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Blue Sunset Sherbert (Barney's Farm) Feminized

Crossing Sunset Sherbet with Purple Punch is a marvel of modern cannabis breeding which has paid off massively. With a flowering period of under 8 weeks, a THC content of up to 28% and zesty, candy and sherbet flavours, this is a very exciting plant. With the best of indica and the best of sativa, you won't be disappointed.

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Lighter Clipper Cartoon

The Clipper is a multi-functional smoking aid made from super strong nylon. Essential tamping needs are catered for in two ways.


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Silicone Cleaning Plug (Ehle)

When it comes to cleaning your bong, you need all the help you can get. That's why these Silicone Cleaning Plugs from EHLE will come in handy. Simply block the carb hole and clean the rest of the water pipe effortlessly and without the risk of spillages. Measuring 20mm and able to fit a variety of carb holes ranging from 12.5mm to 16.5mm, this convenient accessory will make cleaning easy.

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Zamnesia Wooden Storage Box (Calumet)

Give your smoking accessories the best, yet stylish, protection. Introducing the Zamnesia Wooden Storage Box. As part of an exclusive collaboration with Calumet Spiritpipes, this ornate box is the perfect storage solution. Providing ample space for lighters, rolling papers, filters, and maybe a little bit of herb too. Stylish enough to be displayed but small enough to be taken anywhere.

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Firefly 2+ Mouthpieces

A 2 pack of replacement mouthpieces for both the Firefly 2 and Firefly 2+. Simple and with micro-particulate filters, it's time to reinvigorate your vaping life.

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Glass Bong Beaker (K.haring)

The K.Haring Glass Bong Beaker showcases everything a bong should be. This is a highly functional and sturdy piece that also has the looks. Featuring Keith Haring's unique and contemporary pop art style, this is a bong that is bound to impress your artsy and trendy friends as well as the purest of cannabis enthusiasts. Effortless and easy to use, this is a bong that has the looks to match.

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Finned Titanium Oil Nail (Black Leaf)

Black Leaf is always setting the next trend in terms of cannabis accessories, and this time, they bring you a Finned Titanium Oil Nail. The particular shape of this device overcomes the need for a dome, making you save space and money. The grade 2 high-quality titanium is the perfect vehicle for your favourite concentrates.

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Glass Dabber Dagger (Black Leaf)

Tired of sticky hands and makeshift dabbing tools? Fear no more. The Glass Dabber Dagger by Black Leaf is a beautiful, fun accessory made from 100% borosilicate glass. Now you can handle those concentrates with the precision of a swiss knife!

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Glass Carb Cap

From the team at Black Leaf comes an accessory that is sure to change many a smoker's life. Although quite unassuming in appearance, this Glass Carb Cap allows you to control how your oils, concentrates and waxes are heated and enjoyed. By keeping the temperature at the optimum levels, you keep the aromas, effects and flavours of your substances as intended without the risk of burning.

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Glass Oil Bowl

Looking at picking up a rig to use with your oils? Your bong just isn't cutting it anymore? Well, help is at hand in the form of this Glass Oil Bowl from Black Leaf. Simply replace your herb bowl with this device, and you can load it with your favourite oils and concentrates. Heat with a torch and watch as the smoke fills the chamber. An effortless way to give your bong a new lease of life.

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Did you enjoy the Storz & Bickel MIGHTY? Well, this new and improved version takes things a few steps further with an improved heat-up time and rapid charging. You'll also notice improved housing that makes the device feel great in the hand.

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Soda-Lime Glass Petri Dish (Steriplan)

Totally reusable and perfect for many purposes, soda-lime glass petri dishes by Steriplan are a great addition to a home setup where you need a sterile environment in which to grow cultures.

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Glass Oil Pipe With Titanium Nail (Black Leaf)

Sometimes, smoking on the go can come at the price of quality. Not so with the Glass Oil Pipe from Black Leaf. This nifty little pipe comes with a fully detachable oil nail and vapor dome, meaning there's always a fresh hit to be had.

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Cadmium Temperature Indicator Capsule

This cadmium capsule changes colour as it heats. When it reaches red, you know it’s time to get dabbing! Simple and useful, this tool allows you to get the best out of your concentrates, with zero fuss.

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