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Salvia Dried Leaves

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    ne vaut rien
    ne fait aucun effet


    buy extract if you want to get high
    good for quids, almost impossible to break through with smoking. tea tastes quite enjoyable.


    Great value for the quantity, yet I have tried to smoke it 5 different times, even vape it at 240°c, and no effects. Only a mild stoned high due to the fact that i don't clean often my glass lol. I don't think the regular leaves are strong enough to create a memorable effect unless you smoke an entire gram of it, which is extremely challenging to do in one hit due to the high volume of the leaves


    Seems ok
    Dried leaves, nice quantity and quality. As I have no previous experience with the leaves on their own, it's hard for me to rate this product. The leaves were very easy to work with, good consistency/dryness, easily soaked in water for chewing or grinded into pieces to mix with maybe salvia extract and a pinch of tobacco in a pipe. From making tea and chewing roughly 3g in total, which is not much, I did not experience anything much, but I did not manage to keep the leaves in my mouth for more than 15-20 minutes. It did however clearly have some reverse tolerance effect making it very easy to breakthrough with the extract the day after.


    Niente di che
    Non è stata un'esperienza memorabile. Prodotto comunque di buona qualità e consegnato in 6 giorni


    Non so.
    Purtroppo non ho avuto particolari effetti.


    Un'esperienza nuova
    Ringrazio Zamnesia che mi ha dato l'opportunità di provare questa esperienza. Una pianta con la quale è facile entrare in intimità, ma che sin da subito mette in chiaro di non scherzarci. Uno 0.8 fumato in un bong è abbastanza per avere un trip di breve durata ma molto potente, psichedelico e introspettivo. Da provare, assistiti da un tripsitter di fiducia e in condizioni di tranquillità d'animo


    Ottimo prodotto
    Per l'uso che dovevo farne io mi sono trovata benissimo. Prodotto ottimo


    Bon produit
    Bonne expérience


    Full fill a bong bowl of those leaf and smoke it one shot , if you are a begginer you should have a small trip ! Also you can add some in a Joint and it will get you higher ! Personnaly like it , plus its cheap

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