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The Health Risks Of Smoking Hookah

Smoking hookah is an age old tradition that originated in the Middle East. Flavoured tobacco is smoked through a water pipe, which delivers a pleasurable and relaxing experience. However, burning tobacco creates a myriad of toxins and harmful substances, which are all inhaled with the smoke. The combustion of tobacco creates over 4,000 toxins, with at least 69 of those known to cause cancer.

But the real problem with smoking hookah is this; recent research has found that smoking a hookah for just one hour is as bad as smoking 100 tobacco cigarettes! This is because a shisha session can last for an hour or longer, bombarding the lungs relentlessly with smoke. To make matters worse, it is also believed that shisha tobacco smoke can be 36 times more carcinogenic than tobacco smoke, contain 15 times more carbon monoxide, as well as contain higher levels of lead, nickel and arsenic. Shisha pens on the other hand completely eliminate these health concerns, as they don‘t burn anything - they vaporize a liquid. There is no carbon-monoxide, no tar, no nicotine; none of the 4‘000 cancer causing toxins are produced by a shisha pen.

This is a big reason why e-hookahs have become so popular. In addition to being convenient to carry around, they do not produce any of the negative health impacts that a regular hookah creates. The flavoured liquid in a hookah pen is not burned, so it doesn’t produce any harmful smoke. The safe and clean liquid is heated to the point where it evaporates, allowing you to inhale a thick and flavoured vapour.