'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit


Copelandia Hawaiian (Panaeolus cyanescens), a legendary mushroom among psychonauts. This is a species of magic mushroom with one of the highest concentrations of psilocybin (up to 5 times that of cubensis)‚ÄĒand has effects to match. Now you can order a growkit, coming with a substrate infused with the highest quality Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium, and grow your very own!

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Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit: One Of The World's Strongest Mushrooms

The Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom grow kit contains the mycelium to grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens‚ÄĒan exceptionally strong magic mushroom. Up to around 5 times stronger than a normal Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms, the Copelandia Hawaiian variety offers an experience like no other. The effects of Copelandia are powerfully visual. Some say they have a tropical edge‚ÄĒbut you will have to find out for yourself! With the main trip lasting between 4 and 6 hours, get ready for a psychonautical voyage.

This Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit is 1200cc, making it fairly large. If all goes well, it should yield between 90‚Äď130 fresh grams. Whilst this is not as large as P. cubensis yields, for the serious mushroom lover, Copelandia Hawaiian cannot be missed. The sheer strength of these mushrooms is what makes them so incredible, and they are well worth trying. This yield should be spread across 2‚Äď3 flushes. Unlike P. cubensis grow kits, the substrate upon which Copelandia Hawaiian grow is horse dung, mirroring how they grow in the wild. Of course, this substrate comes fully colonised with Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium, just waiting to pin!

Also included is a comprehensive yet simple instruction manual that will give clear guidance for every step of the growing procedure. Some of the steps are slightly different to P. cubensis mushrooms, as Copelandia Hawaiian have different needs. So even if you’re an experienced grower, make sure you give them a thorough read.

Copelandia Manual

What you get:

  • 1 grow kit of fully colonised horse dung
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 cups of topsoil
  • 1 paperclip
'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Copelandia
Strain Copelandia

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Reviews (129)

    Bonjour Zamnesia. J'achète chez vous depuis longtemps et je compte bien continuer.Mais fini les kit champignons. 3emes kit avec zéro champignons et là je m'étais payé les meilleurs, j'en aurai pas goutté un seul. J'ai l'habitude des kits, je récoltait pas mal avant.temperature, humidité tout était parfait pourtant,encore. Je suis vraiment déçu, surtout que pour tout les autres produits je n'ai rien à redire. Bonne journée à vous.


    Kit défaillant
    J'ai les conditions adéquates et aucune contamination. Le 1er flush à produit 10 minuscules champignons (poids sec : 0.24g, même pas assez pour un trip...). 2ème flush, 4 minuscules champignons que je n'ai même pas pesé vu la faible quantité... J'ai voulu recommander mais j'ai vu qu'il était en rupture après ma commande, je soupçonne qu'on m'ai envoyé un kit trop vieux, c'est pas possible qu'il produise aussi peu... Vraiment déçu surtout pour le prix payé, la photo est mensongère J'éditerais mon avis si un miracle se produit au 3ème flush mais sa m'étonnerais...


    Not as great as i thought to be
    I love this Copelandia, i¬īve been cultivating psilocybe for more than 20 years and was expecting a growers kit for long. I was missing them for a long time and finally i found that there was kits for sale!! Unfortunately this one came a little bit old and the micellium was already srunken in the box. That means it¬īs been for a long time in storage. The kit gave me some musrhrooms in two flushes but unfortunately very little harvest. Not as great as it looks in the picture and unlike the Psilocybe ones that give big value. I guess that within time they will come better as they will research how to improve them in the future. For now three stars but willing to test more and hoping for the better.


    Ridicule production
    Malgré les efforts et après avoir suivi scrupuleusement les instructions, la production a été ridicule (4 champignons).


    Dank u Voor goeie service
    Na tweemaal te hebben gefaald waren jullie zo eerlijk om me een nieuwe te geven en gelukkig deze maal optimaal sucses. Dank voor jullie eerlijke zaak. grt bart


    La qualit√© est exceptionnelle. A go√Ľter une foi dans sa vie. Rendement assez faible. Mais beaucoup plus puissant que ses cousins les Cubensis. Je recommande.


    small but strooong
    I followed the growkits' instructions and right now the 4th flush is growing, no contamination yet. To be honest, the cubensis kits I have tried were a little better with producing fruits. I am getting rather small flushes, it's not like in the pictures where the whole brick is covered with shrooms, instead about 1/3 of the whole area is actually where fruits are growing. The first flush produced some very curly shrooms, but the following flushes looked like healthy fruits ‚Äď although small in number and size. BUT! The fruits are really quite strong! I ate the first two flushes and was caught quite off guard. I am used to cubensis when estimating the trip strength by the amount of fruits I'm eating and man oh man these copelandia shrooms really are playing in quite the different league! Went hiking and had quite the connective experience with "the mountain". I'd rate 5/5 if the kit produced more fruits, but I really cannot complain with how strong they are!


    ...wirklich genug Geduld sollte man haben aber die Warterei belohnt sich


    Hat 2 nicht funktioniert und hab auf alles geachtet.


    Ich hab schon so einige Cubensis gegrowt aber beim ersten Versuch mit den Copes war es nicht so gl√ľcklich verlaufen. Die Box kam schon ein wenig "aufgebraucht" an, hat aber nach 2Wochen dennoch gefruchtet. Die Kappen hatten inmer schwarze Stellen, was wohl auf Bakterienkontamination hindeutet. Es kamen auch so nie viele dabei heraus ABER: Fotos gemacht, Support kontaktiert und Ersatz erhalten. Mal sehen wie es diesmal wird Super Support, auch wenn einem SELBST mal ein Fehler unterl√§uft sind Sie sehr Verst√§ndnisvoll. Probiert es gerne aus!

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'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit
'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit