shift 90 degrees. Definite OEVs but still not what I expected from salvia. I will keep working with this magnificent herb as I now have my own plant.


    Chewed sublingually
    It is very hard to reach the trip state by chewing on the leaves, it took me 15 grams of leaves but I can tell that the quality was good.


    High quality ! I love it


    aucun effet degeu au gout emballage ok livraison ok

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Salvia Dried Leaves
Salvia Dried Leaves
Salvia Dried Leaves
Salvia Dried Leaves
Salvia Dried Leaves
Salvia Dried Leaves
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