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Psychedelic Microdosing Pack

 4.5/5 (122)

    Super produits et service client !


    Good product
    No complaints about the product itself. Even the packaging is fine for me (some others complain but I didn't see any problem). Also the delivery was good. That said, for me personally the microdose didn't bring any added value in my life. I do feel the effect of the microdose very strongly, maybe even more than I should but I can't say that the feeling is helping me in any way. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and even a bit of a headache. Nothing mindblowing, no extra focus, no more open-mindedness or anything.


    Easy dosing pack, fresh product and a quick and discrete delivery. I really recommend Zamnesia.


    No dejan de ser psilocibes en porciones de 1 GR. Sensacion agradable, buen rollo, hipersensibilidad en grado medio y algun efecto perceptivo/visual. Recomendado.


    My go-to solution for u-dosing
    This has become my go to solution for micro-dosing. It takes all the hassle out of growing your own product and measuring the correct dose. All the desired effects (improved mood, focus, etc.) you can expect from micro-dosing without the effort! The only remark I have is that it is at times a bit difficult to take a dose out of the paper. A small issue though with an otherwise outstanding product!


    Intéréssant produit, les premiéres prises ont néanmoins déclenché un peu d'angoisse chez moi mais il a fallu diminuer la dose légérement pour que ça soit plus gérable. J'ai au bout de 4 prises retenté les 1g, c'était ok, et j'ai finalement pris l'habitude de ressentir cet espéce de boost la matinée suivant la prise, agréable speed et implication profonde dans ce que je veux faire (au travail, en relation avec des gens, c'est sympa). Effet de la psychothérapie que je suis en paralléle, ou bien combiné des deux? En tout cas mon fonctionnement est devenu plus instinctif et la drague plus efficace avec le sexe opposé :D J'en suis au 2 tiers de la cure et j'ai également l'impression que l'alcool m'attire moins, ce qui n'est pas un mal! Bref je vois cette cure de microdose comme un catalyseur de changement, ce n'est pas un miracle bien sûr, c'est comme toute substance prise dans une optique d'optimisation de notre rapport au monde: ça aide. (in english i'll give a short abstract: interesting thing that these little truffles made me speed few hours after the intake. The first try made ma anxious, may be a nocebo effect? But reducing a litle the dose made it ok, till I returned to the 1g initial dose without problem. It helped me to diminish my alcohol consumption, and to feel more instinctiv and confident with women, great thing... But it is just a part of the process, a litle kick in the ass to move faster and may be deeper. So, good product =) )


    Really help a lot to sort out your life. To exercise, have a routine. Lifesaver


    Microdosing for ADD
    I have ADD and have searched for something that would help me quiet my relentless mental activity, constant talking as well as helping me focus on one task at a time. I have previously tried different prescription drugs but have struggled with all the side effects. I felt the results of the magic truffles within an hour of first taking them; my brain just kind of slowed down straight away. I have now taken these for 6 weeks every 4 days and feel much more calm and in alignment with myself. I sleep well, have more energy and talk much less than before. The only negative is that the truffles don't agree with my stomach and make me feel very queasy on the day of ingestion. But this is something that I am happy to live with, as I am only taking these for 10 weeks before taking a break.


    Dieper connectie
    De gevoel is hetzelfde als de dag na een heftig trip. Helderheid en de mogelijkheid om diep na te denken en tot beslissingen te komen. Echt een aan rader.


    Ya vengo de un proceso de toma de psicodélicos durante tres años y para mi si que hay ligeros cambios positivos. Pero no como otras personas que no tomaban nada y han empezado a hacerlo.

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