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Mulungu (80 grams)

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    I brewed a thermos with a few tablespoons at night, amazing relaxing effect I felt my skin and tongue when talking very funny weaving


    Guter Schlaf
    Vor dem Schlafen eingenommen fühlt man sich am nächsten Tag deutlich ausgeschlafener sofern man natürlich aufwacht, wenn ich durch meinen Wecker geweckt werde spüre ich morgens noch Effekte durch die man sich noch sehr schlapp fühlt.


    Je le prends en infusion avant d'aller dormir lorsque je me sens nerveux, et cela me détend vraiment et me fait passer au moins la première moitié de la nuit sans soucis. A l'air bon pour la santé. Je recommande.


    It really helps sleep better, so much so that if I take too much of it, I feel a little groggy the next morning. Quite a lot of power at the bottom of the bag though, I have to filter it with a thin filter


    Super efectivo!! Buen sustituto natural de pastillas para dormir quimicas.


    If you're looking for something to help you sleep, I do recommend it. I made a cup of tea with just one spoon of mulungu and, within minutes, I felt very tired and fell into a deep sleep. It is a very strong sedatif and practically tasteless - so easier to drink. However, it has no positive mood effects and I think that I wake up still tired. Not as good as akuamma (which I tried to replace), but it works.


    Too bad, not for me
    Although I found a promising and well appreciated recipe for it at Reddit and prepared it that way, it didn't have any effect on me. I guess I'm one of the non-responsive types of which I have read about... For those who are responsive: (Dosage for one) 2x wash 30min decoction (put some vinegar or green lime drops) • 5-15g mulungu (it has a high variable alkaloids concentration from plant to plant) • 5g passiflora spp. leaves • 5g Melissa leaves Edit: don’t forget to put in some lime or vinegar drops! The acidification of the solution is crucial for proper alkaloids extraction, otherwise your tea/extract will be way weaker. Cheers


    Good effect, nice shredded bark from Herbs of the Gods.
    It's very tasty, looks like nice material, and has a strong effect. Also it's effect on nicotine is quite remarkable. It eliminates all effects from nicotine. So good if your trying to kick nicotine consumption. I made a tea, reduced it, strained it through coffee filters and then reduced it until it was a dry resin. Now I have a resin in the fridge that will help me get to sleep whatever I'm up to, any time of day. It is a powerful sedative/tranquilizer. Nice one.


    Nice product
    Very cool tree. On other websites they sell powder, here is better quality. Super sleep aid, helps to stop nictotine craving ( 2 studies have been made ) Since it's not powder, is is wise to cook it a little bit if you want to eat it. The best would probably along other things in a pan with fat so it becomes softer :-)


    Subtle and relaxing.
    A relaxing and mellow feel with a can be quite subtle but still apparent. It makes a nice tasting tea has a hint of coconut, to it great for before bed.


    Angenehmer Geschmack
    Habe nur eine geringe Dosis als Tee getrunken, der Geschmack ist recht angenehm im Vergleich zu dem Extrakt in flüssiger Form(nicht von Zamnesia) welches sehr sehr bitter ist und Magenbrennen verursacht! Die Wirkung war entspannend aber nicht umwerfend.


    Not for me
    I made a cup of tea with 10g, I felt nothing.


    Pour moi cela n'a aucun effet Je ne vois aucune amélioration et je n'aime pas la sensation que cela me produit. Je ne recommanderai pas ce produit


    natural valium
    sleep well!


    ist gut direkt vorm schlafengehen
    hab mir mulungu als tee zubereitet und muss sagen, dass ich vom guten geschmack überrascht war. als nächstes möchte ich sagen, dass ich 10 minuten später eine subtile wirkung ähnlich einem leichten cannabisrausch verspürt habe, die aber leider nur 20 minuten anhielt und ich weitere 20 minuten darauf wieder vollständig nüchtern und klar war. ich weiß nicht wie lange die effekte eigentlich anhalten sollten, vielleicht sollte ich beim nächsten mal noch ein bisschen mehr nehmen (habe 2,5 teelöffel genommen)


    Effet très léger!!
    je trouve que rapport qualité/prix c'est met deux grosses cuillères à café dans une boule à thé je laisse infuser pendant 10 min comme préconisé et l'effet est vraiment très léger! En + de ca même avec une boule à thé le mulungu est trop fin et passe à travers...


    Very surprised tastes good & the effect was very nice as well
    The first time i tried it i just made one dose/cup and the feeling was ok. but the next time i doubled the dosage and i was very impressed with the effects. It´s worth a try if you ask me. ;)

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