Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)


Previously known as Trichocereus peruvianus. This cactus thrives at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters in it's natural habitat, the Andes in Peru and Ecuador. The Peruvian Torch grows at a high rate, contains the psychoactive compound mescaline and has green skin with a light blue glow. We sell different sizes - small, medium and large - all of which are perfect for home cultivation.

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Size: Small (10-11 cm)€ 8.50
  • Size: Large (50-60 cm) € 45.00
  • Size: Medium (25-30 cm) € 25.00
  • Size: Small (10-11 cm) € 8.50
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Size: Small (10-11 cm) € 8.50 In stock
Size: Medium (25-30 cm) € 25.00 In stock
Size: Large (50-60 cm) € 45.00 In stock
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Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana): Previously known as 'Trichocereus peruvianus'

The Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana) cactus can be found in the Andes in Peru and Ecuador. Its natural habitat are the mountain desert areas at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters above sea level. It is a fast-growing columnar species and contains the well researched psychoactive alkaloid mescaline as well as other alkaloids. The plant is bluish-green in color and grows with 6-9 broadly rounded ribs, reaching a height of 3-6 meters at a diameter of 8-18cm. The up to 4cm long spines in groups of 6-8 are located at the nodes, which are evenly spaced along the ribs with a spacing of up to 2.5cm.

Monks of the pre-Inca culture used this mescaline cactus to brew a concoction called "cimora", "achuma" or "huachuma" which was then used in their medicinal and ritual ceremonies - and that was 900 BC to 200 BC.


The chemical formula for mescaline is 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, it is a very potent mind-altering substance and experimentee reported that it causes psychedelic effects and even hallucinations and visionary experiences including the deeply soothing feeling of being one with mother nature accompanied by euphoria. Just 0.3-0.4 gram of pure mescaline are sufficient to unbuckle your consciousness from reality, but that counts only for PURE mescaline and you will have to eat quite some amount of mescaline cactus to get there. But, first the grief, then the joy! The consumption of Echinopsis peruviana flesh will inevitably make you - eat backwards. The indigenous shamans say that this process is needed to cleanse the body from the last remnants of what ties your spirit to the body and that it should be seen as a positive experience. Plan ahead with this in mind; do not eat for at least 6 hours prior to the trip. This is the best method to limit the span of this first "positive" experience and it has two positive effects: You will be able to resist the nausea for a longer span and this results in better absorption of the psychoactive cocktail.

How To Dose Mescaline Cacti Properly

Cultivating the Peruvian Torch cactus

To grow your own Peruvian Torch clone simply place the cutting deep enough to stand on its own in special cactus soil with 25% washed sand and 35% perlite; soil for houseplants is not suited for cacti and their nutrient requirements. The soil should drain well and be able to hold enough of the moisture for at least a week without drying out. Rooting hormone is counter-productive! It can harm the tissue of the plant and open doors for bacterial or fungal rot. Let the cactus accommodate to its new home and develop a new root system on its own and DON'T water if for 2-3 weeks. Keep the freshly planted clone away from heat and direct sunlight, especially at noon, for at least 4 weeks. Once it has settled you can do it a big favor by emulating its natural habitat: 5 hours of direct sunlight, followed by several hours of indirect light. Since it is a desert plant, it does not need much water. When choosing the pot, make sure it has a punctured bottom to allow for good draining. Place the pot in a shallow tray and fill it with water, the tray, mind you. Water the soil every week in spring and autumn, but completely stop watering it in the winter time or at least limit it to only once every 2-3 weeks. In the summertime you can water the plant 3-5 times per week.

Name change: From Trichocereus to Echinopsis

Trichocereus peruvianus was the now outdated botanical name of the Peruvian Torch until a new classification for cacti came into effect and this cactus was placed in the cactus family called Echinopsis. The up-to-date correct name is Echinopsis peruviana.

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Reviews (51)

    Extra looking peru cutting
    Color of cutting is deep light green, come calused ready to be put in the soil. I bought 10 cm for growing, so don't have other experiences. Please folks write your reviews on english, not all know italian, german and french.


    Good conditions and fast rooting
    Rooted in about a couple of weeks, good cuttings




    Looks Promising
    Packaging and delivery as smooth as it comes, got it in autumn, now in the end of winter no signs of growing but lots of nice roots did develop which should translate in wonderful growing next months... Those cuttings are definitely alive and kicking, nice blue tinge, which should mean appropriate PH growing conditions... Promising, very promising!!!


    Arrived in perfect condition
    Had the medium size arrived, it's just sitting on my desk at the moment looking very proud and erect. Am waiting for the wife to go away for a few days next week before making a smoothie, as theres no way ill be able to eat this beast of a thing as is. Looks nice and fresh and .... prickly.


    El Mescalito!
    A wonderful plant, attractive and psychoactive too! Possibly not as potent as the Bolivian Torch, but worthwhile none the less. Thanks again to the good people of Zamnesia for providing this wonderful product!


    Very healthy and beautifull cutting!!!
    Very healthy and beautiful cutting this item, very nice adorable colors the skin blue-green, the cutting is so much more beautiful than the image of the pictures. Zamnesia have excellent plants.


    Very good
    Gentle but profound, these cactus worth every second spent on preparing it, thanks Zamnesia for making us having these experiences so easily! (:


    Delicious! Tastes like fairies dancing on your tongue under a rainbow whilst Lord Jagganath flatulates perfume into your nasal cavity.


    I sincerely recommend!
    I love exotic plants, especially if they are on the border with the some kind of human laws. So I bought three different cacti (San Pedro, Bolivian Torch, Peruvian Torch) 10-11 cm, and received them even six! It is certainly a mistake, but I did not return them to Zamnesia, because of the shipping costs. So I gave three of them foward to my son. He was more than happy. Now we are competiting, whose plants will grow more nicely. Cacti have arrived in minimum time since the date of the order, in excellent condition, and prepared for immediate planting in the soil. My first experience with Zamnesia is more than excellent. I sincerely recommend!!! Majda from SLO

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Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)
Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)
Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)
Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)
Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)
Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)