Kanna Extract ET2


Kanna is a narcotic plant that is native to South Africa. It is believed that tribesmen know about the relaxing and euphoric properties of Kanna for more than 300 years. The ET2 Kanna extract is the most potent form of Kanna extract available. Used as a snuff, the ET2 Kanna extract it will make for the fastest-acting and strongest Kanna effect providing relaxation together with euphoria.

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Kanna ET2 Extract: Very Potent Kanna Extract Used As A Snuff

The effects of the Kanna plant (Sceletium Tortuosum) from South Africa are believed to be known for more than 300 years. Tribesmen used the Kanna plant as a recreational drug for pleasure and for relaxation. While there are several methods how you can take Kanna, such as taking Kanna extract in the form of capsules, vaporizing the extract or adding it to food, the traditional way to take Kanna is to use it as a snuff or as a chew.

The Kanna ET2 extract is the most concentrated form of Kanna extract available and is best used as a snuff although it can also be used to make tea. This extract is a lot more potent as compared to other Kanna extracts and powders and we recommended it for experienced Kanna users only. When you use it as a snuff, Kanna can make for several effects like relaxation together with euphoria and better mental clarity and focus.


Since the ET2 Kanna extract is much more potent than other Kanna extracts you will need only small doses to get the desired effects. For a light experience, we recommend that you start out with 15-20mg of Kanna ET2 extract. If you want a stronger effect you can up a single dosage to 40-50mg.

When used as a snuff, you will feel the onset of the Kanna in 3 minutes and the effect will last about 30 minutes. If you use the ET2 Kanna extract to make tea, the onset will take a lot longer but the effect of the Kanna can then last as long as two hours.

Contains 1 gram of Kanna ET2 extract.

Weight 1 gr

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Reviews (22)

    I like it but it's irritating my nose a bit
    The effects of this product are mostly enjoyable. When sniffed it gives a tingling sensation in the body and a feeling of euphoria. The physical feeling lasts for about an hour but the positive mind stays for a while! It makes me quite horny and it really works great if you take it before sex. It enhances the feeling a lot and it's a must try! I don't take it too often to reduce tolerance. Remember: only baby sniffles and wait at least 30 mins before taking more. It gives me really bad sneezes if sniffed after a day. To prevent this I administer some Rapé snuff after the effect wears off. This cleans my nose so I don't get the allergic feeling. I use the guayusa Rapé and administer both kanna and the rapé with the kuripe.


    Guter Extrakt
    Wirkt gut!


    Excellent produits
    Cet extrait est vraiment puissant! En sniff, à commencer avec une très faible dose 0.05gr sinon direct au toilettes, après on peut augmenter la dose petit à petit, si on fait cela je trouve que l'effet est entre la coke et la md, on a chaud, dans mon lit devant l'ordi avec du bon son je caresse mes coussins, mon duvet (se qui me rappelle la md) bien sur l'effet est plus faible mais on est dedans, sous alcool je déconseille on à du mal à ressentir les effets si on boit trop, je connais bien ce produit, j'en suis un grand amateur, c'est même tellement plaisent pou chiller qu'une sorte de dépendance se fait si comme mo,i on en pend tous les soir, mais bien sur on peut s'en passer (c'est pas non plus une addiction dure) en gros je dirai de ce produit qu'il est d"excellente qualité, en consommer avec modération.


    Kanna Extract
    no he querido pasarme y la intención es hacer unas micro dosis, para encontrar el punto de activación, he notado esa energía pero con control :)


    Recieved empty but refunded well
    Nothing in the vial when recieving. But Zamnesia offered a good compensation.


    Estatto kanna ET2
    Soldi sprecati


    Ci sta!!!!!
    La Pippi e ha un buon sapore nn fa manco tanto male e basta poco, non sale subito, ma dopo tipo 5 minuti e poi scende in altri 10.....sono soddisfatto la ricomprerò sicuramente!!!!


    a different kind of kanna
    unlike the original kanna which gives energy, this one makes you feel calm and sedative


    kana ET 2
    Il parait que c'est le plus fort des produits présentés Bof ! que ce soir en snif ou à fumer, l'effet est certes notable mais ne dure pas très longtemps


    Potente kanna
    Increíble producto muy potente, perfecto para esnifar y también para uso sublingual. Conociendo los efectos de la kanna, tomar pocas cantidades varias veces para conseguir un estado de euforia y concentración o, por el contrario tomar en mayores dosis pocas veces para lograr un estado de relajación. Para mí el extracto de kanna más potente que he probado hasta el momento.

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Kanna Extract ET2
Kanna Extract ET2