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Filter Bag

 5/5 (93)

    Super sac !
    Pas cher est beaucoup plus pratique que le supa grow bag ! si vous avez 1,25e en trop vous avez trouveé quoi en faire :)


    It works for sure
    This back made it possible to grow shrooms without any contaminants on my cake.


    simply the best
    Best bag avaible, once you try it you never return to the big ones!


    Amazing for colonizing
    You should defiantly use it for colonizing but when your kit starts to fruit you should switch to supa gro bag


    Mat. M
    Is perfect, medium size is okay for small grow room needs, its little bit smaller than super grow bag but is very compact, and hole is very suitable for spray, the super grow bag should have that hole as well:):):).


    Does its job nicely and it's so cheap!


    Beaucoup mieux
    Beaucoup plus rigide que le sac SupaGro, je recommande d'utiliser ces sacs au lieu de ceux fournis avec les kits!


    Parfait, bien mieux que l'original
    Sac de bonne taille comparé au supa grow, mon préféré !


    Solid plastic bag with air filter.
    This has a microfilter on the bag that keeps the contaminents out and allows fresh air to come in, much better the the standard Supa growbag!


    Once you have it, you never go back
    This bag is just much better than the ordinary supa gro bag. It fits perfectly to the box and you don't need to open it to add humidity as much as it preserves it quite well.

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