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Mystery Bong

Get your hands on a Mystery Bong. Available in both ceramic and acrylic, these water pipes are functional and accessible. They're also at a price point that's not going to break the bank! So be sure to pick one up before they're gone for good. Easy to use, just add your bud, fill the chamber, then light. Enjoy hassle-free hits of flavourful herb.

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Mystery Pipe

Get your hands on the Mystery Pipe. This glass water pipe makes for the perfect backup or replacement device. Simply load up the bowl with your finest flower and you're good to go. This is an effortless and low-cost way to enjoy all the nuances of your favourite bud. Perfect for all levels of cannabis enthusiasts.

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Gulupa (Paradise Seeds) Feminized

Paradise Seeds' Gulupa is a plant that's not only spectacular to look at, but also boasts superb yields and a rich terpene profile. Packed with 24% THC, Gulupa delivers an uplifting and energising cerebral buzz that goes well with its tropical flavours.

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Onion 'rossa Lunga Di Firenze' (Allium Cepa) Seeds

Rossa lunga di Firenze is a unique onion cultivar originating from Tuscany, Italy. It is best sown in rows outdoors during spring in fertile, well-draining soil and full sun. Thin seedlings after 6 weeks. Where possible, keep soil pH between 6 and 6.8 (though not crucial). The "Long Red of Florence" takes approx. 4 months to mature and produces mild-flavoured, elongated onions best eaten...

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Peri-Peri Dried Chillies (Scovilla)

Peri-peri dried chillies (aka African Bird's Eye chillies) make the ideal addition to any dish in need of some spicing up. If you're looking to make delicious spicy BBQ rubs and hot sauces, or just want to intensify your curries, these chillies will more than do the trick. With 200,000 SHU, be sure to use sparingly to really get the most out of the flavours on offer.

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Ancho Poblano Dried Chillies (Scovilla)

With unique plum, chocolate, and liquorice flavours, ancho poblano dried chillies are mild but provide an excellent way to add a hint of spice to your favourite dishes. While they won't bring the heat like some other chillies, they more than make up for this with their delectable flavours. Pair with red meat, fish, and poultry.

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Red Savina Dried Chillies (Scovilla)

Red Savina is a descendant of the habanero, and offers up a fiery flavour that's perfect for pairing with your favourite dishes. Available in a 20g pack, simply add a little of these dried chillies to meat, fish, or vegetables, and you'll experience everything the Red Savina is capable of. With around 577,000 SHU, this chilli was the world's hottest until 2006. Handle with care!

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Gentle Pack (Scovilla)

If you're looking for sauces that are both flavourful and bring the heat, we've got just the selection for you. The Gentle Pack from Scovilla is a collection of 4 hot sauces that vary in heat level, but all are incredibly flavourful. Pair these sauces with your favourite dishes to enjoy a burst of spice and mouthwatering flavours.

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