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Kanna Extreme is a super-potent powder extract exclusive to Zamnesia. Made from the finest quality kanna available, our Kanna Extreme offers an immediate rush of euphoria. Kanna Extreme contains the full spectrum of Kanna’s alkaloids, offering a pure and unbridled Kanna experience – as it should be.

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Kanna Extreme: The most potent kanna extract available

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) has a long and rich history spanning back thousands of years as a natural stress reliever. In South Africa, where Kanna can be found growing wild, it was used by tribal warriors returning from battle - to help ward off the stress normally associated with fighting and aid the warriors in reconnecting with those around them. Today, Kanna is still harnessed for this calming purpose, both therapeutically and recreationally.

Kanna Extreme is a high potency extract that harnesses the pure and unadulterated content of the best quality Kanna plants available. As such, it packs a very high alkaloid concentration, inducing strong effects. Upon dosing, the user is met with an instant and euphoric rush, followed by an easing inebriation. The effects can be long-lasting, and the balance between sedation and stimulation will depend on dose.


This stuff is EXTREMELY potent and we can not stress this enough: Start of with a TINY amount and see what happens before you do any more.

Never use Kanna in conjunction with SSRIs, MAOIs, or other prescription drugs. Always consult a medical professional if in doubt.


Kanna Extreme can be smoked, vaporized, used as snuff, or dosed sublingually (under the tongue).

To use as snuff, start out with a pea-sized amount and increase to your liking.

To use sublingually, place a small amount of the powder under the tongue, hold for a few minutes, and then swallow.

Weight 1 gram

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Reviews (188)

    no effect
    despite the warnings of its super potency i snorted 100mg and felt next to nothing, i dont know whether the product was just a dud or maybe it was just that i dont feel the effects as strongly


    Good stuff
    It kicks and is euphoric


    Super produit, efficace
    Cet extrait de kanna est super efficace par rapport aux autres : - D'abord, il ne se transforme pas en glue au bout de quelques heures (ça m'est arrivé avec d'autres extraits) - Moi je l'utilise en sniff (juste une lentille), il ne brûle pas trop le nez (un peu quand même) Mon utilisation préférée : après un peu de weed, dans un contexte un peu "chaud" avec ma meuf : il donne des belles montées et des super sensations


    J'ai essayer le produit deux première fois avec des trace de taille moyen, aucun effet mise à part des petite nauser un coup de barre et une espèce de mini dépression à la manière md en redescente , j'ai réessayer plus tarp avec 4 pote avec (bon je l'avoue) peut être une dose de cheval très grosse monter très violent accélération brutale du cœur j'avais l'impression qu'il allait sortir de ma poitrine très grosse euphorie pandent 2 min puis nausée... Vomissement intempestif pendant une heure j'avais l'impression que le sheitan sortais de mon Corp... Et même histoire pour mes collegue... Résultat 4/4 mec en pls dans la même soirée en plus de goût est extrêmement dégueulasse et la prise douloureuse, mal de crane le landemain, je ne recommande pas mais j'ai trop kiffer les 2 min


    Seltsames Zeug
    Mir war nur schwindelig und meine Füße wurden heiß. Alles im allein eigentlich eine negative Erfahrung - aber das kann auch an mir selbst liegen. Jedenfalls bewirkt diese Substanz etwas :)


    Did not work
    I read good things about Kanna, but unfortunately even at high doses, neither me nor my friend felt any effects other than a slight sedation. I did however receive a voucher for the original price I paid.

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review


    Strong but not worth taking neither buying
    Sniffing it me and a friend of mine had a very euphoric effect and we couldn't get our smiles away but just about half an hour later we even if very experienced in preventing badtrip had a very strong mood change and no more motivation for anything not even riding a roller coaster made fun anymore und just made us sad. So we decided during that phase to try smoking it and while I was preparing the pipe we already were in a normal rather happy mood again but smoking didn't bring a very strong effect just a slight happy feeling and some alcohol similar vision. Also tried it in the morning after a drinking evening and it was the worst since it doesn't inhance euphoria of itself.


    Aucun Effet
    Hello, I was tempting by this product, seeing a new possiblility to get to know the unknow. I say to you, this product sucks. I try different shoot, by smoking. No effect at all. The best for you if you want to get to know the unknow, let's try the Truffles Atlantis, even Mexicana will get you to another dimension. Not the Kanna. As always Zamnesia is a great distrubutor of these products. Thanks


    Strongest Kanna I know
    This Kanna is the strongest I know. So be careful with your dosage. 10mg more can make a huge difference. For me 15-20 mg has the best effects. It has a synergy with weed, thats good but be prepared! A normal amount of weed could blast you away if you combine it with Kanna. Normally I take it nasally which has the nicest effects for me. If you like Kanna, I recommend this product 100%!

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Kanna Extreme
Kanna Extreme
Kanna Extreme
Kanna Extreme
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