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Kanna Extreme (1g) is a super potent powder extract exclusive to Zamnesia. Made from the finest-quality kanna available, our Kanna Extreme offers an immediate rush of euphoria. Kanna Extreme contains the full spectrum of kanna’s alkaloids, providing a pure and unbridled kanna experience—as it should be.

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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) has a long and rich history spanning back thousands of years as a natural stress-reliever. In South Africa, where kanna can be found growing wild, it was used by tribal warriors returning from battle to help ward off the stress normally associated with fighting, and to aid in reconnecting with those around them. Today, kanna is still harnessed for this calming purpose, both therapeutically and recreationally.

Kanna Extreme is a high-potency extract that harnesses the pure and unadulterated content of the best-quality kanna plants available. As such, it packs a very high alkaloid concentration, inducing strong effects. Upon dosing, the user is met with an instant and euphoric rush, followed by a soothing inebriation. The effects can be long-lasting, and the balance between sedation and stimulation will depend on dose.


Never use Kanna in conjunction with SSRIs, MAOIs, or other prescription drugs. Always consult a medical professional if in doubt.


Kanna Extreme can be smoked, vaporised, used as snuff, or dosed sublingually (under the tongue).

To use as snuff, start out with a pea-sized amount and increase to your liking.

To use sublingually, place a small amount of the powder under the tongue, hold for a few minutes, then swallow.

We recommend starting with a small amount of the extract until you are used to its effects, then increase to your preferred dose.

Weight 1 gram

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Reviews (201)

    With weed
    I started to smoke it with weed last year. Start dosage was 0.1 and I'll tell ya that was waay too much.. Felt this amazing warmth, euphoria and the taste wasnt bad. But like I said, it was too much and got anxious and puked xD so next week I only took 0.05 and that was a legit dose for it. Nowadays it's 0.15!

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    Works pretty well
    It is very potent, I did feel the rush of uphoria and calmness. It did make me very nauseous though


    Tastes horrible, no (low?) effects
    I tried to snuff it: - hurts a lot, not so much as to what other reviews had me expecting tough. - no concrete effects felt at all, other than discomfort. I tried to put it under my tongue for ~10 minutes: - tastes not so great, but not horrible. Mostly *Meh*. - again, no noticeable effects for me. I tried putting the rest (about a third of the vial) in a tea: - taste, see above paragraph => *Meh*. - effects: maybe, I say *maybe* a mild relaxing effect. Might be placebo though. Maybe this product does not "click" for me? Maybe it was a bad batch ? Maybe the alignment of Jupiter in its post-anterio-grade orbital with the third galaxian constellation was wrong ? All of this or none of these together ? TL; DR: Meh. Barring on sucks / doesn't work for me.


    Priming war nötig
    Als ich das Kanna Extreme vor ein paar Wochen zum ersten Mal probiert habe, hatte ich keinerlei Wirkung, auch nicht beim Nachlegen mit erhöhter Dosierung, daraufhin war ich zunächst ziemlich enttäuscht. Das blieb einige Tage so, bis dann bei der 4. Einnahme leichte Effekte zu beobachten waren, am besten vergleichbar mit einem sehr sehr leichten Alkoholrausch was die Sicht angeht, so dass die Wirkung für mich aber noch nicht wirklich von dem Placeboeffect unterschieden werden konnte. Einige Tage später war dieser Effekt bei gleicher Dosierung und Uhrzeit stärker ausgeprägt und deutlich von einer Placebowirkung zu unterscheiden, hinzu kam eine deutliche Stimmungsaufhellung. Ich kann das Kanna Extreme nur empfehlen und hatte keinerlei unangenehme Nebenwirkungen. Für mich stellt es eine gute und wirksame Alternative zum Johanniskraut dar. Ein gutes Produkt welches ich auch in der Zukunft weiter kaufen werde. Meine Mailanfragen an Zamnesia wurden schnell und sehr Kundenfreundlich beantwortet, vielen Dank auch dafür! Immer vorsichtig Dosieren, auch wenn man bei den ersten Einnahmen nichts oder nur sehr wenig merkt! 1g reicht bei mir locker für 30-50 leichte bis mittlere Dosierungen.


    Love it
    It really worked for me. You can have the euphoric effect if you sniff it, though it lasts some 15-20 min., and the more relaxing one if you put it under your tongue, the feeling you get is very nice, relaxing and cheerful at the same time, it gives you the good vibes.

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    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review


    Sans plus
    Ça m’a juste réveillé sans plus

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Kanna Extreme
Kanna Extreme
Kanna Extreme
Kanna Extreme
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