Jalapeño M Seeds


These chilies are great as a topping or as an ingredient in various dishes. They offer continuous harvests and simply taste incredible. Both growing and eating Jalapeños is a rewarding experience. So what are you waiting for?

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Jalapeño M Seeds: Famous for a Reason

Jalapeños—is there a chili that needs less of an introduction? Perhaps the most famous chili in the Western world, these mild little fruits are rich in flavour and have become a widespread and versatile ingredient across a range of cuisines.

Though they are delicious fresh, they are most commonly found dried. The plant itself continuously produces fruit over an extended period of time, meaning that you can have continued access to fresh chilies!

How To Grow Jalapeño M Chilies

  • Step 1: Germination

The easiest way to germinate chili seeds is in their final pots. The pot size will determine how long they take to reach maturity and how big the final harvest is. The bigger the pot, the bigger the harvest (and the longer the maturation time).

Bury the seeds in a 1cm-deep hole in the soil, and water. It’s important to keep the soil moist to ensure germination, but you mustn’t soak it. Cover the pot with cling film to maintain a high humidity, but poke a few holes in it to allow for air exchange.

Place the pot in a warm space. Around 25°C is ideal for Jalapeño germination.

Depending on many factors, chili seeds can take between 3 days and a couple of weeks to germinate. So exercise patience and don’t lose hope!

  • Step 2: Patience

Once the seeds germinate and you see the seedlings breach the soil, remove the cling film and make sure they have ample light.

Jalapeños take around 85 days to reach maturity. Water them like any other house plant. A tomato/pepper fertiliser will do to keep them fed and fuelled, but a little extra calcium is the way to go to prevent blossom-end rot. A foliar spray is the best way to do this.

How and When To Harvest Jalapeño Chilies

After around 85 days, you should have mature Jalapeños to pluck. However, this is just an estimate, and the chilies themselves will tell you when they’re ready. They will start green and slowly ripen into red. You can harvest them when they’re green, but wait until they’re an incredibly dark hue. If they come away from the plant easily, they’re ready. If they resist, they are not yet ripe.

While the first fruits mature, the plant should continue to produce new blossoms for the rest of the season. So it’s a great choice for those who want a continuous supply of fresh chilies!

A Word of Warning

Whenever handling chilies and seeds, it’s good to wear gloves to protect yourself from pepper burn. Even though Jalapeños aren’t so hot, it’s still good practice!

Please note, seed amounts are based on weight and actual seed quantities are approximate.

Note: The packaging for this product may contain incorrect information. Please refer to this page for correct information about Zamnesia's Jalapeño M seeds.

Jalapeño M Seeds data sheet
Botanical Name Capsicum annuum
Spiciness (SHU) Moderate (3,500–6,500 SHU)
Maturation time ~85 days
Sowing January–April
Harvesting Period June–August
Average Height ~85cm
Colour Green
Package contents ~0.25g (~35 seeds)

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Reviews (11)

    At the moment the seeds are germinating, of what has been sown, 50% germination has been obtained, we will see if it increases in the next two days as they have just a couple of days since the first seed germinated.


    Hot and tasty
    These seeds are very high quality. The fruits are hot but acceptable and nice taste. Fast growing




    Looking good
    They have only just begun to germinate, but looking like a good success rate and I'm looking forward to the crop in a few weeks' time.


    Zaadjes ontkiemen niet allemaal dus enkele extra voorzien . ontkiemen gebeurt heel langzaam +- 2 weken. mooie sterke plantjes .


    Makkelijk te kweken
    6zaadjes laten ontkiemen , alle 6 ontkiemd! Heb de beste 4 plantjes eruit gehaald en opgekweekt op de vensterbank/lamp. Als de zon schijnt ga ze op het balkon nu, en ze doen het supergoed!


    Good seeds


    Vraiment bien
    Sur un sachet, 25 graines ont levé, à voir pour la suite mais les plantules ont l'air en pleine forme


    Jolies pousses
    Elles commencent à germer en 10 jours et ensuite vous n avez plus qu à les regarder pousser … Ce sont des plantes qui aiment la lumière


    Nice plants
    Easy to grow, tasty to consume :)

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Jalapeño M Seeds
Jalapeño M Seeds