Indica Mix H (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized


Since pharmaceutical medications can have severe side-effects, many opted to quit taking them and switched to natural medicine. This is your chance to do the same. Greenhouse Seeds picked five very potent Indica varieties for their medical qualities: Cheese, Great White Shark, Lemon Skunk, Train Wreck and White Rhino. Available in packs of 5 and 10 seeds.

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Greenhouse Seeds - Indica Mix H: Five Medical Cannabis Indica Strains

Since more and more patients refuse taking pharmaceutical medications due to the severe side-effects, natural medicine is high in demand these days. This is your chance to grow your own natural remedy. Greenhouse Seeds picked five very potent Indica varieties for their medical qualities so you can compare their effects or combine them to blend your very own perfectly tailored green medicine to suit your ailment.

Cheese is the perfect choice if you feel the need to unwind, to unhitch from the stress of a hard working day and to simply chill on the couch. In an indoor setup you can expect a yield of up to 800g/m² after 8-10 weeks of flowering. Users with a low tolerance should be warned - this weed contains 18% THC, 0.6% CBD and 0.3% CBN and with such a blend of cannabinoids it has the potential to make you trip around aimlessly, with one thought remaining: "Damn, am I stoned." So, while this weed may not trigger a complex high, it surely enhances the mood and brings on a very relaxed and calm feeling.

The name Great White Shark already indicates that she is a member of the "White" family. And indeed, Greenhouse Seeds crossed White Widow (Brazilian x South Indian) with Super Skunk and the result is a strain with large and extremely resinous buds. Reared in a grow-room you can expect yields of up to 800g/m² within a rather short flowering period of 9 weeks. The THC level of 14% may seem rather low compared to many commercial strains, but she boasts with 1.7% CBD and 0.8% CBN to make up for it and is therefore a good choice for treating pain and can act as a soporific when consumed in higher quantities.

Lemon Skunk is a very aromatic and highly potent strain - this is the child of Citral and Skunk. Brought up indoors she will require 8-10 weeks to develop yields of up to 800g/m². The cured buds of Lemon Skunk contain 19% THC, about 0.2% CBD and roughly 0.7% CBN, making this weed a good choice for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, arthritis and chronic pain. The high comes on rather slow, starting in your eyes, before the brain is taken care of and within a minutes you are in a state of euphoria and free from anxiety. When the initial cerebral inebriation has tapered off a bit, a pleasant body relaxation adds to the feeling of well-being.

Train Wreck boasts with a multitude of medical benefits - you are well-advised giving her a shot if you suffer from anxiety, pain, cramps, insomnia, depression, lack of appetite, nausea, muscle aches and tension. She performs great in a ScrOG setup - she has the potential to produce harvests in the range of 600-700g/m² within 9 weeks of flowering. And Train Wreck weed is very potent - she is far from producing cannabinoids sparingly! The properly dried and cured buds contain 21% THC, about 0.7% CBD and 0.1% CBN and have an earthy, musky, piney aroma with a hint of strawberry or sweet skunk. The smoke of the weed is stimulating and boosts the creativity, along with causing an intense and very stoned feeling.

White Rhino exhibits the typical appearance of an Indica dominated variety - she is a sturdy, short, round and bushy plant with strong branches. In an indoor setup she is ready for harvesting after 9 weeks of flowering. Despite being a rather small plant, she has the potential to produce yields of up to 900g/m². Along with being highly productive, she also delivers very potent weed. 20% of the loot are THC and roughly 0.1% CBD, making the high a very creative, relaxed and social experience, but if you savor too much of this stuff, you will soon become dozy. This weed is the perfect choice for a fat blunt or bong late in evening or at nighttime.

Brand Greenhouse Seeds
Genetics Indica Mix Pack
Available as Feminized seeds
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    je ne m attendais pas du tout a recevoir des graine de couleurs différentes j'espère que c'est pas des fausse .... je met 2 étoiles pour le moment car j ai des doutes .

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Indica Mix H (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Indica Mix H (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Indica Mix H (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Indica Mix H (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized