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Salvia Divinorum Cutting

Salvia Divinorum Cutting

Easily grow your own Salvia Divinorum at home with our tissue culture plant. Just place the cutting in a pot and watch it grow into a strong plant within weeks. Salvia Divinorum has a long use in the sacred ceremonies of the Mazatec tribe of Mexico, where it is valued for the visionary states of consciousness it induces.

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Grow your own Salvia Divinorum at home with our Salvia cuttings

Our Salvia Divinorum cuttings let you easily and reliably grow your own high quality Salvia plants at home. Salvia originates from the wet rainforest regions of South America, but adapts well to less humid conditions.

Wasson-Hofmann and Blosser strains

We are offering two Salvia strains: Wasson-Hofmann and Blosser.

The Wasson-Hofmann strain was discovered in Mexico during the 1962 expedition of ethnomycologist Rober Wasson and Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD. It is the most commonly available strain.

The Blosser strain has been collected more recently, in 1991, by anthropologist Bret Blosser. This strain's leaves are known for tasting less bitter, which is the reason it's been called the "palatable" strain.

Concerning potency, phytochemical analysis has shown the Wasson-Hofmann strain to contain slightly more Salvinorin A than the Blosser strain, but only negligibly so. They are almost equally potent, but the Blosser strain tastes a little less bitter.

Growing instructions

It‘s not difficult to cultivate Salvia in your living room, and with the following steps you will be able to harvest and enjoy your own Salvia in no time.

Essentially, raising a strong Salvia plant from the tissue culture is a three step process:

1. Remove from tube and rinse off the gel

Carefully unwind the tape and remove the cap. With the opening facing down, lightly tap the tube until the plant slowly but surely slides out, with the gel still attached. Be careful not to shatter the tube; it‘s made from glass.

When the thick part of the stem becomes accessible, carefully grab it and pull the plant out of the tube. After the „birthing“, don‘t let the plant dry out - not even for a few minutes! In case the plant starts to wilt, immediately spray some water on it to prevent drying.

Once it has slipped out, rinse off the gel under cold or lukewarm water, until the roots are completely exposed. Clean the plant by removing dead or black material and break off any leaves that would end up below soil level.

2. Put the plant in a pot and place under a plastic bag

In a small flower pot add fresh potting soil, it‘s recommended not to use backyard or garden dirt. In the center of the pot, make a small hole with you finger and put the plant in the soil. Add a little water, spray the leaves with water and place the plant under a transparent plastic bag which will raise the humidity.

Find a bright and warm spot - but without direct sunlight! Soon, the plant will start to spread its leaves and start growing.

3. Acclimatize the plant to lower humidity conditions

After about a week of growth it‘s time to start exposing the plant to lower humidity. The goal is to gradually decrease the humidity, and eventually get the plant to thrive without the support of the plastic bag. Each day, carefully punch a few holes into the bag. After two weeks of punching holes you can remove the bag completely. The plant should be strong enough now to thrive, but if it starts to wilt, just leave on the bag for another week. If the plant stays strong it‘s been successfully hardened off and acclimatized to your environment.

To grow a more bushy plant, remove the new main shoot with a scissor. This will force the plant to produce side shoots, rather than growing tall.

That‘s it - from here on you can continue to treat it like a normal Salvia Divinorum plant.



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    By on 18/Dec/2014 :

    Title : Alles gut
    Comment : Pflanzen wachsen und machen sich gut! Danke!!

    By on 18/Dec/2014 :

    Title : top jamalamadingdong
    Comment : Top. Leute. Lieferung gut. Produkt gut. Waechst und gedeiht.

    By on 14/Nov/2014 :

    Title : Brilliant!!!
    Comment : After a journey of nine days the order just arrived. salvia is alive... there is no words to describe the enthusiasm. thank you. Looking forward so exited for the new order.

    By on 10/Nov/2014 :

    Title : Great
    Comment : Really nice cutting. It grew really fast. 100% satisfied

    By on 23/Oct/2014 :

    Title : Tolle Pflanze
    Comment : Der Steckling kam innerhalb einer Woche an und sah etwas mitgenommen aus. Im Gel haben sich bereits Wurzeln entwickelt, aber merkwürdigerweise auch in der Mitte der Pflanze am Stengel, die seitlich am Stengel herunterhingen. Beim Herausnehmen des Stecklings aus dem Rohr sind von sechs sichtbaren Blättern drei lose herausgefallen. Als ich ihn eingepflanzt und eine lichtdurchlässige Tüte über den Topf gezogen habe, hat sich der Zustand des Stecklings eher verschlechtert, höchstwahrscheinlich weil ich einen zu großen Topf verwendet habe. Mit dem Umpflanzen in einen kleineren Topf ging es der Pflanze dann besser. Was mir Sorgen macht, ist, dass der Teil des Stengels, der ab den Wurzeln anfängt, die ein ganzes Stück über den eigentlichen Wurzeln gewachsen sind, abknickt und sich nicht zu erholen scheint :S. Aber dennoch wachsen auch neue Triebe und die Pflanze scheint nicht zu verwelken. Ich denke, der Steckling wird sich zu einer starken Pflanze entwickeln. Danke Zamnesia!

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    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

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From Florian | 2016-04-20 21:55:12

Bonjour, Un retour en stock est-il prévu bientôt ? Merci!


Sorry, the Salvia Divinorum Cuttings are no longer available with our supplier. We understand that some customers may be disappointed by this news and we want to reassure you that we appreciate your interest in this product and our herbs in general. Please be assured that here at Zamnesia we're committed to bringing you range of fantastic, reputable products in the years to come. To find out more about alternative, similar items, please view:

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