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How to Use Syrian Rue

There are many ways to take Syrian Rue, the easiest being to simply grind the seeds with the teeth, letting the ground seeds mix with saliva for a couple of minutes before swallowing.
It is also possible to grind them externally, using something like a mortar and pestle before putting them in capsules. This can be preferable for those who want to ingest Syrian rue directly, but don’t want the taste of it in their mouths. Not only are these methods some of the simplest, they are also some of the most potent, as no active ingredients are lost in the preparation process. The actual dosage required can vary largely person to person, but the most standard is to take 1 gram, then work your way up if required – 5 grams is seen as the top limit of a very high dose for most people.

Pegamum Harmala Tea

Another common method of taking Syrian rue is to brew “tea” from it, (also known as a water infusion). This method causes much less nausea, so is preferred by some. However, the flip side of this is that some of the active ingredients are lost during the preparation process, so about 1-2 grams extra is required. To make a brew, simmer ground up seeds in 150ml of water and 50ml of lemon juice per person, for around 15-30 minutes. Strain the liquid to remove the excess seeds and then consume.

Another method that is used, but is somewhat less common, is to use the ground up powder of Syrian rue as part of an incense Quite large amounts are needed for it to be effective – and it lasts for a much shorter duration.

To potentiate other psychedelics such DMT or magic mushrooms, up to 3 grams are used up to 1 hour before taking the other entheogen. Any more can cause increased discomfort without affecting the high.

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