Psychedelic Microdosing Pack


Unlock your true potential with the mind-opening qualities of psilocybin. Experience a controlled and regulated improvement in creativity, productivity, and problem-solving. By using the Psychedelic Microdosing Pack, the only limitation is your imagination, not the adverse side effects heavy doses of psychedelics can inflict.

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Quantity: 6 x 1gr€ 14.99
  • Quantity: 6 x 1gr € 14.99
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Psychedelic Microdosing Pack: The Same You, Only Elevated

Imagine feeling energised, more productive, focussed, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Those are just some of the benefits users have experienced when microdosing magic truffles. Forget the idea of having your mind lost in the cosmos, microdosing is about using psychedelics to unlock the synergy between different parts of your brain to become an elevated version of your ordinary self.


Harnessing the powers of the world-renowned Psilocybe mexicana, six doses of one gram come vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum quality. Mexicana has a long-standing history of use among fellow psychonauts, religious shamans, and pioneering creatives as they offer a safe, all-natural and pleasant introduction into the world of psychedelics. Our Psychedelic Microdosing Pack allows you to channel a fraction of the spiritual enlightenment and inner tranquility offered by psilocybin so you stay on-track and focussed.

Psilocybin is the key psychoactive component contained within magic truffles. Once introduced to the body, it interacts with parts of the brain to trigger a multitude of effects. Feel your thoughts connect to emotions with ease, and experience improved insight and problem-solving. Psilocybin allows parts of the brain that usually never communicate to once again "talk" and connect. When the possibilities are the limits of your own imagination, anything is possible.


Microdosing requires the user to follow a schedule that involves dosing on specific days, followed by periods of rest. Zamnesia recommends you consume truffles every third day, ideally in the morning. The first day of dosing, effects will be at their peak. During the second day, users will still experience an afterglow effect, before the third day allows their psilocybin tolerance to reset.

Repeat this routine for several weeks, or until you notice a difference in mood, productivity, or social interactions. It is advised that users take a break after 10 weeks of microdosing to limit the potential for adverse side effects, and allow their tolerance to reset fully.

No matter how small, even the most subtle changes in our behaviour can dramatically improve several aspects of daily life. Microdosing is about staying in control and alert, while letting your mind operate unhindered by the stress of a modern lifestyle.


Microdosing has a very low chance of causing adverse side effects. However, if, even after following the recommended dosing guide, you still feel slightly overwhelmed, sit down and relax, taking regular breaths—effects will fade over time.


Once opened, store the Psychedelic Microdosing Pack in a refrigerator at 4–8°C and consume within 3 weeks. Unopened, the product can be stored under the same conditions for up to 3 months after being received.


Only suitable for persons over the age of 18. Do not take it you are pregnant, and keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the packaging appears damaged or tampered with.

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Reviews (49)

    disappointed by this product
    zero effect! i do not recommend this product...


    Packaging must be improved
    It came in quickly and as advertised, but the packaging must be improved so that every dose is isolated. They way it is right now you open one, and all doses become exposed, so if you are not dosing every three days the product goes bad before you get to the finish


    eazy and safe for use
    highly recomand


    Buen producto pero envase al vacío nefasto
    Vienen al vacio de 3 dosis en 3 dosis. Y cuando te tomas la primera está fresca y tierna pero el resto aunque lo metas en la nevera se queda como una piedra y pierde su efecto. Deberían ir envasados al vacio dosis por dosis.


    perfect for our first microdosing
    It arrived quickly, in our hotel room

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review


    Bon produit mais conditionnement à revoir
    Le produit est bon, mais il est mal conditionné. Une plaquette contient 6x1g emballés sous vide par 3. Quand on ouvre la première dose, les 2 autres doses sont libérées du vide et en contact avec l'air. Il s'en suit une oxydation des truffes de ces deux doses. Or, oxydé, on constate que le produit perd de son efficacité. Comme en microdosage, on prend une dose tous les trois jours et qu'on peut faire 2 à 3 micro-doses avec 1gr, le dosage devient problématique. Il faudrait que les 6 doses soient emballées séparément sous vide pour que ça tienne la route.


    On va essayé d'être bref: ce pack ne tient aucune des promesses que l'on peut lire dans sa présentation. "Le premier jour de dosage, les effets seront à leur apogée", apogée de quoi ? S'il s'agit de crampes intestinales désagréables et douloureuses suivit de quelques visites éclair aux toilettes alors je vous rejoins. En dehors de cette effet négatif ces truffes, dans mon cas, ne servent à rien. Je tiens à préciser que le paquet était bien fermé et intact. Mais c'était systématique chaque fois que j'en prenais une.


    very good experience for newbies
    I really enjoyed this introduction to microdosing, considering to pursuit it!


    Good idea but not perfect
    The idea of having pre dosed portions is great. But there is one thing here that ruins it all. The different portions are not sealed on their own. So if you open one, the oxygen gets to every portion... Therefore the color soon changes of course and the Psylocybin starts fading away. Why the creater saved some cents here not sealing every portion on it's own ? I think this has to be fixed asap. 5 Stars if they fix it...

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  • Video: Psychedelic Microdosing Package - A Quick View
    Psychedelic Microdosing Package - A Quick View

    Imagine feeling energised, more productive, focussed, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Those are just some of the benefits users have experienced when microdosing magic truffles.

Psychedelic Microdosing Pack
Psychedelic Microdosing Pack
Psychedelic Microdosing Pack
Psychedelic Microdosing Pack
Psychedelic Microdosing Pack
Psychedelic Microdosing Pack
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