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Blue Lotus 20X Extract (1 Gram)

 4/5 (29)

    It works very well to relax, 1gr is only a few thé's that you can make tho


    Pleasant warmth / strength and floating through the night,
    Firstly, it's quite a pricey investment for what it is, and can be found much cheaper and stronger (100x) elsewhere, but it's wonderful quality and provides a couple of full nights. and developed dreams. Thanks :-)


    Berry good
    I try one time this product and just a little bit:it works very weel! Thanks Zamnesia!


    Felt a very mild sedative effect, mixed it with some morrocan and it was very relaxing. would buy again.


    perfetta !!!
    una liquirizia dal sapore forte , da sciolgliere in bocca lentamente !!!


    efficace et aphrodisiaque
    Mélanger cet extrait avec du vin ou un autre alcool ,commencer par des petites doses et lA SENSATION DE BIEN ETRE peut commencer . attention pour les personnes fragiles


    It tastes so good to me, reminds me of malt coffee. I infused 1g of the extract in hot water (tea like) stirred it around and drank it all up after around 12 mins.Im not sure wether it is just me but i felt slightly euphoric and definitely felt the aphrodisiac aspect of the blue lotus.Its a real helpful tool in bed if u need that slight edge, its as if you are forced to get yourself turned on.


    Not bad
    The quantity contained is minimal , as for the quality it isn't bad but it wasn't euphoric or aphrodisiac , simply relaxing. Made a tea with 1 gram of extract , drank it and after 30 minutes or so was very calm and a bit absent minded , effect lasted for an hour if i recall correctly.


    most times quite potent, combine with mate or guarana
    Most times I use it in combo with white lotus and tobacco I receive a mellow, eyes slightly clenched stoney feeling, which I combine with drinking mate for the energy. Otherwise it would make me sleepy.


    In my experience with this I found it to make cannabis a lot calmer and happier, I had the whole bag in tea alone then had a joint and I found it was noticeable enough, I think more would be better not much in the bag in my opinion but not bad product

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