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What Are Shisha Pens?

A shisha pen is a small, cigarette shaped, electronic water pipe that vaporises a shisha flavoured liquid. The Shisha pen is perfect for an experience on the go, no matter where you are; the shisha pen is ready to use. In addition to this, since the e-shisha vaporises a liquid, it does not contain any of the tar, carbon-monoxide or other toxins produced when burning shisha tobacco. Shisha pens deliver a pure and enjoyable shisha experience without having to worry about nicotine addiction or negative health impacts. The shisha pen is the modern evolution of an ancient tradition.

Whilst the smoking of hookahs is an age old tradition dating back hundreds of years, the invention of the e-hookah is fairly recent. It follows on from the creation of the e-cigarette by Hon Lik in 2003. Hon Lik is a Chinese pharmacist who came up with the idea of using a piezoelectric ultra-sound emitting element to vaporise nicotine diluted in propylene glycol. They were first introduced in the Chinese market in 2004 and have spread globally ever since. The shisha pen is the logical evolution of this concept to create a nicotine free, portable and pure shisha experience.

It is these features that have led shisha pens to become a trendy accessory that is now often encountered on a night out. The safety, portability, flavours and also the health aspects has led many to prefer the e-shishas over smoking a hookah, which has been shown to come with considerable health risks.