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Salvia Dried Leaves

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    Ordered 10 gr, only received 5 gr. No effects at all


    i found it very strong, i wonder why the extracts exist


    Léger mais efficace
    Testé à plusieurs et au bang, ça fonctionne assez bien pour moi mais pas pour mon ami Pour moi, déformations visuelles, déformations de l'espace légères., niveau 3 je dirais (effets de fractale) J'ai eu les effets mais pour quelques minutes par contre, très rapide Ca reste une expérience vraiment intéressante à mon sens, j’adhère et je recommande vivement


    very different to extract but good product, arrived very quickly :)


    Salvia dried leaves chewed
    >Stuff mouth full of dried salvia leaves >Keep it in for about 20 minutes >Tastes awful >Spit it out and chew gum to get rid of the taste >Meditate >10 minutes in and slight dissociative feeling start to appear >Imagination starts slipping in reality a little bit. >See faces in things and when I stare to long they tend to come alive >Pretty much over after an hour >Was weird I like it


    Fine for chewing and DIY 5x Fortified Leaf
    Good quality leaves. Tried smoking them as they came, but required more than i could inhale. Tried chewing them after having them in a bit of water briefly. The subtle effects came on nicely, despite the gagging taste of the leaves themselves. Ended up turning the leftover leaves into 5x fortified leaves, and that worked out perfectly. My friend smoked 0.1g of the 5x, and had a life altering experience. So the leaves are definitely good quality. I recommend dried leaves or 5x if you're a beginner like myself. Remember to have a trip sitter !


    Best Quantity/Price
    The effect are near like Damiana. The best way to experienced that, is to take a Bong, an make a pure Salvia shoot. But also, a way is to drink it like a tea. I've tryied it by smoking, no effect at all. Nethertheless, by drinking or banging, the effect are present. Good Product.


    Just the right strength for beginners
    I was pleasantly surprised with these. I'd tried 10x before and didn't want another "brain falls out onto the floor while I babble confusedly" experience. I went for these with the idea of having a tea but decided to load it into a pipe instead and it didn't disappoint. Took a fair few bowls back-to-back but got quite a pleasant trippy high. I could indulge it if I closed my eyes but it wasn't overwhelming with my eyes open. It felt like the whole universe was just a sequence of unfolding fractals and I was simply a pattern. If you wanna try salvia, this is my suggestion. Word of warning though, once you try it a few times all drugs start to take on a salvia like quality so if you don't like the way it feels, just leave it alone. Oh, and Zamnesia being the real MVP and sorting me out with a replacement order when the first got trapped in the depot. Customer service is A+. I look forward to purchasing again!


    Subtil aber Nice
    Zum rauchen mit Freunden kann man es empfehlen. Aber um auf höhere Ebenen zu kommen braucht man Extrakt. Zu Kauen kann ich nichts sagen.

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