Kanna 5 grams


Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), also known as Channa or Kougoed, is a plant commonly found in South Africa. Indigenous tribes have been using Kanna for its mood-enhancing and relaxing properties for thousands of years. Now, it has gained popularity in the West.

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Zamnesia - Kanna: Powerful Mood-Enhancer

Kanna has been used for millennia as an entheogen and inebriant for sacred rituals. Now, Kanna is becoming increasingly popular in the West. 


The traditional way to take Kanna is by chewing or snorting the dried and/or fermented roots and leaves of the plant. You can also prepare a tea from the dried plant parts. Although fermenting your Kanna leaves is not necessary, fermentation will greatly help to max-out the effect.


Crush the plant material and place it in a sealed and sterile container. As fermentation sets in, you can observe the material’s colour change to a darker green and brown shade. Make sure you open the container once every day to air the mixture out. Leave the mixture to ferment for about 7–8 days. After the fermentation process, you need to dry your Kanna leaves.


Put your fermented plant material into a shallow container and spread it out evenly. The best way to dry your Kanna is outdoors in a spot with direct sunlight. It’s ready when it feels dry to the touch, which can take up to 5 days. Alternatively, you can also dry your material at low heat (80°C) in the oven.

If you plan to chew your Kanna leaves or use them to brew a Kanna tea, they are now ready. If you want to make a powder for snorting, you can use a pestle and mortar or grinder to render your dried and fermented leaves into a fine powder.


You can choose to chew your fermented Kanna leaves throughout the day. A medium dosage of chewable Kanna is 200–400mg. When you chew the Kanna leaves, the effect will last for about 2–3 hours.


Grind up your plant material as fine as possible if you want to snort Kanna. A medium dose is about 100mg. When you snort Kanna, you will feel the effect instantly, with a peak after 20–60 minutes. Know that snorting Kanna is not for everyone. 


Making Kanna tea is the best method if you want to take advantage of all the relaxing properties of Kanna. The other methods like snorting will provide more of an energetic rush, but fewer of its relaxing properties.

To make a Kanna tea, steep your dried and fermented leaves in hot (but not boiling) water. Allow them to infuse for several minutes. A medium dose for Kanna tea is about 400–600mg. The effects will set in after an hour and will last for several hours.

Note: If you’re still new to Kanna, start with a small dosage and adjust according to your preferences.

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Reviews (10)

    Effetto rilassante e spedizione veloce.


    Super !!!
    Effet très apaisant et relaxant.


    Effets plutôt sympas à la combustion
    Ajouté comme "épice" dans une préparation à fumer, les effets sont plutôt cools mais le goût est assez fort. Néanmoins si je trouve un bon mélange ça pourra être mieux !


    Top wie immer!
    Lieferung verlief super schnell, Ware sieht gut aus und es gibt wie immer nichts zu bemägeln! Dank an die Zamnesia Elfen


    Good product , on me it works different any time i use it. Sometimes colorful , sometimes euphoric, and sometimes i get really sleepy after i smoked it. But as always very good quality like anything else here.


    juste comme je recherche, un ptit effet pas trop disons déchiré


    Très agréable à fumer, met de bonne humeur et stimule légèrement, les effets sont subtiles mais agréables et satisfaisant.




    au top

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Kanna 5 grams
Kanna 5 grams