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White Gold (White Label) Feminized

White Gold combines genetics from White Widow and Himalayan Gold, resulting in an uplifting, high-yielding strain with super-resinous flowers that reek of tropical fruits, citrus, Haze, and more. If you love a social or creative smoke, look no further; add White Gold to your garden/tent today.

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Caboose (Strain Hunters) Feminized

Caboose boasts exceptional yields, a high THC content, and amazing flavours—all from plants that are easy to grow. With a huge cerebral high followed by a relaxing stone, Caboose certainly doesn't lag behind in the effects department. Get aboard the Caboose train today, and experience a great all-rounder from seed to smoke.

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Lucid Bolt (Paradise Seeds) Feminized

Lucid Bolt is the perfect tonic for all manner of cannabis enthusiasts. This indica-dominant hybrid provides a large harvest of sweet-tasting bud that's sure to impress with its powerful stone. But despite its potency, Lucid Bolt keeps the head mostly clear, focusing its unrivalled soothing sensations on the body. Perfect for letting go of lingering tension.

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Dutch Kush (Paradise Seeds) Feminized

Dutch Kush is an indica-dominant feminized strain from the team at Paradise Seeds. This easy-to-grow cultivar takes just 8–9 weeks to flower, rewarding users with a bevy of great-tasting, earthy caramel buds. A strong, uplifting high that tapers into a serene stone is the order of the day. Get some dreamy Dutch Kush in your grow-op today.

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Marshmallow | Althaea Officinalis (50 Grams)

Marshmallow, mallow, or Althaea officinalis is an ancient herb with a long trajectory of folk and culinary use across many cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

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Dynavap The "b" Series

The original "B" vaporizer by DynaVap is now available in a variety of stunning colours. Made with budget smokers/vapers and first-timers in mind, the "B" offers the functionality and quality that DynaVap is renowned for, but in a simplified, cost-effective package that produces delicious hits without fail.

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Usb (Micro & C) Cable 1M

Do you often find yourself caught short when it comes to charging your vaporizer or keeping your phone juiced up? With a USB cable, you can keep all of your accessories fully charged. Available as USB-C or Micro USB, these cables ensure convenience is key. Whether bought as a replacement or a backup, keep a cable handy whenever you need it.

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Scalpel Handle

Give your Scalpel Blades the proper housing and control with this Scalpel Handle. Get up close with your plants and give them the appropriate care with ease. A simple accessory with no fuss.

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Matches 10Cm (Prof) 20Pcs

Gone are the days of the old matchbox! While it might have a place in the collector's heart, savvy smokers are turning to handy match-filled tubes instead. Easy to slip into your pocket, these matches measure 10cm and come in a pack of 20pc. With a low-profile design, it's never been easier to take your matches on the move. Perfect for pipes, joints, and the occasional birthday cake.

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Vision Kosher (Vision Seeds) Feminized

From the team at Vision Seeds comes a super-soothing strain—Vision Kosher. With an easygoing growing experience and a hugely relaxing high, this cultivar is bound to tick a lot of boxes for growers and users. Coupled with a huge haul of sweet berry buds, there's plenty to love about Vision Kosher. But we won't spoil all of the surprises for you!

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Battery Stash Box

Discretion often plays a large role in a stoner's life, and few things are more important than keeping your stash out of sight. With this battery-shaped stash box, you can keep your herbal activities under wraps. Measuring 5.1cm and looking like an ordinary AA battery, simply twist the top off to reveal the secret compartment inside. Perfect for taking on the move or for discreet storage at...

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Arjan's Strawberry Haze (Greenhouse Seeds) Feminized

Arjan's Strawberry Haze showcases buds with jaw-dropping sweet berry flavours that make for the perfect smoke or vape. Effortless to cultivate in a wide variety of settings, this abundant specimen grows tall but rewards growers handsomely after a relatively short flowering cycle. With effects that are uplifting and social, this is one to share with friends.

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Glass Pipe Black (Champ High)

Every smoker needs a simple pocket pipe to keep handy for discreet, on-the-go smoking. This minimalist pipe from Champ High is the perfect solution, featuring a resistant all-glass stem for maximum flavour and a detachable bowl complete with a fine filter screen to trap ash and other impurities. Simply pack it, light it, and enjoy smooth, flavourful hits wherever you are.

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Scalpel Blade

Pair these Scalpel Blades with your Scalpel handle and give yourself complete control over the trimming and general upkeep of your plants. Perfect for when you need absolute finesse, Scalpel Blades are sharp and make short work of all menial tasks. Simply slot it into place on your handle, and you're good to go. When you're done, they're easy to clean and replace. An invaluable accessory for...

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Cigarette Case

Give your smokes an extra layer of protection and style with this Cigarette Case. Effortless to use, simply slide your pack into the case, and it'll be protected from the elements and any potential crushing. When you're ready to smoke, flip the top back to reveal your roll-ups. Simple. If you're looking to jazz up your ordinary cigarette packets, this will undoubtedly do the trick.

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Sketch (Amsterdam Genetics) Feminized

If you're looking for a balanced strain that won't kick your mind into overdrive or leave you glued to the couch, look no further. Sketch by Amsterdam Genetics perfectly combines indica and sativa genetics, and produces sweet, fruity flowers that'll leave you with a clear-headed, focused high.

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Aluminium Egg Grinder (Champ High) 4Pc

Need a durable, reliable grinder? Look no further—this egg-shaped grinder from Champ High is made completely of aluminium and features a long-lasting matte finish to prevent rusting, chipping, or other discolouration. It comprises 4 separate pieces and boasts razor-sharp aluminium teeth, a strong central magnet, a pollen screen, and an aluminium pollen scraper to collect kief. Order yours...

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Ak Choco Kush (Amsterdam Genetics) Feminized

Looking for an exotic, high-yielding indica to add to your grow tent or outdoor garden? AK Choco Kush by Amsterdam Genetics boasts stellar genetics, producing hyper-resilient plants with a short flowering time, highly resinous flowers, and a strong physical stone that'll relax both your mind and body for hours.

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Double Blue (Amsterdam Genetics) Feminized

Double Blue is a delicious cross of Double Gum and Blue Dream, producing fruity-sweet flowers with up to 20% THC. Light her up, and you'll enjoy deep physical relaxation and a positive, uplifted mood. If you're looking for the perfect weekend smoke, Double Blue is here to soothe the body, mind, and soul.

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Agartha (Super Strains) Feminized

Looking for a stellar CBD strain to add to your tent or garden? Look no further. Agartha is a CBD powerhouse from Super Strains that produces up to 15% CBD, only 2% THC, and boasts ancient sativa genetics that are a pleasure to grow.

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Ibiza Farmers (Super Strains) Feminized

Ibiza Farmers by Super Strains packs up to 21% THC in her dense, frosty indica flowers, producing uplifting, creative effects in small doses and a knockout, almost psychedelic experience in higher amounts. If you're looking for a true THC powerhouse with unique aromas and genetics derived from ancient landraces, look no further!

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Pineapple Kush (Amsterdam Genetics) Feminized

If you love a dense, heavy indica stone, you've found it. Pineapple Kush by Amsterdam Genetics packs a distinguished indica punch while boasting rich fruit aromas that'll make your mouth water from the minute your plants enter bloom. And with consistent yields indoors and outdoors, both growers and smokers have a lot to gain from Pineapple Kush.

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Pipe & Grinder Pack (Champ High)

The Champ High Pipe and Grinder Pack combines two accessories every smoker needs—a simple glass one-hitter and a plastic mini herb grinder. True to Champ High standards, both the pipe and grinder boast high-quality, minimal designs and work great. Plus, each pack includes some silver pipe screens to help filter ash and other impurities from your smoke.

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Metal Rolling Tray Medium (G-Rollz)

Measuring 17.5 × 27.5cm, the Metal Rolling Tray Medium from the team at G-Rollz makes for the perfect surface to grind your herb, roll your joint, and pack out your vaporizer. But functionality and convenience aren't the only attributes on offer; thanks to some great artwork by Banksy, you can turn your smoking sessions into an art gallery with this tray.

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