Klip Dagga


Klip Dagga (Leonotis nepetifolia) grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, India, and Latin America. The dried leaves and flowers of Klip Dagga induce a relaxing and mildly euphoric effect. Others include it as a tobacco substitute for spliffs.

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Type: Leaves (25 gr) € 9.95 In stock
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Zamnesia - Klip Dagga: Mild Cannabis Alternative

Klip Dagga is a plant that can be found in various regions all over the world. With its origins in Africa and South India, Klip Dagga is also known as Lion's Ear, Shandilay (Trinidad), Christmas Candlestick, or Grantiparani (India).

The Klip Dagga plant can reach a height of 3 metres and is often found on the sides of roads, on rubbish heaps, or in wastelands. The plant develops uniquely shaped, bright orange or reddish flowers that grow in round clusters around the stems.

The dried leaves and flowers of Klip Dagga contain the alkaloid leonurine, which has a relaxing and mildly euphoric effect. In the Caribbean and in Africa.

Because of the relaxing and mildly euphoric effect, Klip Dagga is sometimes compared to cannabis, although it is not as strong. In Mexico, for example, Klip Dagga is called Mota—just like cannabis.


You can brew a tea from the dried leaves and flowers. To make a tea, you infuse about 5 grams of Klip Dagga leaves for one cup. Allow the leaves to steep in the water for several minutes. You can add sugar or honey to enhance the taste.

Some people use Klip Dagga instead of tobacco for cannabis joints/spliffs.

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    i didn't feel anything diffrent after smoking the dagga. i doens't taste bad so now i use it in joint instead of tabacco. would recommend as subsitute for tabacco not for the dagga it self.


    very very bad taste
    very very bad taste, no effect at all. maybe for someone you never smoke weed will be effective


    J'ai mis 8g dans une infusion, le gout est amer mais on se sent posé bien bon 2h, je conseille !

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Klip Dagga
Klip Dagga