Sinicuichi 10x Extract (2 grams)


The Mexican name sinicuichi is given to both the plant (Heimia salicifolia) and the drink that is prepared from it. The brew has a weak psychoactive effect, inducing a pleasant, slightly euphoric dizziness. There have been some reports of Sinicuichi causing a yellowish vision and mild auditory hallucinations.

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Mix up to 1 gram of Sinicuichi with 3 cups of water and boil for a few minutes before consuming as a tea.

A pack contains 2 grams of sinicuichi 10x extract, equal to 15 grams of dried herb.


Sinicuichi leaves contain a number of alkaloids such as lythrine, heimine, sinicuichinine, anelsine, lyfoline, dehydrodecodine and the main active ingredient, cryogenine.


No unpleasant after effects or addictive potential are known, though long-term use may impair memory, and some people experience muscle and joint pains, tiredness and headaches.

Reviews (2)

    Mouais... Si, peut-être... Bof... Mouais... Non.
    Le produit en lui même est efficace, mais le goût est vraiment infâme, et j'avoue de pas avoir réussi à terminer mon infusion, ni mon sachet d'ailleurs, mais ça Zamnesia n'y est pour rien..


    It does indeed have effects
    I have tried sinicuichi a lot of times and here is my experiences:It does indeed have effects but you will probably have to increase the amount every time and then after maybe 2 or 3 times you will get a good effect. The effect is like a hallucination but audio-wise. That means you might be hearing fake jet planes outside non existent talking voices or people knocking on the door when theres really no one outside You can smoke it or drink it. Drinking it has the strongest effect.BUT The after-effects can be very extreme. If you drink or smoke too much you will after some hours feel like you have been running several hundred miles nonstop. Its all about getting used to it and slowly increasing the dose and find the right amount. If you believe youre up to it try sinicuichi. Maybe just the normal and not 10x extract if you want to be more safe.

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Sinicuichi 10x Extract (2 grams)
Sinicuichi 10x Extract (2 grams)