Sativa/Indica Mix B (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized

The Sativa/Indica Mix B by Greenhouse Seeds is a selection of five different medical cannabis strains. A.M.S., Arjan's Haze #1, Arjan's Haze #3, White Rhino and White Widow are all very potent varieties and suited for various ailments. With this seeds mix you can grow and blend your own green medicine. Available in packs of 5 and 10 seeds.

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Number of seeds: 5 € 25.00 Out of assortment
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Greenhouse Seeds - Sativa/Indica Mix B: 5 Medical Cannabis Strains

The Sativa/Indica Mix B by Greenhouse Seeds is a selection of five different highly potent medical cannabis varieties. A.M.S., Arjan's Haze #1, Arjan's Haze #3, White Rhino and White Widow are suited for various ailments and with this seeds mix you can not only grow your own green medicine, but also make your own blend of herbs.

Arjan's Haze #1 is a highly potent and very productive crossing of Haze and G13. Arjan's Haze #1 induces an intense and long-lasting, extremely psychoactive cerebral high, accompanied by a calming and pain-killing effect. To give you an idea of the productivity - brought up outdoors she can deliver up to 1.5kg per plant. The properly dried and cured end product of Arjan's Haze #1 contains 21% THC, 0.4% CBD and 0.6% CBN.

Arjan's Haze #3 could very likely be one of the smallest Sativas you have ever seen, but this fact does not mean she produces low yields! This small green lady is a flexible, sturdy and bushy plant and performs great in SOG and ScrOg setups, with yields of up to 700g/m². She delivers a product with a very sweet and fruity flavor and high potency. The cannabinoid mix of 13% THC, 1.2% CBD and 2% CBN causes an euphoric, very creative and social high, reduces pain and anxiety and has a soothing effect.

White Rhino grows up to a short, round and bushy plant with strong branches - she is obviously dominated by Indica influences. Despite being a rather small plant, she has the potential to produce yields of up to 900g/m² when reared indoors, grown outdoors it is possible to yield 1.2kg per plant. The buds release a sweet and fruity taste when smoked. With 20% THC and roughly 0.1% CBD the induced high is relaxing, very creative and social, but if you smoke too much, she will drag you down and make you slumberous.

A.M.S. stands for Anti Mold Strain - this nicely balanced hybrid has been bred by blending Swiss Sativa and a Swiss Indica from the Ticino region. In full maturity the plants exude a fruity, citrusy smell, that gets even better when the buds are properly cured. A.M.S. buds contain 15% THC and over 1% on CBD, making it a very appealing variety for many medicinal users. The CBN level at an average of 0.7% is also quite high, ensuring for the high to be very relaxing and not too trippy.

White Widow is very likely one of the most legendary cannabis strains of all times - and for good reasons. This blend of South Indian and Brazilian genetics is famed for its insane resin production and high potency. White Widow shows strong Indica influences and yet it takes her 8-10 weeks to reach full maturity. She performs particularly great in hydroponic systems and yields of up to 800g/m² are a more than generous reward to make up for the wait. 18% of the end product are THC and ensure for a fast-hitting and long-lasting, very pleasant high.

Brand Greenhouse Seeds
Genetics Mix Pack
Available as Feminized seeds
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Sativa/Indica Mix B (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Sativa/Indica Mix B (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized