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What’s the best way to take Salvia?

Like most plants, Salvia can be smoked, or it can be chewed or turned into extracts and tinctures. There’s the good and bad of each ingestion method. Some Salvia users are die-hard quid chewers, boasting a more enthogenic Salvia experience from quid chewing, while other users can manage little more than a buzz from quid chewing, instead opting for classic smoking, which they claim always gives them a legitimate trip. Others still combine the two ways of taking the plant, putting a quid in their mouth for the normal time, then lighting a bowl of Salvia as they finish the quid and spit it out. First-time users who aren’t used to harsh smoke will find quids easier to handle; in addition, quids are healthier for all users’ lungs, though the effects on oral hygiene shouldn’t be ignored.

It’s useful to know that quids end up taking a bit more raw plant to get you to the same level as a smoked Salvia leaf. If cost is a factor, keep this in mind.

Users wanting a longer lasting, deeper experience ideal for mind advancement and spiritual exploration might want to give quids a try. Quids, though they have a relatively gradual onset, last much longer.

Sage Goddess Emerald Essence is a name given to tincture extracted from Salvia. The tincture is in technical terms similar or the same as chewing a quid, but the liquid, in practice, is absorbed differently. Dosages of tinctures can also be precisely measured out and concentrated. Since it is a liquid, its effects come on faster, and it also ends up being much nicer to hold against your tongue than a scratchy quid. A stinging sensation can be caused by Salvia tincture, mainly from excess alcohol in the mixture. It can leave a user’s mouth sore and slightly irritated for a few days (the way it feels when you burn the inside of your cheek or tongue on hot food, to be specific), and is definitely annoying. However, adding more water to the tincture will solve this problem.

Extremely potent extracts and pure salvinorin A are usually not the best choice for most users. Vaporizers are often too strong for a good trip as well. Quids, tincture, and light extracts or leaves contain more than enough active ingredient to get the average and even regular user to the level that he/she wants to be on.

Even with the extreme nature of the strength of Salvia, individuals are still affected differently. There are people out there, often dubbed “Salvia hardheads,” who, no matter how much leaf they pack or how concentrated of an extract they hit, will not trip out and lose their heads. Above this, some users at points even find it difficult to achieve a trip, chewing a quid and then smoking a bowl with still unsatisfactory results. If this is you, which is unlikely, then you’ll need to start with extract in the 10x, 20x, 30x range. As always, dip your toe in the water slowly and start with maybe a quid and a small dose, because you can always work your way up to the level you want. If it ends up taking multiple smokes or quids, then so be it.


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