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Enhance your beer and brew it to suit your taste Hop Sensations! Hop Sensation a specialised hop extract that is 100% natural. It allows brewers to mimic the effects of dry hopping, taking beer to the next level. Hop Sensation is available in five different varieties and are very easy to use: just add to your freshly brewed beer before bottling

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Flavour: Magnifico€ 6.95
  • Flavour: Citrulicious € 6.95
  • Flavour: Kentish Gold € 6.95
  • Flavour: Magnifico € 6.95
  • Flavour: Peach Melba € 6.95
  • Flavour: Uncle Sam € 6.95
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Flavour: Uncle Sam € 6.95 Out of assortment
Flavour: Magnifico € 6.95 Out of assortment
Flavour: Kentish Gold € 6.95 Out of assortment
Flavour: Citrulicious € 6.95 Out of assortment
Flavour: Peach Melba € 6.95 Out of assortment
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Brewferm - Hop Sensation: Flavours For Perfect Beer

Brewferm's Hop Sensation gives your beer a finishing touch for the perfect flavour! This 100% natural hop extract allows the brewer to produce the same effects as dry hopping their beer, but in a faster, more efficient manner. It is also super easy to use - simply brew the beer, add the extract, and adjust to taste!


Brewferm's Hop Sensation guarantees consistent results, regardless of hop harvest. You can add them to taste, with one single package of Brewferm Hop Sensation sufficient for 20 litres of beer. (The recommended dose is to use max. 1g per litre of beer). Want to add even more flavour? No problem: You can simply adjust the dosage after tasting. Unlike with traditional dry hopping, Brewferm's Hop Sensation is easy to use and allow easy adjustment of your flavour.

Compared with dry hopping, Hop Sensation is much more efficient (up to 100%) in imparting flavours and aromas. With traditional dry hopping, only 20 to 35% of the hops' flavours and aromas are absorbed by the wort. This makes Brewferm Hop Sensation much more economical and cost-effective.


There is no need to add hop cones or granules to your beer, which means there is no hop residue to be filtered out.

Brewferm's Hop Sensation ensures consistent flavours, as the product is standardized and doesn’t depend on the batch or the year that the hops were harvested.


You can easily add your desired flavour of Brewferm Hop Sensation and can instantly taste the difference. Just follow the steps below for a perfect result.

1) Brew with your beer kit or own recipe
2) Ferment your beer
3) Taste your young beer
4) Add Brewferm Hop Sensation to taste. If needed, repeat and adjust until the desired result is achieved.
5) Bottle your beer
6) Enjoy!

Brewferm's Hop Sensation is available in 5 exciting flavour variations: Hop Sensation Uncle Sam, Hop Sensation Magnifico, Hop Sensation Kentish Gold, Hop Sensation Citrulicious, Hop Sensation Peach Melba

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Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation
Brewferm Hop Sensation