Dorset Naga Black Seeds


If you want serious heat, it's hard to beat the Dorset Naga Black chili. Reaching up to 800,000 Scoville heat units, this chili is so hot that it's actually dangerous for the uninitiated! Nevertheless, if you've got a taste for spice and want to take things to the next level, look no further.

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Dorset Naga Black Chilies: Among the Hottest in the World

The Dorset Naga Black is one of the hottest chilies in the world, and not for the faint of heart! Bred in Dorset, England, it’s not necessarily where you’d expect one of the world’s hottest spices to come from, but the world is full of surprises.

This chili is capable of reaching an astonishing 800,000 Scoville heat units (SHU)—that’s more than enough to have anyone in tears.

As chilies go, the Dorset Naga Black has a respectable lifespan of around 165 days before it's ready to harvest. So we can assume that not only does it contain great strength, but great chili wisdom, too.

How To Grow Dorset Naga Black Chilies

  • Step 1: Germination

To grow Dorset Naga Black chilies, bury seeds about 1cm deep into their final pots. Cover with perforated cling film and make sure the soil stays moist. Chili seeds need a moist environment in order to germinate.

Spicy chilies like warm environments. Between 28 and 30°C is optimal for Dorset Naga Black germination.

Hotter chilies tend to take longer to germinate, so allow up to several weeks for the Dorset Naga Black to sprout.

  • Step 2: Patience

Once the seedling has shown itself, keep it moist and place it in a warm spot with plenty of light exposure.

Now, just care for them. Chilies can be fed a normal tomato feed, but some extra calcium administered as a foliar spray is the way to go if you want to avoid the terrible sight of fruits rotting on your plants.

How and When To Harvest Dorset Naga Black Chilies

Once your Dorset Nagas are between 4 and 5cm long, red, and wrinkled, you’ll know it’s time to harvest. Though this will differ from plant to plant, a mature, healthy Dorset Naga specimen should be around 65cm tall. Once ready, grab the chilies by the fruit stalk and pull them upwards; you'll know they are truly ripe if they come off easily.

A Word of Warning

Whenever handling chilies and seeds, especially ones such as the Dorset Naga Black, it’s best to wear gloves to avoid pepper burn. Even if you feel nothing on your skin, if you rub your eyes or go to the toilet, you’ll soon feel something!

Note: The packaging for this product may contain incorrect information. Please refer to this page for correct information about Zamnesia's Dorset Naga Black seeds.

Dorset Naga Black Seeds data sheet
Colour Red
Harvesting Period November
Maturation time ~165 days
Sowing Early spring (April)
Botanical Name Capsicum chinense
Suitable For Outside
Plant Type Pepper
Location In pot, In soil
Watering Schedule Regularly
Amount of Sun Full sun
Required Space 45x85
Advised Technique Transplant, Plant out, Support plants
Sowing period under glass January, February, March
Outdoor sowing period March, April
Harvest period July, August, September
Uses Edible
Poisonous No
Frost Resistant No
Lifespan Perennial
Package contents Ca. 5 seeds
Average Height ~65cm
Spiciness (SHU) Extremely hot (700,000–800,000 SHU)

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    Wie immer
    Super Verpackung und Lieferung. Nichts zu beanstanden, alles gut wie immer. Bericht über Keimung und so weiter folgt

    T. S.

    Schärfer als Scharf
    Diese Chilis sind ein wahrer Traum für jeden Schärfe Liebhaber

    M. O.

    Zum Glück habe ich es mir bestellt... Super... Danke!!

    M. F.

    Alles bestens
    Toller Shop, schneller Versand.

    A. D.

    Heb er veel pepers van mogen plukken goed pittig en ze smaken ook nog lekker.

    R. D.

    Envoi rapide et soigner, 100 % des graines sont sorties... Nickel

    B. B.

    Snelle levering
    Wachten tot de lent met zaaien

    K. B.

    In de zomer zie ik het resultaat.

    M. V.
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Dorset Naga Black Seeds
Dorset Naga Black Seeds
Dorset Naga Black Seeds
Dorset Naga Black Seeds
Dorset Naga Black Seeds
Dorset Naga Black Seeds
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