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Awards Greenhouse Seeds

Awards Greenhouse Seeds


With over 100 awards to their name, Greenhouse Seeds are one of the most decorated and celebrated seed banks out there. It is helped them spread their name and become one of the largest seedbanks of today’s cannabis seed market.

As a list of 100+ awards can be pretty daunting to read, we have put together all of their 1st place wins, so you can see the strains that really shine through.


 Award Flowerbomb Kush



• 2013 ICMAG Breeders Cup, 1st place for Best Indica
• 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain
(Note: this is a Strain Hunters strain – a member of the Greenhouse family) 

The combination of Green Crack and OG Kush, Flowerbomb Kush is a high yielding, potent indica dominant hybrid. It has a sweet, spicy smoke that induces a long lasting mind and body high.

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 Flower Bomb Kush


 Award Super Lemon Haze



• 2013 Expogrow-Irún, 1st place for Best Sativa
• 2012 Seattle Medical Cup, 1st place for Best Sativa
• 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain & Best Sativa
• 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain

One of Greenhouse Seeds’ most recognisable and iconic strains, Super Lemon Haze is a multiple award winning behemoth. Its well balanced and finely tuned genetics induce a mixed mind and body high, and its smoke produces an intense lemony flavour that has become a trademark of the strain. 

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Super Lemon Haze

 Award Cheese



• 2013 Spannabis, 1st place for Best Outdoor Strain
• 2013 ExpoGrow-Irún, 1st place

Cheese is an old-school classic that still remains popular to this day. Its high yields, pungent aroma, and potently couch locking high makes this indica dominant beauty well deserving of its awards. 

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  Greenhouse Seeds Cheese

 Award Exodus Cheese



• 2012 ExpoGrow-Irún, 1st place for Best Indica 

Exodus Cheese is an extremely popular UK take on the famous Cheese strain. Whilst not the easiest to grow, it rewards growers ten-fold for their effort with some of the dankest, pungent bud around.

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  Greenhouse Seeds Exodus Cheese

 Award Super Silver Haze



• 2009 Soft Secrets Magazine, Plant of the Year
• 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain
• 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain & Best Hydro
• 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Hydro

A highly sought after sativa dominant hybrid, Super Silver Haze has stood the test of time, winning multiple awards over the last decade. It is the mix of Skunk, Northern Light, and Haze, packs all of the power you would expect from these three well known varieties.

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  Greenhouse Seeds Super Silver Haze

 Award Hawaiian Snow



• 2007 ICMAG Breeders Cup, 1st place for Best Sativa
• 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain

The buds of Hawaiian Snow are so large and heavy, the plant often needs extra support to stay standing. This should give you an idea of the kind of beast you are dealing with. Hawaiian Snow is a potent sativa powerhouse that is not to be underestimated.

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  Greenhouse Seeds Hawaiian Snow

 Award Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 



• 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain

Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 is an extremely peaceful and chill strain, ideal for relaxation and reflection. Its mellow nature is not to be underestimated though – it has all of the power where it counts.

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Greenhouse Seeds Arjan's Ultra Haze 1

 Award Great White Shark



• 2005 High Life Festival, 1st place for the Super Cup & Best Hydro 

Whilst Great White Shark has a modest, but respectable 14% THC, it is able to boast a CBD content of 1.7%. This not only makes it a great strain for chilling, but also appealing to those who want more from their cannabis.

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  Greenhouse Seeds Great White Shark

 Award Arjan’s Haze



• 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place in the People’s Choice category

Arjan’s Haze has it all. A long lasting potent high, a fast turnaround, and a large yield. It’s no wonder it was the people’s choice! 

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  Greenhouse Seeds Arjan's Haze

 Award El Niño



• 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Bio

A mixture of Haze, Super Skunk, and White Widow, El Niño is as potent as its genetics sound. It grows it to a short busy little number that produces bud with a THC percentage of roughly 21%. It results in a very smooth, sociable experience. 

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  Greenhouse Seeds El Nino

Award NL5 Haze Mist



• 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Hydro

NL5 Haze Mist is a sativa dominant resin factory. Its buds are so big, potent and sticky that anyone interested in top quality hash need look no further. The mix of the original NL5 with a Haze x Skunk x Kali mist crossing, NL5 Haze Mist is an example of Old-school genetics at their best.

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  Greenhouse Seeds NL5 Haze Mist

 Award White Widow



• 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Overall Strain & Best Bio 

White Widow is an Amsterdam favourite to this say. And that is saying a lot considering how old the strain is. It is an absolute classic, and must have for anyone who wants a bit of living history. It’s high yielding, potent, flavourful, easy to grow, and has an unforgettable high. A complete all-star!

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  Greenhouse Seeds White Widow


These are but a few of the many awards filling Greenhouse Seeds’ trophy cases. It is a testament to the seed bank, and hopefully gives you a few ideas for strains to try!



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