Indica Mix E (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized

If you do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs or simply don't tolerate them, here is your chance to grow your own natural medicine. Greenhouse Seeds selected five great Indica strains that are perfectly suited for treating pain, inner unrest and tension. The mix contains Big Bang, Cheese, El Nino, Himalaya Gold and White Widow. Available in packs of 5 and 10 seeds.

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Number of seeds: 5 € 25.00 Out of assortment
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Greenhouse Seeds - Indica Mix E: Five Medically Valuable Indica Strains

The Indica Mix E by Greenhouse Seeds is a collection of carefully select Indica strains. All strains are perfectly suited for treating pain, inner unrest, lack of appetite and tension. If you can't stand pharmaceutical drugs or simply don't want to take them, here is your chance to grow your own natural medicine.

Big Bang was created by blending the genetics of Skunk with El Niño (The kid) and Northern Light and is very well suited as a treatment for ailments such as anxiety, pain, internal unrest and a lack of appetite. Big Bang has a short and wide, very bushy stature - actually she has the tendency to grow wider than tall. Indoors you can expect harvests of up to 800g/m² after 8 weeks of flowering. And not only the productivity is top notch, but the potency as well. 18-20% of the yield are THC, roughly 0.1% CBD and about 0.3% CBN, but don't feel put off by the high THC level, the induced high is more physical than cerebral, especially if you give her an extra week of flowering.

Cheese is the strain of choice if you feel the need to chill, to unhitch from the stress build up after a hard day at work and to hang out on the couch. After 8-10 weeks of flowering you can expect a yield of up to 800g/m². But be warned if you have a low tolerance - the buds contain 18% THC, 0.6% CBD and 0.3% CBN and such a mix of cannabinoids has the potential to make you stagger around aimlessly, with only one thought left "Gee, am I stoned." So, Cheese weed may not cause a complex high, but it surely brightens the mood and provides a very calm and relaxed feeling.

El Niño was created her by crossing White Widow with Haze and Super Skunk - the result is an elitary member of the White family with a good productivity and extreme potency. To ensure for maximum bud size and resin production you should bring her up in a hydroponic system. The buds and leafs in between the calyxes can become so unbelievably densely covered in resin glands, your eyes will be out on stalks! The buds are filled to the brim with cannabinoid power - 21% of the loot are THC! The smoke of the weed is amazingly smooth and has a spicy and peppery aftertaste on the exhale. The triggered high is long-lasting, very pleasant and social, accompanied by a soothing and numb body feeling.

As the name Himalaya Gold already suggests, the parents of this medically valuable plant come from the Himalaya region - Greenhouse Seeds crossed a Nepalese and a North Indian variety. She requires 8 weeks of flowering to develop impressively thick buds, yielding up to 750-850g/m² of highly potent weed. The fully matured plants exude a spicy and sweet chocolate scent, seasoned with a dash of pepper. The high THC level of 18% and 1.4% CBD ensures for a fast-hitting and long-lasting, very pleasant high, wherein the CBD washes the pain away and the THC switches the head to a flood of inspiration and creative thinking.

White Widow is doubtlessly one of the most legendary cannabis varieties of all times - and for more than one reason. She is comprised of South Indian and Brazilian genetics and is famed for her unbelievable resin production and strong punch. White Widow exhibits the growth and appearance of an Indica, but the flowering period is slightly longer than that of a typical Indica - she requires 8-10 weeks to reach full maturity. She performs particularly good in hydroponic systems and achieves yields of up to 800g/m². 18% of the weed are THC and the high comes on almost instantly and lasts for a long time.

Brand Greenhouse Seeds
Genetics Indica Mix Pack
Available as Feminized seeds
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Indica Mix E (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized
Indica Mix E (Greenhouse Seeds) feminized