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'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit

 3.5/5 (130)

    Ne pousse pas du tout malgré toutes les précautions prises pour la pousse ,je ne suis pas a ma première culture mais celle si et vraiment nulle en plus le service clients qui ne répond pas depuis presque 1 mois pour l'apporter de solutions .


    alles supi
    Super produkt. Anfangs noch startschwierigkeiten aber auf der heizung auf stufe 2 fing es ordentlich an zu spriessen. Also fĂĽr den 2. Schub war es schon ordentlich. Die wirkung noch nicht getestet da ich die pilze erstmal trocknen lasse


    Plus compliqué a avoir des bonnes conditions ( humidité) que les cubensis. Mais très bon kit et bonne explication. Merci Zamnesia


    Literally nothing happens and i read the instructions and followed them since 20days


    Whatever "hard" to cultivate means this is actually very easy to grow and usually gets better through the second flush. As a very experienced grower I can say this is worth it. One inaccuracy about the instructions tho it can take as long as 20 days to see the first pins so be patient if it seems to be failing. And the temp should be best at 26°c.


    Kit défaillant
    J'ai les conditions adéquates et aucune contamination. Le 1er flush à produit 10 minuscules champignons (poids sec : 0.24g, même pas assez pour un trip...). 2ème flush, 4 minuscules champignons que je n'ai même pas pesé vu la faible quantité... J'ai voulu recommander mais j'ai vu qu'il était en rupture après ma commande, je soupçonne qu'on m'ai envoyé un kit trop vieux, c'est pas possible qu'il produise aussi peu... Vraiment déçu surtout pour le prix payé, la photo est mensongère J'éditerais mon avis si un miracle se produit au 3ème flush mais sa m'étonnerais...


    Not as great as i thought to be
    I love this Copelandia, i´ve been cultivating psilocybe for more than 20 years and was expecting a growers kit for long. I was missing them for a long time and finally i found that there was kits for sale!! Unfortunately this one came a little bit old and the micellium was already srunken in the box. That means it´s been for a long time in storage. The kit gave me some musrhrooms in two flushes but unfortunately very little harvest. Not as great as it looks in the picture and unlike the Psilocybe ones that give big value. I guess that within time they will come better as they will research how to improve them in the future. For now three stars but willing to test more and hoping for the better.


    Dank u Voor goeie service
    Na tweemaal te hebben gefaald waren jullie zo eerlijk om me een nieuwe te geven en gelukkig deze maal optimaal sucses. Dank voor jullie eerlijke zaak. grt bart


    La qualité est exceptionnelle. A goûter une foi dans sa vie. Rendement assez faible. Mais beaucoup plus puissant que ses cousins les Cubensis. Je recommande.


    small but strooong
    I followed the growkits' instructions and right now the 4th flush is growing, no contamination yet. To be honest, the cubensis kits I have tried were a little better with producing fruits. I am getting rather small flushes, it's not like in the pictures where the whole brick is covered with shrooms, instead about 1/3 of the whole area is actually where fruits are growing. The first flush produced some very curly shrooms, but the following flushes looked like healthy fruits – although small in number and size. BUT! The fruits are really quite strong! I ate the first two flushes and was caught quite off guard. I am used to cubensis when estimating the trip strength by the amount of fruits I'm eating and man oh man these copelandia shrooms really are playing in quite the different league! Went hiking and had quite the connective experience with "the mountain". I'd rate 5/5 if the kit produced more fruits, but I really cannot complain with how strong they are!


    ...wirklich genug Geduld sollte man haben aber die Warterei belohnt sich


    Ich hab schon so einige Cubensis gegrowt aber beim ersten Versuch mit den Copes war es nicht so glücklich verlaufen. Die Box kam schon ein wenig "aufgebraucht" an, hat aber nach 2Wochen dennoch gefruchtet. Die Kappen hatten inmer schwarze Stellen, was wohl auf Bakterienkontamination hindeutet. Es kamen auch so nie viele dabei heraus ABER: Fotos gemacht, Support kontaktiert und Ersatz erhalten. Mal sehen wie es diesmal wird Super Support, auch wenn einem SELBST mal ein Fehler unterläuft sind Sie sehr Verständnisvoll. Probiert es gerne aus!


    The best
    Very strong and potent mushrooms! These are my favourite!


    Gemischte GefĂĽhle
    Es ist eins der anspruchsvollsten Zuchtsets die man kaufen kann und das heißt es ist nicht unmöglich daraus auch eine gewisse Ernte einzufahren aber bisher waren die Ergebnisse sehr ernüchternd..... Und beim eintreffen der Lieferung sah es schon etwas kontaminiert aus, ich hatte extra noch einmal nachgelesen und habe es dann trotzdem probiert. Jeder der das Geld hat und sich gerne mit Herausforderungen auseinandersetzt hat Spaß an diesem Set


    Not worth it
    The kit came with green contamination. This is due to inadequate packaging with holes in the grow kits cover that have no filter. Yet i still gave it a go. The first box produced nothing except for mold. The second box was the same. The third finally produced a total of 1.2g dry in 2 flushes. Parameters: 23.5°C at 100% / 95% relative humidity (pre-fruiting and during fruiting) I worked very clean, using sterilized water, a disinfected growing tent with air filters and of course gloves and a mask. I would give it 3 stars just for the potency of the shrooms and the excellent customer service from Zamnesia who sent 2 replacement kits for free. But since I have to rate the product itself, the kit, I can only give 1 star due to the fatal flaw and contamination that can not be prevented. It is just a matter of getting lucky to have a clean kit which must not be the case at this pricepoint.


    Dur a cultivé
    Bonjour pour ma part il on my 3 semaine a sortir mais j'ai mis beaucoup de patience de propreté et surtout faire attention avec l'air et désinfection des main extera. Par contre il ne sont pas sortir d'un flush mais petit à petit un ou deux par la deux trois par la bref première flush j'ai fait 3g sec, c'est pas beaucoup et la je continue a en ramasser toute les semaines quelques un voila ! Je recommande au personne tres patiente et méticuleuse sinom vous allez le contamine et tout perdre !


    Me llegĂł con moho
    Mi pan llegó con moho, muy contaminado difícil de salvar. Eso si zamnesia fue rápido con la solución


    Never doubt when it comes from
    This is one of the hardest boxes to grow but the results are more than amazing! 2x Very large flush and super strong strains! Love Zamnesia and all the work they do


    Seguí escrupulosamente el proceso y tras crecer apenas 4 o 5 setas pequeñas salió moho y tuve que tirarlo. Después de la experiencia me parece caro y difícil de cultivar.


    Love them!
    The boxes are good and the mushrooms are real magic! The most beautiful mushrooms I have ever seen, it was an honour to grow them! The only thing I can recommend is to make better manuals here, because I needed extra help, they indeed need a lot of love and care :) Namasté!


    Mushrooms stopped growing
    The mycelium didnt finish to colonize the earth above, before the first and only mushrooms startet growing. After a few days it wasnt much taller (2-3cm) when it dropped its spores. I resetted the kit and now theres barely any action. Must have been unlucky with the kit.


    Nothing grows
    After scrupulously following the explained process and being more than rigorous about hygiene, nothing grows. When I arrived, the box was micro-punctured, which I don't understand as it is to be transported. I am sure it was contaminated during this process. It's not the first time I've grown mushrooms but 80€ for this crap, no thanks, I won't buy it here again.


    Amazing Mushrooms that are a bit more difficult that Cubensis
    I didn't have too much of a problem growing them, it was pretty straightforward but I was extra careful when prepping them. I only got 1 flush and a few random other pins, and maybe this was due to waiting just a bit too long when harvesting them - when a couple of the mushrooms started to fall over and get dark. They do seem more powerful when I tested a raw one, but they also are significantly smaller than the Macennaii. I'm happy with them despite the lower yield.


    It was alright, I guess
    The good thing about these ones is that you don't need a large amount, so out of the first flush, I got roughly 5 high doses. That being said, the flush didn't yield as many mushrooms as other grow kits I've bought and I was expecting strong effects, which I didn't get. Yes, there was some sensory enhancement, some 3D effects and some movement, but nothing mind-blowing.


    Copelandia Hawaiian
    unfortunately it arrived very dry, I contacted the assistance and they immediately provided me with 2 choices a new kit or a voucher equal to the price of the kit and free shipping Zamnesia is the best


    Kit copelandia


    Je suis mitigé
    C’est mon 2em kit et premier kit arrive contaminé, et le second très peu de rendement


    kein Wachstum
    Habe zur selben Zeit auch cubensis gezogen. Gleichzeitig gefruchtet, aber beim Copelandia wurden die Fruchtkörper nicht größer als 2cm und waren auch nur sehr wenige. Sie fngen an Myzel zu produzieren und waren hinter kleine weiße Bälle. Bisher keine ernte gehabt, trotz konstanten 26°c, ausreichend Licht sowie Feuchtigkeit Ist jetzt knapp einen Monat her Kontaminationen sind nicht sichtbar


    No idea what i did right, but these grew twice as fast as my cubes.
    Grew these during the biggest heatwaves, so maybe that was a factor - got first flush after week and half; lower quantity, about 1,5 g dry, which is for about 2 average trips. Anyways, these were much stronger than cubes and provided an incredible experience


    Blue Hawaiian copelandia kit
    The kit came in good condition. The kit produced as described however it produced very little, also the claimed strength of 3x 4x times stronger than cubensis is incorrect information and no where did I find any information to support this claim. Over priced but it's the only way to secure a proper spore print. 5/10


    Attention la canicule
    J'ai recu un kit qui avait parfaitement commencé à pousser. Malheureuseement, la canicule est arrivée, et je n'ai pas réussi à maintenir la températureassez basse (asperger de l'eau fraiche sur l'extérieur des parois suffit pour baisser la température interne du sac). Autre difficulté : le taux d'humidité à commencé à chuter rapidement tous les deux jours en fin de matinée. Si vous ne pouvez pas surveiller humidité et température tout au long de la journée, danger. J'ai continué d'espérer la reprise du champignon, mais rien. Poubelle, dommage... La moyenne, car sans la canicule, c'était très bien parti.


    Geen paddo's
    Al wat ervaring met het kweken van paddo's de ene al wat succesvoller dan de andere maar toch gemiddeld wel altijd een redelijke opbrengst. Dus 2 Hawaiian grow kits gekocht. Heb hier werkelijk getracht om de handleiding letterlijk te volgen maar na 8 weken geen verkleuring, geen paddo's niets :(. Het minst succesvolle project tot nu toe.


    Copelandia Hawaiana
    Infectada con moho


    Be careful!
    Those shrooms are crazy, but growing them is hard. Tried the mushrooms at a wedding and had the most beautiful trip ever. Beautiful visuals, fulled with joy. So I decided to try and grow them. First growkit got contaminated, even with a lot of care (thermometer, hygrometer, gloves, mask + what seemed to be good conditions). Got a second one, tried to be even more careful but not sure it's going the right way. Crossing fingers. Good luck!


    No mushroom has growed up
    After 90 days baby sitting it I have disappointingly trash it. Kit arrived in 3 working days to Spain. It had slighly green mold on the very sides. Plastic cover on top had several holes to keep ventilation, but it lacked any kind of filter or protection to avoid possible contamination. During the first 14 days white cottonish mold grew on 70% of the surface then stop. I have kept a clean environment and routines, fresh air the bag 2-3 times daily. 26Âş constant, humidity 90-99%. Zamnesia responded with a voucher. I will try again with other kit in the autumn. I suspect the mycelium is old, rancid, or it arrived already contaminated. Buy if you like gambling.


    Sie sind da
    Donnerstag bestellt heute da... Alles vorbereitet, jetzt auf die Ernte warten. Aber ich habe keine Bedenken das etwas schief geht.. Wenn ich jedoch einen Tag später bestellt hätte, dann hätte ich auch nur noch 55 bezahlt.... Danke an das ganze Zamnesia Team das es uns in diesem Lande möglich ist, ein paar angenehme Stunden zu erleben..... Beim nächsten Mal kommen Seeds nachhause....


    Top Qualität
    Easy to handle and much fun to enjoy


    Zamnesia au top avec un S. A. V au top
    Bonjours à tous Petit message à tout les astronautes. Zamnesia un e commerce vraiment sérieux et très professionnel.du personnelle au top de leur connaissance et des conseil très utile sur leur site la qualité des produit sont la et le SAV qui est très réactif en cas de problème je conseil vraiment ceux E commerce à tous les astronautes . Merci à toute l'équipe zamnesia


    Nichts für Anfänger!
    schwierig anzubauen, es muss auf vieles geachtet werden, aber von beachtlicher Qualität und nur etwas für Feinschmecker.


    Just mould grew
    I don’t know if I messed up or if it was a bad batch. I can’t rate 1 star because it’s said it’s harder than others to grow so I’ll try again and see


    prodotto arrivato secco ordine n°85173170
    il prodotto mi era arrivato secco completamente, premetto di avere gia esperienze nella coltivazione di funghi perciò quando mi è arrivato il kit secco completamente mi erano sorte delle domande , però ho seguito comunque tutte le loro indicazioni, sulla reidratazione e sul corretto processo di coltivazione, il fatto e che nel passaggio tra la reidratazione e la copertura col terriccio in dotazione il kit è diventato completamente verde(ammuffito), spiace ma c'era da aspettarselo col micelio completamente secco appena lo idrati diventa cibo perfetto per muffe, peccato la prima volta che compro da sto sito ma credo proprio sarà l'ultima se questo è il prodotto per il micelio più pregiato che hanno. onestamente non mi sento di consigliarlo a nessuno perchè ci si sente truffati. p.s. avevo pure preso il "Liquido Culture Vial Mondo" per conservare le spore che ne sarebbero uscite.ahahahah spero che almeno leggano il mio commento e migliorino perchè a quanto sembra dai commenti altrui non hanno un buon servizio chlienti. spero di ricredermi ma dubito fortemente. buttato kit da 65 euro.


    Je n'ai pas été habitué à ça...
    Le le kit en lui même est arrivé abîmé et je suis par là même occasion sûr qu'il est contaminé... La moitié du pain est déjà atteint des l'ouverture du colis. J'espère que un kit plus soigneusement emballé me sera donc dédommagé au prix que ça coûte !!


    Best experience so far.
    kit produced around 5 grams dried total. probably could produce more but still was very happy about the results. ate 1.5g first time and it was one of the best trips i have ever had. clear focused visuals coupled with very good feelings. also it was very easy for body. 1.5g with lemon tek was better than most heroic trips i have taken. Just be careful when you crow them. they are sensitive


    Comes with holes & mold
    Mine arrived with green mold already growing. Unfortunate that the most expensive grow box has ventilation holes instead of a filter. I did my best but the green mold got through the dirt and no mushrooms grew. I think the way this box is shipped needs to be rethought. Its unfortunate as I've never had that before from Zamnesia.


    Green before starting
    The grow kit was green before starting, but delivery was perfect. Thank you anyways!


    Funghi copelandia cresciuti strani
    Ho comprato il kit e ho seguito tutte le indicazioni sa lettera però i funghi sono diversi a quelli nella foto e delle foto su internet. Sono venuti piccoli e sembrano quasi già secchi alcuni con il cappello veramente piccolo e secco. Per ora mi sta uscendo la prima buttata e sembrano un quantitativo giusto però sono strani sono piccoli e tutti rinsecchiti, non sembrano nemmeno la specie indicata. Magari con la seconda buttata mi andrà meglio. Spero di ricevere una risposta o dei chiarimenti.


    Sehr enttäuscht
    Das Set hat überhaupt nicht funktioniert! Trotz genauester Einhaltung der Anweisungen im Handbuch bildete sich bereits am 2. Tag ein weißer Schimmelbelag auf der Erde, dieser verfärbte sich dann später grün. Zum Sprühen habe ich sogar destilliertes Wasser aus einer frischen Flasche genommen, die Kontamination muss also bereits in der angeblich sterilen Erde oder im Inneren der Growbag gewesen sein. Ich hoffe, ich bekomme mein Geld zurück.


    Best support on earth. Kit came WITHOUT contamination. I am idiot
    Worked well but I am an idiot and I thought the myzel is contamination so I threw it away. Zamnesia then told me everything worked well and I can send an update some weeks later. Told them about my mistake and they offer me a new one! Best shop ever :D their fast and polite support can't be beaten


    J ai acheté 1 kit de culture de coppelandia mais le kit est arrivé avec quelques tâches et lorsque je l ai mis en culture,aucun champignon n a poussé alors que les tâches se sont développées sur le pain de culture jusqu a le remplir...


    Reviews do not do it justice
    The issue with most grow boxes are that; they've either been contaminated at source, the end-user is attempting to fruit in bad conditions or, they are inexperienced. If you've not grown before then I suggest looking at Cubensis B+ as a starting point. Once you're comfortable with that and have your grow area sterile, then you should try something more difficult. This product so far has been great. No contamination, healthy mycelium and was fully colonized with a good amount of top soil provided. Great work Zamnesia!

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