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Top Advantages Of The Shisha Pen

1. No toxins

Shisha pens create a clean and pure vapour that contains no tar, carbon-monoxide or any other toxin. It is these poisonous chemicals, amongst many others, that are usually associated with the health problems that result from the use of tobacco and hookahs. As cigarettes and hookahs burn tobacco, they create a large number of toxic by-products. As shisha pens do not burn anything, they do not create any of these problem.

2. No nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive stimulant found within regular cigarette tobacco as well as in hookah tobacco. Whilst not harmful by itself, nicotine creates addiction, which is something those who just want to enjoy the flavour don‘t want. The liquid in an e-shisha contains absolutely no nicotine.

3. No smoke restrictions

The fact that shisha pens create a vapour instead of smoke allows them to be used in places where tobacco use is frowned upon, restricted or even illegal.

4. No Second hand smoke

The vapour created by an e-hookah dissipates within seconds. This means that there is no “second hand smoke” for others to breathe in. This is partly why they are tolerated in places where tobacco is not.

5. It costs less

On average, a shisha pen lasts for 600 puffs. When you take into account the cost, it works out much cheaper to use a shisha pen than it does to use hookah tobacco or smoke cigarettes.

6. No lingering smells

As the vapour created by shisha pens does not contain tar, or any other bad additives, the smell does not linger in the same way that smoke does. This means that clothes, furniture, hair and personal possessions do not become stained with the smell of smoke – a smell that many find undesirable and can affect the way people interact with smokers.

7. They are easy to use

Unlike normal hookahs that require a lot of setting up, shisha pens are easy to use. They require no set up, and require no coals or fire like hookahs and cigarettes. Simply take a puff and hey presto!

8. They are small and discreet

Unlike normal hookahs, e-hookahs are small (about the same size as a cigarette). This means they can be easily carried around in your pocket or purse for easy use on the go – something that would not be practical with a normal hookah. Also, as they are small and create a vapour that rapidly disputes, their use does not usually draw much attention, making them fairly discreet.