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The Effects Of Syrian Rue: MAO Inhibitors & Harmala Alkaloids

As previously mentioned, the alkaloids within the Syrian rue act as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), respectively as reversible MAO inhibitors (RIMAs). There is a ongoing debate as to wether RIMAs require the same tyramine restriction in diet as MAOIs, but the final judgement is still out. As it stands, we can only advise to closely follow the MAOI diet prior to the consumption of Syrian rue seeds. For a detailed list of the MAOI-diet, click here.

Harmala alkaloids act to block the MAO enzymes and facilitate the absorption of DMT and other tryptamines. However, it also causes the absorption of tyramine, which is found in many foods, to go unregulated. This can be dangerous and can cause a hypertensive crisis. For this reason it is very important to watch your diet when taking anything that is an MAOI.

As Syrian rue is an MAOI, it is very commonly used to potentiate other psychedelic plants, enhancing them and prolonging the high. A good example of this is the use of magic mushrooms or DMT, where the prior use of Syrian rue is reported to lengthen the experience by up to 4 hours. Syrian rue can also be used as a psychedelic itself with larger doses, but this can cause a lot of physical discomfort. Anecdotal reports describe how pure harmala alkaloids of the rue can result in a range of hallucinogenic effects, from closed eye visuals, all the way to open eyed patterns and distortions.

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