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Smoking Salvia

Girl smoking Salvia

Salvia’s plain leaves can be dried and smoked in a pipe like any other herb, though it doesn’t work well in rolled joints/cigarettes. In addition, butane torch lighters are best for smoking Salvia because its ingredient needs to get extremely hot before it vaporizes and enters your lung. Inhale slowly and deeply, resisting the urge to cough as much as possible – but don’t fret if you do cough out a hit. The flame should be close to the leaves and drawn into the pipe, and should be lit throughout the entire hit. Salvia leaves or smoke blends work well in most standard smoking devise, like hand pipes, water pipes, or even steamrollers and gravity bongs, as long as they have a decently sized bowl. When smoking, keep something to put set your pipe down on after your hit, such as an ash tray or bowl that you won’t knock over. People often forget before they smoke the extent to which a Salvia trip can take hold of you, easily including taking away awareness of any of your surroundings, including your piece in your hand. Salvia is known as piece-killer for this reason. The trip will come on strong over the next minute, and hold steady for three to ten more, depending on your tolerance, before tapering off to a particularly enjoyable afterglow. Inhalation to baseline can last as little as half an hour.

Sage extract 5xThere are also salvia extracts & extract-enhanced leaves that are made to be smoked from a pipe or water pipe. These leaves come in strengths of 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, or greater (30x or 40x), and contain 5, 10, 15, or 20 times the Salvinorin A than a natural leaf, respectively. Vaporizers work particularly well on extract in addition to plain Salvia leaves. Their cooler, smoother, and clearer smoke, however, can make a hit feel like less than it is, and has more than once led to a user smoking far too much Salvia. This, added with their potency, makes any vaporizer smoking as sensitive as extract smoking and large doses, and a tripsitter should always be present to any first time users. Useful to know is the fact that many cannabis and tobacco vaporizers do not get hot enough to vaporize Salvia’s active ingredients, and special vapes have to be manufactured or rigged.

Experienced users sometimes dare to vaporize pure Salvinorin A, but newbies, stay away! The active dosages of the chemical range from thousands to millionths of one gram, and just a change of a few units affects the strength of the Salvia experience. The amount of substance should be measured out carefully and accurately by a chemical balance; any dose can look the same as the other yet produce an experience that was far stronger than expected. Unfortunately, these high end scales have a going rate of one grand upwards. Precisely measured individual doses of the chemical infused into leaves and smoking blends brings a solution to this, allowing users to have the familiar routine of smoking a physical leaf while measuring their exact Salvinorin A dosage at the same time. This saves the need of a scale and the risk of extreme pure chemical overdose.

Daniel Siebert has created the first widely available Salvia tincture. Sage Goddess Emerald Essence is taken orally and held, similar in use to a quid. The liquid lets the mouth’s gums and tissues absorb the Salvinorin A significantly faster than a quid, however. The alcohol required to create the tincture can leave a burning or stinging sensation on the inside of the mouth, though this symptom can be fixed by mixing water in with the tincture. The alcohol content doesn’t produce any noticeable psychoactive effects; it is needed to dissolve the Salvia plant’s active ingredient. Siebert’s tincture is sold in a discrete, professional package and arrives with one dropper for the tincture and an extra one for water. Commonly, a one to one ratio of tincture and hot or boiling water is combined in something like a shot glass, and taken like a shot – except, once the mixture goes in the mouth, the user lets it simmer at the bottom of their mouth, being careful not to swallow it but to let it be absorbed by the veins and tissues of the tongue. The tincture is usually held for around the same time as a quid, half an hour. By then, your Salvia trip has started.


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