Spraymalt Muntons (500g)

With Muntons Spraymalts, you can improve the quality of any beer kit. Simply use spraymalt instead of sugar, or add to any standard recipe. When you use spraymalts, you end up with beers that are less dry, but packed with richer flavour and more body. Beers will also show better head formation and retention. Muntons Spraymalts are now available in 6 different colours to satisfy every connoisseur.

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EBC: Dark (44-70) € 4.95 Out of assortment
EBC: Extra Dark (70-120) € 4.50 Out of assortment
EBC: Extra Light (8) € 4.50 Out of assortment
EBC: Light (7-12) € 4.95 Out of assortment
EBC: Medium (22-44) € 4.95 Out of assortment
EBC: Wheat (12) € 4.50 Out of assortment
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Muntons - Spraymalt: Easily Improve Any Beer Kit

Easily improve any standard beer kit with Muntons Spraymalt! Your beers will turn out more flavourful, stronger, and with a fuller and richer body. Simply substitute the recommended amount of sugar, or add spraymalt to any standard recipe.


Spraymalts are fine, powder-dried malt extracts that come pre-mashed. When you use malt extracts, you won’t need to do the mashing yourself. In fact, all you need to do is boil the wort. Many homebrewers in America use this method of brewing, which is called a mini-mash or partial mash.

Because of their concentrated nature, the same amount of malt extract does not contain the same amount of sugar as an equal amount of barley malt. The following table can help you when brewing:

1kg malt extract powder = 1.60kg malt
1kg barley malt = 0.62kg malt extract powder


Use 100g malt extract powder and dissolve in 800ml water. Boil for 5 minutes. Allow the mix to cool to 20-25°C and pour into a sterile Erlenmeyer flask or a bottle with an airlock. Add the yeast.


1. Replace half the recommended amount of sugar with Muntons Spraymalt. For example, if a recipe calls for 1kg of sugar, use 500g of sugar and add 500g of spraymalt. This way, you can greatly improve the overall quality, flavour, and colour of your beer.

2. You can also substitute the entire recommended amount of sugar with spraymalt. If a recipe calls for 1kg of sugar, simply use 1kg (2 packs) of spraymalt. Important note: when you use this method, you must use Muntons Premium Gold yeast because your beer will turn out particularly rich and full-bodied. This requires better fermentation characteristics than standard yeast. With this recipe, you can transform any standard beer kit into a premium kit. Soon, you’ll be on your way to brewing beer of the utmost quality.

3. You can add spraymalt to any standard recipe to improve the malt flavour and brew a richer and stronger beer. If a recipe calls for 1kg of sugar, simply add one pack (500g) of Muntons Spraymalt to the recipe for brewing. Your beer will retain its natural character, but will be 20% stronger than if you were to use the original recipe.

Spraymalt is a wonderful, easy, and convenient way to brew better beer with any standard beer kit!


Since malt extract absorbs moisture from the air, you should keep it in a dry and cool place. Once you open a package, reseal tightly, with as little air as possible left in the pack.

One pack Muntons Spraymalt contains 500g of malt extract.

Available in 6 colours: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Dark, Extra Dark, Wheat

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Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
Spraymalt Muntons (500g)
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