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Hyperion F1 Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Hyperion F1 Auto offers the perfect growing experience for all. This stable strain can be cultivated in a wide variety of settings. Boasting finely tuned pure genetics, growers are in for a treat. After an easygoing 80 days from germination to harvest, Hyperion F1's buds showcase peppery and earthy notes that are perfect for smoking or vaping. Coupled with an uplifting high, this is a real...

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Silicone Rocket Bong With Led

Take your smoking sessions far beyond the stratosphere with the Silicone Rocket Bong with LED. This colourful smoking accessory ticks all of the boxes when it comes to visual appeal. However, the real magic is located beneath the base, as a series of LED lights bring the vibes to any session. So load up with your favourite herb, heat the bowl, and get ready to blast off!

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King's Tart (Greenhouse Seeds) Feminized

High THC levels meet scrumptious terpenes in King's Tart from Greenhouse Seeds. This mouth-watering strain certainly pleases those with a refined palate, but it also delivers in the grow room. Promising exceptional yields when given the proper care, King's Tart can grow quite tall outdoors. Add a relaxing body stone to the mix, and you've got a new favourite indica.

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Penis Silicone Bong

Meet the newest member of your smoking setup. That's right; the Penis Silicone Bong showcases not only great looks (available in black and white) but provides a show-stopping smoking experience for all. Just be sure not to whip it out in public! Easy to use and effortless to clean and maintain, the Penis Silicone Bong deserves a place in your lineup of cannabis accessories. Don't deny...

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Ice Cream Silicone Bong

Cute and playful, this piece from Urban Crew is a must-have for those who like to add even more fun to their smoking sessions. The Ice Cream Silicone Bong looks like a dropped ice cream cone, and comes apart easily for a breezy cleaning. Silicone gives this bong longevity—no need to worry about dropping or knocking it over. Ground glass joint: 14mm.

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Geotextile Transplanter Pot

A true game-changer in the world of home cultivation, our Geotextile Transplanter Pot makes the process of transplanting your prized cannabis plants a whole lot simpler. These breathable, moisture retentive, and, most of all, tough containers are the perfect place for your young plants to flourish, from early seedlings up until transplanting. With the quick-release side opening, it's...

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Alcohol-Based Tissue Dispenser (Bacillol)

Keep your surfaces and tools clean and avoid cross-contamination with the Alcohol-Based Tissue Dispenser. Containing 100 disinfectant wipes, grab one from the easy-to-release container and set about cleaning. Effective after just 30 seconds, give yourself peace of mind regarding your plant and mushroom cultivation projects by keeping everything spotless and ready to use.

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Rolling Tray Box (Best Buds)

The guys at Best Buds know a thing or two about practical accessories. Their Rolling Tray Box is not only a great rolling tray with a fun, cannabis-oriented design but also doubles as a storage box, allowing you to stow away your papers, lighter and flowers. Keep everything you need for a fun session handy and roll your joints with style.

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No-Face - Kaonashi Silicone Bong

Whether you're shopping for an original piece for your Ghibli collection or a fun present for a fellow cannabis fan, the No-Face Silicone Bong is an excellent choice. Made from food-grade silicone, it's light and durable, and using it couldn’t be more straightforward—pack the bowl and enjoy it with or without water. The bong is also easy to clean, offering a superb smoking experience every...

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Long Metal Rolling Tray (Best Buds)

A very handy accessory, the Long Metal Rolling Tray by Best Buds features fun designs and offers a sturdy surface. Measuring 27 x 16cm, it's long enough for you to perform any rolling operation comfortably, while keeping your accessories handy and in sight. The tray is made from durable anodized aluminium, so it will not get damaged by rust and it's a breeze to clean. Get yours today!

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Yerba Mate Gourd

Want to drink yerba mate at home? Complete the experience with an original, hand-crafted mate gourd (known simply as "mate" in South America). This simple, delicate mate not only serves as the perfect recipient for your yerba mate tea, but is true to the South American tradition by preserving the characteristic flavour of a slow-dried, natural gourd.

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Royal Queen Seeds Natural Rolling Papers

These hemp-based and sustainable rolling papers are slow, even burning and contain no harsh, unwanted additives or chemicals. This makes for a flavourful smoke time and time again. This way, you only taste the nuances of your chosen strain. Measuring 111 × 27 × 9mm, these papers provide plenty of space to fill with some finely milled bud. Don't skip out and experience excellent papers right...

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Puffco The Guardian Peak Pro Smart Rig

Taking the Peak PRO to new premium heights, this limited edition device from Puffco marries great looks with incredible dabbing functionality that's easy to use! The Guardian Peak PRO Smart Rig is a highly customisable dabbing device that can be combined with the accompanying app to deliver perfect pulls every time you reach for it. As a limited edition item, it won't be around for long.

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