'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit


Copelandia Hawaiian (Panaeolus cyanescens), a legendary mushroom among psychonauts. This is a species of magic mushroom with one of the highest concentrations of psilocybin (up to 5 times that of cubensis)—and has effects to match. Now you can order a growkit, coming with a substrate infused with the highest quality Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium, and grow your very own!

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Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit: One Of The World's Strongest Mushrooms

The Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom grow kit contains the mycelium to grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens—an exceptionally strong magic mushroom. Up to around 5 times stronger than a normal Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms, the Copelandia Hawaiian variety offers an experience like no other. The effects of Copelandia are powerfully visual. Some say they have a tropical edge—but you will have to find out for yourself! With the main trip lasting between 4 and 6 hours, get ready for a psychonautical voyage.

This Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit is 1200cc, making it fairly large. If all goes well, it should yield between 90–130 fresh grams. Whilst this is not as large as P. cubensis yields, for the serious mushroom lover, Copelandia Hawaiian cannot be missed. The sheer strength of these mushrooms is what makes them so incredible, and they are well worth trying. This yield should be spread across 2–3 flushes. Unlike P. cubensis grow kits, the substrate upon which Copelandia Hawaiian grow is horse dung, mirroring how they grow in the wild. Of course, this substrate comes fully colonised with Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium, just waiting to pin!

Also included is a comprehensive yet simple instruction manual that will give clear guidance for every step of the growing procedure. Some of the steps are slightly different to P. cubensis mushrooms, as Copelandia Hawaiian have different needs. So even if you’re an experienced grower, make sure you give them a thorough read.

Copelandia Manual

What you get:

  • 1 grow kit of fully colonised horse dung
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 cups of topsoil
  • 1 paperclip
'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Copelandia
Strain Copelandia

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Reviews (87)

    Just mould grew
    I don’t know if I messed up or if it was a bad batch. I can’t rate 1 star because it’s said it’s harder than others to grow so I’ll try again and see


    prodotto arrivato secco ordine n°85173170
    il prodotto mi era arrivato secco completamente, premetto di avere gia esperienze nella coltivazione di funghi perciò quando mi è arrivato il kit secco completamente mi erano sorte delle domande , però ho seguito comunque tutte le loro indicazioni, sulla reidratazione e sul corretto processo di coltivazione, il fatto e che nel passaggio tra la reidratazione e la copertura col terriccio in dotazione il kit è diventato completamente verde(ammuffito), spiace ma c'era da aspettarselo col micelio completamente secco appena lo idrati diventa cibo perfetto per muffe, peccato la prima volta che compro da sto sito ma credo proprio sarà l'ultima se questo è il prodotto per il micelio più pregiato che hanno. onestamente non mi sento di consigliarlo a nessuno perchè ci si sente truffati. p.s. avevo pure preso il "Liquido Culture Vial Mondo" per conservare le spore che ne sarebbero uscite.ahahahah spero che almeno leggano il mio commento e migliorino perchè a quanto sembra dai commenti altrui non hanno un buon servizio chlienti. spero di ricredermi ma dubito fortemente. buttato kit da 65 euro.


    Je n'ai pas été habitué à ça...
    Le le kit en lui même est arrivé abîmé et je suis par là même occasion sûr qu'il est contaminé... La moitié du pain est déjà atteint des l'ouverture du colis. J'espère que un kit plus soigneusement emballé me sera donc dédommagé au prix que ça coûte !!


    Kit contaminado
    El kit de setas llegĂł contaminado y no he conseguido ni una seta, les he escrito explicando el problema y no se han hecho cargo, estoy muy insatisfecho y no aconsejo a nadie comprar aquĂ­,


    Best experience so far.
    kit produced around 5 grams dried total. probably could produce more but still was very happy about the results. ate 1.5g first time and it was one of the best trips i have ever had. clear focused visuals coupled with very good feelings. also it was very easy for body. 1.5g with lemon tek was better than most heroic trips i have taken. Just be careful when you crow them. they are sensitive


    Comes with holes & mold
    Mine arrived with green mold already growing. Unfortunate that the most expensive grow box has ventilation holes instead of a filter. I did my best but the green mold got through the dirt and no mushrooms grew. I think the way this box is shipped needs to be rethought. Its unfortunate as I've never had that before from Zamnesia.


    Green before starting
    The grow kit was green before starting, but delivery was perfect. Thank you anyways!


    Funghi copelandia cresciuti strani
    Ho comprato il kit e ho seguito tutte le indicazioni sa lettera però i funghi sono diversi a quelli nella foto e delle foto su internet. Sono venuti piccoli e sembrano quasi già secchi alcuni con il cappello veramente piccolo e secco. Per ora mi sta uscendo la prima buttata e sembrano un quantitativo giusto però sono strani sono piccoli e tutti rinsecchiti, non sembrano nemmeno la specie indicata. Magari con la seconda buttata mi andrà meglio. Spero di ricevere una risposta o dei chiarimenti.


    Sehr enttäuscht
    Das Set hat überhaupt nicht funktioniert! Trotz genauester Einhaltung der Anweisungen im Handbuch bildete sich bereits am 2. Tag ein weißer Schimmelbelag auf der Erde, dieser verfärbte sich dann später grün. Zum Sprühen habe ich sogar destilliertes Wasser aus einer frischen Flasche genommen, die Kontamination muss also bereits in der angeblich sterilen Erde oder im Inneren der Growbag gewesen sein. Ich hoffe, ich bekomme mein Geld zurück.


    Best support on earth. Kit came WITHOUT contamination. I am idiot
    Worked well but I am an idiot and I thought the myzel is contamination so I threw it away. Zamnesia then told me everything worked well and I can send an update some weeks later. Told them about my mistake and they offer me a new one! Best shop ever :D their fast and polite support can't be beaten

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'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit
'Copelandia Hawaiian' Grow Kit