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Salvia Dried Leaves

Salvia Dried Leaves

Salvia divinorum contains salvinorin A; one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and should not be confused with a party drug. Under its influence you will perceive a completely different "reality" than the one you normally would. Salvia should be used in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter.

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Salvia divinorum - Leaves of the divine sage of the Mazatec

Salvia divinorum has a long history of use as a holy medicine to induce a trance. Shamans of the Mazatec tribe used it for centuries to reach a dreamy state of consciousness in order to encounter visions; in lower doses it was used in healing ceremonies. There are two traditional methods of consuming Salvia: Chewing a quid of leaves for a long time and then swallowing down the leaves and dissolving the crushed leaves in water to make a drinkable concoction.

Salvia is not a party drug! It is one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and has the potential to tear down the curtain to a completely different "reality" than the one you normally perceive. It plays with all your senses as well as memories and thoughts while you wander through a different world and experience the Salvia dimension!

Use Salvia in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter. Have the lights dimmed low and keep distractions to a minimum - switch off the TV set as it will ruin the experience, have some quiet music playing in the background instead.


2-8 grams of dry leaves are enough for a strong experience.

The bitter taste of Salvia leaves is not to everyone's liking - you can flavor your quid with honey, syrup or sugar to make the experience a more sweet one.


Do not participate in road traffic or operate heavy machinery under the influence of Salvia divinorum.



    By on 17/Mar/2018 :

    Title : 5/5
    Comment : Extremely happy with the purchase, quality leaves, good shipping, thanks Zamnesia!

    By on 13/Mar/2018 :

    Title : Awesome and pleasant
    Comment : These leaves are a really great way to enhance everyday life and festive activities. Also works astoundingly good in combination with other substances for example weed. It's definitely a 5/5 product.

    By on 13/Mar/2018 :

    Title : Not so impressed
    Comment : I knew i have a rather high innate tolerance to most substances, but this didnt work for me at all. I know the drill bout the heat it needs and proper inhaling. But a ~1g bowl didnt do it for me, guess i need to step up to extracts.If you know your footings and you are rather highly tolerant to most substances, start here.protip: quidding these doesnt work out that well, no matter how much you keep telling yourself it might.

    By on 10/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Nulla di particolare
    Comment : Fumata col bong , una sensazione di essere trasportato indietro ed ho sudato x circa 30 secondi , subito dopo ho avuto un gran mal di testa per ore !

    By on 10/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Not so bad,if you're a beginner.
    Comment : I smoked some with my wooden pipe and a bong,whit a couple of friends.I had a very funny and sudden sensation of being pulled back on the couch.Then i had the feeling i was dreaming,and my friends,and the music we were listening(System of a down)became a significant part of it.Everything i was thinking made me laugh,and when i tried to speak to them,i kept laughing for an entire minute.The effects of this sage,as i heard,are the most week (1-2 minutes if you smoke it)but i think they're enjoyable and weird enough to consider this as quite good anyway.Now,of course,i'm eager to try the others....

    By on 09/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Powerful but gentle psych; excellent sleep remedy
    Comment : In small doses, 10-20mg it's the best sleep remedy I found so far. Makes me very relaxed for 30 min and at peace with the world for the rest of the day. Increases appetite and massively increases natural healthy drowsiness. Wake up energized. Instant insomnia fix. At normal doses (45mg is what fits into my pipe), it's powerful enough to be taken seriously. Try to take all the smoke in one go and YOU MUST HOLD IT IN FOR 20 sec - or more if you can. Once you exhale, you immediately forget you smoked it, and pretty much everything else. It's less of a roller-coaster like DMT and more of a teleport into a very weird place. You're back within a minute. There's no tolerance build up, so you can boost as many times as you like. All in all, I'd call it powerful but relatively gentle, so excellent as an introduction to psychs.

    By on 02/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Nicht mein Fall!
    Comment : Ich habe 5 Salviablätter geraucht. Der Effekt war mir persönlich zu unheimlich: Der Raum drehte sich wie ein Zsuberwürfel und ich fühlte mich total unwohl dabei. Der Rausch hielt nur 5-10min an. Gott sei Dank:)

    By on 24/Jan/2018 :

    Title : Absolute Power
    Comment : I took yesterday my first Salvia - only a few leafes. I made I tea out of it. Cooking at low temperature, about 80 °C. Tastet like "Jiaogulan" -Tea, some Sort of Ginseng-Plant. I was at first very energetic, listened to music, danced. Could even eat something later. Not vomiting. Went to Bed. Woke up, a few hours later with a furios effect. My whole body was vibrating, not shaking. Some moments, I felt I have to die. But I know these moments from other psychodelics. Extraordinary beautiful visions, but on the same hand, a very weak body. I was so glad, that I began with few leaves, not concentrated. So i knew, I would not die. ;-) In sum about 3 oder 4 litte Cups of not concentrated tea. I think, this plant has real potential, because, at every moment, i felt very rational. I knew: it´s illusion, I won´t die. On the other hand, the body suffers massive. It´s really not for beginners. One should not do things, like eating before, inbetween, or Alcohol, oder Pharmacy. Only for very healthy people. It took some Benzodiazepin after some hours to come down, to be honest - and to have recreative sleep. I had no wheed or dope to come down. I was underestimating the Power completely.

    By on 26/Dec/2017 :

    Title : Ist ganz gut
    Comment : Also ich persönlich finde die blätter ok.. Das trinken als tee würde ich nicht empfehlen da der tee absolut bitter schmeckt unf wirklich hohe dosen braucht.. Das rauchen mit der bong finde ich besser wobei man damit wirklich viel braucht. Für einen RICHTIGEN salvia rausch würd ich extrakt benutzen.. Dennoch gut un herauszufinden ob einem das Gefühl überhaupt zusagt

    By on 24/Dec/2017 :

    Title : Ballert gut
    Comment : Ich und ein Freund haben konsumiert mich hat es nicht so stark geballert wie ihn deshalb erzähle ich von ihm: N. hat in der Bong geraucht (2 köpfe) ihm war schlecht und ist deshalb raus gegangen ich bin jedoch drinnen geblieben er dachte aber das ich mitkommen und ihm sagen würde das er auf die andere Straßen Seite gehen soll und nicht in meinen Rasen kotzen soll dabei war ich garnicht mitgegangen er bildete sich alles ein. (gekotzt hat er nicht) Neben bei hat es auch einen kleinen Schneesturm gehabt und N. hat sich gefühlt als ob es ein Sandsturm gewesen währe.

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