Rasta Mix (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized

Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical medications, and prescription painkillers in particular, have severe side-effects, so why not take advantage of natural medicine? The Rasta Mix by Greenhouse Seeds is your chance to do so - they selected three medically valuable cannabis: A.M.S. (2x), Big Bang, The Church (2x).

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Greenhouse Seeds - Rasta Mix: Five Medically Valuable Cannabis Strains

Unfortunately, most pharmaceutical medications, and particularly prescription painkillers, have negative side-effects, so why not grow some natural medicine? The Rasta Mix by Greenhouse Seeds is your chance to stock up your house pharmacy - they selected three medically valuable cannabis strains and they all have great qualities in treating a wide range of ailments. The effects have a large area of application but pain is very likely the most common, followed by insomnia, nausea, tension, lack of appetite, inner unrest and many many more.

A.M.S. is the abbreviation for Anti Mold Strain - this is a nicely balanced hybrid created by mating a Swiss Indica from the Ticino region and a Swiss Sativa. The plants exude a pleasant citrusy and fruity aroma when they reach full maturity and it only gets better when the harvested buds are dried and cured properly. The buds contain 15% THC and over 1% CBD, wherein the high CBD level makes her so attractive for many medical users who suffer from chronic pain, tension and inner unrest. The CBN level of roughly 0.7% is also rather high, ensuring for the triggered effects to be very relaxing and calming and not too heady.

Big Bang is a genetic mixture created by crossing El Niño (The kid), Skunk and Northern Light. She is a great treatment for ailments such as anxiety, pain, internal unrest and a lack of appetite. Big Bang is a very bushy plant with a short and wide appearance - actually she tends to grow less tall than wide. Brought up in a grow-room she finishes flowering after 8 weeks and can produce yields of up to 800g/m². And not only is she a great yielder, but also delivers a highly potent end product. 18-20% of the yield are THC, about 0.1% are CBD and roughly 0.3% CBN, but don't be fooled by the high THC level, the effects on the body outpace the cerebral ones and particularly if you grant her an additional week of flowering.

The Church was sired by crossing Super Skunk, Northern Lights and a Swiss Indica/Sativa hybrid named "Erdbeer" (the German term for strawberry). If you bring her up in a grow-room she requires 8 weeks of flowering to produce a loot of up to 800g/m². Massive harvests are one side of the medal, but quantity means nothing if the potency sucks - but The Church with its THC level of 20% is far from weak. This is the ideal choice for a cheerful gathering with your buddies or as a remedy to battle anxiety or depression - the high is very social, sparks the inspiration and motivates. A word of cation though - the high gets very trippy if you smoke too much.

Brand Greenhouse Seeds
Genetics Mix Pack
Available as Feminized seeds
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Rasta Mix (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Rasta Mix (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Rasta Mix (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Rasta Mix (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized