Shisha Pens: Everything You Need To Know

Shisha Pens: Everything You Need To Know

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What Are Shisha Pens?

A shisha pen is a small, cigarette shaped, electronic water pipe that vaporises a flavoured liquid. The Shisha pen is perfect for an experience on the go, no matter where you are; the shisha pen is ready to use. In addition to this, since the e-shisha vaporises a liquid, it does not contain any of the tar, carbon-monoxide or other toxins produced when burning shisha tobacco. Shisha pens deliver a pure and enjoyable shisha experience without having to worry about nicotine addiction or negative health impacts. The shisha pen is the modern evolution of an ancient tradition.

Whilst the smoking of hookahs is an age old tradition dating back hundreds of years, the invention of the e-hookah is fairly recent. It follows on from the creation of the e-cigarette by Hon Lik in 2003. Hon Lik is a Chinese pharmacist who came up with the idea of using a piezoelectric ultra-sound emitting element to vaporise nicotine diluted in propylene glycol. They were first introduced in the Chinese market in 2004 and have spread globally ever since. The shisha pen is the logical evolution of this concept to create a nicotine free, portable and pure shisha experience.

It is these features that have led shisha pens to become a trendy accessory that is now often encountered on a night out. The safety, portability, flavours and also the health aspects has led many to prefer the e-shishas over smoking a hookah, which has been shown to come with considerable health risks.

How Do Shisha Pens Work?

Shisha pens work through vaporisation, where the liquid is being heated up to the point where begins to evaporate. This creates a safe vapour that does not contain any toxins. Conversely, hookahs and tobacco cigarettes work by burning material. During burning many toxic substances are created.

E-hookahs have three main components. These are the battery, the liquid filling and the heating element that is evaporating the liquid. When a puff is taken, the suction causes the battery to activate, which in turn powers up the heating element and lights up the LED at the end of the pen. As the element heats up, it evaporates the liquid into a vapour, which is then inhaled. It is possible to get around 600 puffs from an e-shisha before it runs out.

Top Advantages Of The Shisha Pen

Top Advantages Of The Shisha Pen

1. No toxins

Shisha pens create a clean and pure vapour that contains no tar, carbon-monoxide or any other toxin. It is these poisonous chemicals, amongst many others, that are usually associated with the health problems that result from the use of tobacco and hookahs. As cigarettes and hookahs burn tobacco, they create a large number of toxic by-products. As shisha pens do not burn anything, they do not create any of these problem.

2. No nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive stimulant found within regular cigarette tobacco as well as in hookah tobacco. Whilst not harmful by itself, nicotine creates addiction, which is something those who just want to enjoy the flavour don‘t want. The liquid in an e-shisha contains absolutely no nicotine.

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3. No smoke restrictions

The fact that shisha pens create a vapour instead of smoke allows them to be used in places where tobacco use is frowned upon, restricted or even illegal.

4. No Second hand smoke

The vapour created by an e-hookah dissipates within seconds. This means that there is no “second hand smoke” for others to breathe in. This is partly why they are tolerated in places where tobacco is not.

5. It costs less

On average, a shisha pen lasts for 600 puffs. When you take into account the cost, it works out much cheaper to use a shisha pen than it does to use hookah tobacco or smoke cigarettes.

6. No lingering smells

As the vapour created by shisha pens does not contain tar, or any other bad additives, the smell does not linger in the same way that smoke does. This means that clothes, furniture, hair and personal possessions do not become stained with the smell of smoke – a smell that many find undesirable and can affect the way people interact with smokers.

7. They are easy to use

Unlike normal hookahs that require a lot of setting up, shisha pens are easy to use. They require no set up, and require no coals or fire like hookahs and cigarettes. Simply take a puff and hey presto!

8. They are small and discreet

Unlike normal hookahs, e-hookahs are small (about the same size as a cigarette). This means they can be easily carried around in your pocket or purse for easy use on the go – something that would not be practical with a normal hookah. Also, as they are small and create a vapour that rapidly disputes, their use does not usually draw much attention, making them fairly discreet.

The Health Risks Of Smoking Hookah

The Health Risks Of Smoking Hookah

Smoking hookah is an age old tradition that originated in the Middle East. Flavoured tobacco is smoked through a water pipe, which delivers a pleasurable and relaxing experience. However, burning tobacco creates a myriad of toxins and harmful substances, which are all inhaled with the smoke. The combustion of tobacco creates over 4,000 toxins, with at least 69 of those known to cause cancer.

But the real problem with smoking hookah is this; recent research has found that smoking a hookah for just one hour is as bad as smoking 100 tobacco cigarettes! This is because a shisha session can last for an hour or longer, bombarding the lungs relentlessly with smoke. To make matters worse, it is also believed that shisha tobacco smoke can be 36 times more carcinogenic than tobacco smoke, contain 15 times more carbon monoxide, as well as contain higher levels of lead, nickel and arsenic. Shisha pens on the other hand completely eliminate these health concerns, as they don‘t burn anything - they vaporize a liquid. There is no carbon-monoxide, no tar, no nicotine; none of the 4‘000 cancer causing toxins are produced by a shisha pen.

This is a big reason why e-hookahs have become so popular. In addition to being convenient to carry around, they do not produce any of the negative health impacts that a regular hookah creates. The flavoured liquid in a hookah pen is not burned, so it doesn’t produce any harmful smoke. The safe and clean liquid is heated to the point where it evaporates, allowing you to inhale a thick and flavoured vapour.

What Is The Difference Between A Shisha Pen And An E-Cigarette?

The main difference between a shisha pen and an e-cigarette is that an e-cigarette is designed to deliver a kick of nicotine to tobacco smokers, where as a shisha pen is designed as an easy to use flavoured enjoyment - without nicotine.

E-cigarettes are used to replace tobacco cigarettes and are thus under constant use. This means that an e-cigarette must be maintained, with parts needing replacing and nicotine e-liquids needing refilling. Conversely, a shisha pen is designed to be used for recreational purposes and in social situations. As they are not under constant use the same way that an e-cigarette is, there is no need to worry about replacement parts etc. A shisha pen is completely disposable, and once it has run out of juice, it can be thrown away.

Also, the disposable nature of an e-hookah combined with the lack of nicotine means they are much cheaper than e-cigarettes – furthering their function as an enjoyable social tool rather than one to control a nicotine kick.

Another difference between shisha pens and e-cigarettes is in the way that they function. Due to the non-disposable nature of the e-cigarette, there are many varying designs out there, using different set ups and designs. However, most e-cigarettes require a button to activate. This button temporarily activates the heating element and vaporises the nicotine e-liquid. Many shisha pens are activated through suction, and do not require a button.

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Do Shisha Pens Contain Nicotine?

Do Shisha Pens Contain Nicotine?

No, our shisha pens never contain nicotine. And in general, shisha pens should not contain any nicotine. They are designed as a safe, fun and trendy way to enjoy a flavoured puff without having to worry about health risks or addiction. If you are looking for a safe, flavoured nicotine equivalent, then you will want to look at an e-cigarette.

Nicotine is an addictive stimulant found in tobacco, hookah tobacco and e-liquids used in e-cigarettes. It is absorbed through the lining of the nose, mouth and lungs and quickly reaches the brain through the bloodstream (usually within 10 seconds). Once there, it causes the adrenal glands to produce extra adrenaline, increasing heart rate, alertness and blood pressure whilst perking up the central nervous system. Nicotine also causes the brain to release dopamine, a pleasure inducing chemical, making the experience feel rewarding.

Are Shisha Pens Reusable?

Are Shisha Pens Reusable?

No, Shisha pens are designed to be a disposable product that can be enjoyed on the go and then thrown away. On average, an E-Hookah will last for roughly 600 puffs. It is these features that allow them to be cheaper than smoking cigarettes or a real hookah.

If you are looking for a reusable pen, and want to be able to use the functionality of an e-shisha in conjunction with the occasional nicotine containing e-liquid, then it would be better to look at an e-cigarette. These are non-disposable tools designed to meet the needs of the smoker, and are thus reusable. It is possible to get nicotine free e-liquids, allowing an e-cigarette to perform the role of a shisha pen for those who desire it.

Are Shisha Pens Safe?

Shisha pens only contain propylene glycol, glycerine and flavouring, and they work by vaporisation as opposed to combustion, so they are completely safe to use in relation to shisha and tobacco - which both contain nicotine and create harmful toxins as they burn. Propylene glycol and glycerine are common benign food additives that are used to create the vapour which is inhaled.

It should be noted that whilst using a shisha pen is much safer than smoking a cigarette or hookah tobacco, scientists have not fully explored the long term effects of vaporising propylene glycol. Due to the fairly recent creation and rise of the shisha pen, not much research has been done into the subject. However, anecdotal reports of using a shisha pen have described experiencing improved breathing, less coughing, higher levels of fitness and less disease than when using tobacco.

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