Biquinho Seeds


These chilies are super mild, rating only 500-1,000 SHU. This means they are perfect for those with a very low spice tolerance, or just lovers of salad who want to give it a little bit of edge. Couple that with a relatively rapid growth, and you get a chili well suited to beginners.

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Biquinho Seeds: Fruity, Crunchy, and Tangy

Biquinho chilies are the perfect introduction to both spice and chili growing. Mild, with a Scoville rating of only 500–1,000, they’re a safe bet; perfect for a first grow to discover if it’s something you’d like to pursue.

Named Biquinho ("little beak") on account of their small, beak-like tip, they originate in Brazil. Being sweet and crunchy, they’re not just suited to cooking, but are perfect for adding whole and raw into salads, too.

How To Grow Biquinho Chilies

  • Step 1: Germination

Germinating chili seeds is a fairly simple process. The easiest method is to germinate them in their final pots. The exact size of the containers depends on your setup and goals. But bear in mind; the bigger the pot, the longer the maturation time, but the bigger the harvest.

Bury seeds around 1cm deep into soil, and leave them in a warm space. They don’t need light, but it won’t hurt either. Keep them moist but not wet. They do, however, require high humidity to germinate, so you mustn’t let them dry out. Placing cling film over the top of the pot will help to retain moisture. Just poke a few holes in it so it can breathe. A temperature range of around 25–28°C is ideal for germination.

Once the seedlings appear, remove the cling film and move them to a well-lit space.

  • Step 2: Patience

Now you just have to care for your chilies until they’re ready to harvest. Water them as you would a normal house plant.

Using a pepper/tomato feed should be suitable. However, you may want to add a little extra calcium to prevent problems during fruiting. The best way to do this is via a foliar spray.

How and When To Harvest Biquinho Chilies

Depending on the size of their pots, the amount of time your chili plants take to reach harvest will differ. It will likely fall between 100 and 120 days, but it’s best to take the cues from the peppers themselves. You’ll know they’re ripe when they’re red. Once they initially turn red, give it a few more days before harvesting.

To harvest, simply pluck them from the plant by pulling them upwards. If they give a lot of resistance, they are not fully ripe. If they come away easily, they’re ready to eat!

A Word of Warning

Handling chilies and their seeds regularly can result in pepper burn. While this is unlikely with Biquinhos because they are so mild, it’s still good practice to wear gloves if you handle chilies a lot.

Note: The packaging for this product may contain incorrect information. Please refer to this page for correct information about Zamnesia's Biquinho seeds.

Biquinho Seeds data sheet
Botanical Name Capsicum chinense
Spiciness (SHU) Mild (500–1,000 SHU)
Maturation time ~100 days
Sowing March–April
Harvesting Period May–July
Average Height ~85cm
Colour Red
Package contents Ca. 6 seeds

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Biquinho Seeds
Biquinho Seeds