Rick Simpsons‘s Cannabis Oil - „Run from the Cure“

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Rick Simpsons‘s Cannabis Oil - „Run from the Cure“

If you keep your ear to the ground and follow cannabis news, you may have came across Rick Simpson, the pioneer of medical cannabis oil. We looked back on his story and the fight to spread the word.

If you keep your ear to the ground and follow cannabis news, you may have came across Rick Simpson, the pioneer of medical cannabis oil. We looked back on his story and the fight to spread the word.

Today, Rick Simpson is viewed as a modern patron for the healing properties of cannabis and THC. It is through his campaigning and documentaries that many of those in need have found their way to the medical wonder that is cannabis.

Rick's cannabis story started back in the 70's. His cousin had just passed away from cancer and he was still reeling from the shock. It was during this time that Rick heard about a study on the radio. It was a study by the University of Virginia claiming that the THC found in marijuana reduced brain tumors in mice. The news shook Rick to the core, why was not more research not being into THC if it had this type of potential? It is possibly this lack of further research, combined with a later injury, that motivated him to take matters into his own hands.

The reason no more research was done was because as soon as the DEA caught wind of what was going on, they shut down all research into the matter, halting all progress. The rights to creating synthetic THC were then handed to pharmaceutical companies, preventing all hopes there were for THC to become a widely known treatment for cancer.

It was in 1997 when Rick first decided to take action. He suffered a work related head injury that inspired him to pursue a THC-based treatment. This head injury gave Rick a chronic pain and a ringing in his ears. Doctors were confused and gave him all sorts of sedative drugs to try to help the problem. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Eventually, becoming frustrated with being a walking, pilled up zombie, Rick turned his sights to cannabis.

Rick Simpson - Run From The Cure

No way of getting it prescribed

Before taking it, he asked his doctor if it would help. He was told that it was harmful to the lungs and still under study. He went ahead and got some anyway and found it to be better and more effective than anything he had tried to date.

Rick went back to his doctor and asked to be prescribed marijuana, even going as far as to say he would make it into an oil, so that it did not harm his lungs. His doctors refused. Eventually his doctors gave up on him and left him on his own as none of their medication was working. It was at this point Rick decided to drop the pharmaceutical crap he had been fed and move exclusively to cannabis oil, prescription be damned.

To his great surprise, he found his condition greatly improved, to the point where he could function at a normal capacity.

Cannabis oil & Skin cancer

A few years later, in 2003, Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer. This is when he remembered the news report from 30 odd years ago, detailing how THC shrank tumours. He put some of his oil onto the lumps in his skin and covered them with a band aid. Four days later, they were gone! Even more surprising was, that no one wanted to look into the evidence he had. Eventually, he started the crusade for the use of cannabis oil as a medicine. Rick went on to administer doses to patients with internal and serious cancer – with astonishing rates of success.

Cannabis & patents - a financial matter

In recent history, a documentary called “Run From the Cure” has been created, outlining Rick's discoveries and the testimonies of those he has treated. It is still not medically recognised, with major player fighting the findings with hands and feet. A medical revolution in the making, more and more people are realising the potential of cannabis themselves.

But what is the reason no one wants to pay attention? Because it threatens the very heart of the pharmaceutical industry. You cannot patent a whole plant. Even worse, everyone can grow it in the garden, for next to nothing. If the knowledge about cannabis oil spreads, and if weed were legalised, a big chunk of their business might go down the drain. To be fair, some countries do allow for a small amount of cannabis cultivation on medical grounds, so those fortunate enough to live in these countries have some options.

The Rick Simpson Oil - RSO

The actual oil is referred to as RSO, short for Rick Simpson Oil. Often called hemp oil by Rick, this is because of his Canadian influences - where hemp can mean THC containing cannabis. It is not actually oil made from industrial fibre hemp, or the seed of hemp that you can find sold in health shops. The oil Rick is producing is actually marijuana oil. An oil with high concentrates of THC, made from prime bud of cannabis plants. Actual hemp, whilst part of the cannabis family, has next to nil THC in it.

To produce the oil, large amounts of cannabis bud, up to half a kilogram, are placed in a big bucked and mixed with a solvent, such as ethanol. The solvent then becomes saturated with the actives of the plant. After it‘s filtered and reduced down, until all solvent has evaporated. In the end, just cannabis oil is left.

The oil is often ingested for the treatment of serious cancer. According to Rick, it takes the average person 90 days to consume a full 60gram treatment, which should be enough to treat most people who have not undergone chemo or radiation therapy, (in which case more will be needed for a longer period of time). Due to most people having no interest in actually getting high, the recommended dosage starts a taking an amount half the size of a grain of rice, three times a day; gradually building up the dosage as the patient builds up a tolerance the “high” effect.

This, however, is not necessary. Rick has said himself, the faster you take the oil, the better your chances of healing are. The reason he follows this method is because he does not want people out of their comfort zone. There is a large stigma attached to cannabis still, and people may be more hesitant to take the medication if they think they are going to get high.

The long way towards mainstream acceptance

Cannabis is one of the most-studied psychoactive plants we know of. There are thousands of studies available, and indeed, many support the claims made by Rick Simpson. Multiple studies show, that cannabis can shrink tumors, however, to our knowledge all of these studies are based on in-vitro environments. There is great anecdotal evidence, that many people are effectively using RSO to cure cancer and other serious ailments. But until further research is done, it remains just that - anecdotal evidence. But it‘s starting to happen - earlier this year (2013), Dr. William Courtney went on an interview with the Huffington Post, outlining how cannabis oil was used to cure a baby of inoperable brain cancer. Hopefully, as the grip of dirty politicians and pharmaceutical companies loosened by open and free science, more and more people will learn and embrace the revolutionary potential that cannabis holds.