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Salvia Dried Leaves

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    Au top
    Je suis étonnamment surpris de l’effet ! Je viens de fumer mon premier pétard de Salvia ,tranquillement accroupie dans le jardin et là ,quand je me suis relevé woooow ! L’effet est bien présent :o Très bon produit ,je prépare déjà ma prochaine commande !


    strongest trip ever
    I stuffed 1 gr in my mouth and chewed it for 13 min, felt a bit trippy. Then took 2 big hits (not even 0,5 gr) and popped to the other side. Full eyesopen out of body. Amazing experience.


    Nice calming effect when vaping 1 leaf at a time. Interesting taste.


    Aucun effet en fume bang.pipe rien.mal de tê pas de réaction malgres gros dosage très déçue.avalé mâcher 30min.apres avalé aucun effet très decue


    Para hacer extractos
    Si buscas una verdadera experiencia de salvia, te saldrá mas a cuenta pasar directamente a un extracto de x5 o superior. Estas hojas solo harán que cojas un colocón 0.5/10 y no te dejaran satisfecho.


    Lady Salvia is the best ahah, thanks Zamn


    À éviter
    Ce qui est inscrit dans la description est faux. J’ai fait une infusion avec la totalité du sachet, j’ai laissé infusé 20 minutes...absolument aucun effet. La seule chose vraie est le goût amer vraiment affreux. Aucun intérêt.


    go with the extracts ( at least 5x)
    It is too weak to make you trip. The extracts will do it however. Try 5x or 10x extracts first, then maybe go a little higher


    You can microdose on Salvia Divinorum!
    No need to say that Salvia divinorum is a door to the "other" world, the better one indeed... But I've found out a trick... You can microdose on it without smoking it. To start with, smoking it, well, you know, it is like very strong on the throat. Instead... Take a leaf (it needs to be a leaf, not extract, like this one, and put it between your gums and the side of your moth. Just leave it there... I take it before going to sleep... And the effect on dreams is more than visible... To me, it makes me fly in basically every dream... And the dreams are amazingly strong and vivid... Try it this way if you want to get to know this plant before maybe taking the plunge.


    Smoked some, not super potent
    Smoked the leaves, was pocosed but no hallucination just a feeling of being lost for few minutes o

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