Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized


What happens when three famous strains come together? Zamnesia Seeds’ Sticky Beast Automatic is pure autoflower bliss made from some of the best strain favourites. This elusive combo where the mouth-watering Bubble Gum meets the famed OG Kush and the high-yielding Critical Auto makes for a true one-of-kind autoflower that is also very easy to grow!

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Zamnesia Seeds – Sticky Beast Automatic: Easy Auto With Great Taste & High

Sticky Beast Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds is an expertly designed strain where some of the best cannabis genetics come together for a unique experience and all-around fantastic product. Even seasoned cannabis enthusiasts will be delighted about the taste and the potency of this strain while novice growers will love how easy this automatic variety will grow.

From the world-famous Bubble Gum, an award-winning indica that comes from Indiana and had been further developed in the Netherlands comes the sweet flavour of the Sticky Beast. The famous OG Kush, quite legendary on her own and known for both her sativa and indica qualities chimes in with her powerful and long-lasting high. The popular Critical Automatic also has a say and gives her autoflowering ability but not without also giving her great taste, her good growing vigour and some substantial yields.

Since Sticky Beast Automatic is autoflowering, growing her cannot be easier. Simply forget about hassles with light schedules as with some other strains because she will flower all on her own without you needing to do anything. Indoors, the plant will get to a height of 40-80cm which means she’ll be compact enough so she can fit even in some tight spaces. She will yield you as much as 400g/m² in good indoor conditions. When you grow Sticky Beast Automatic outdoors, she won’t get much taller and will normally reach a height of 60-100cm. There you can expect a good yield of 120-170g dry bud per plant.

Once she starts to flower, this quick Lady will finish in a short 6-9 weeks. Her entire life-cycle from when you germinated your seeds until harvest time tops at a short 10 weeks.

Given that she is mostly an Indica (60% indica, 10% sativa and 30% ruderalis) and packs a good 18% of THC, she will deliver a great high that is exceptionally well-rounded. Thanks to her indica dominance her effect is very relaxing and physical, just the right smoke for chilling and if you want a strain that can help you sleep. But she won’t knock you out cold like some other indicas and doesn’t make you drowsy or lethargic. Instead, she has a nice uplifting euphoric side to her as well which makes the strain great if you want to relieve some stress at the end of a day!

In addition to her strong and positive effect when you smoke her, Sticky Beast Automatic can score with an equally great taste. She has a pleasantly sweet aroma that she blends with some earthy undertones for a very enjoyable smoke experience all around.

Sticky Beast Automatic by Zamnesia Seeds is a stellar example for an easy and fast autoflower where you don’t need to make any compromises. Just enjoy her great taste and the powerful yet nicely rounded high and have this Lady show you how easy it can be to grow some top bud in no time!

Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Zamnesia Seeds
Parents Bubble Gum x OG Kush x Critical Automatic
Genetics Indica-dominant Auto
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest
THC 16%
CBD 3%
CBD:THC 1 : 5.3
Height (Indoor) Medium
Height (Outdoor) Medium
Yield (Indoor) Up to 400 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) Up to 200 gr/plant
Sex Feminized
Awards 1st prize - Highlife Cup 2018 | Autoflowering
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (447)
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    Best customer service
    Can’t review seeds yet, haven’t planted (UK), they are well packaged thou.. Parcel got caught at customs for around 10 days, I contacted customer services and they sent me the exact order free of charge……. Best customer service ever

    B. K.

    Insgesamt zufrieden
    Ich habe die Sorte zum ersten Mal angebaut und bin mit dem Ergebnis recht zufrieden. Alle Samen sind problemlos gekeimt und gewachsen. Allerdings gab es ziemlich unterschiedliche Wuchsformen, von kompakt und gedrungen bis hoch und offen. In einem Zelt bei gleichen Bedingungen, eine neigte auch dazu vereinzelt "Bananen" auszubilden. Die Wirkung ist gut und nicht ohne und drückt ziemlich in die Couch. Der Ertrag war auch ziemlich gut im LED Beleuchtung.

    W. L.

    Bin gespannt
    Anbau wohl im nächsten Frühjahr!!! Bin voller Erwartung!

    G. J.

    Sprouted so late and stayed small for so long I'd almost given up, but still got 6 grams from an abandoned plant
    Was meant to be an easy first grow without too much equipment (just one lamp she had to share with her sisters and all garden centre stuff otherwise). Did most of her growing after she'd started flowering. Should have done much more low stress training I think to make this one work -- lots of popcorn buds; only 6 grams in the end. Smells super strong though. Quick dried a little and the taste is pretty good. Very lemon-y. Pretty standard high (and who doesn't like a standard high lol). Diary: Planted: 27 July in seedling soil (pokon organic -- just a bit fluffier and less nutrients). First visible shoot: 12 August (16 days - I'd almost given up). Watered near-daily up to this point. Transferred to canvas pot: 21 August (probably too early). Plant had 2 nodes with triple-fingered leafs. Normal potting soil (central park). Still in south-facing window. Sunny days. Small amounts of water every other day. 29 August: Start some low stress training (tying top to the side of the pot). Some small yellow spots at the end of the leafs. May be magnesium deficiency, but I'm not sure. Adding some basic liquid feed (756 NPK), once a week to start, later twice. Watering every other day 18 September (5 wks after first shoot): looks like a flower at the top, but very tiny ~30 cm high. I'm sort of giving up on this harvest as that seems way too early. Watering every 3 days. 29 September (6.5 wks): it's almost doubled in height! Counting 7 bigger flower clusters. There may be hope, but more pistils than body & nearly no trichromes. I pruned the tiny flower clusters in the hope that this will re-direct resources. 2 November (82 days since first shoot): harvested. Not much growing over this month. Trichromes on the top half were almost all milky and the pistils had all turned brown, but very under-developed lower down. First harvested the top only, hoping the bottom would mature a little further. But 2 days later, harvested that too as I noticed it had turned hermie. Not sure if it was the stress of removing the popcorn buds or the top half or what. Anyway, not bad for a mostly abandoned grow I guess but overall a little disappointing. Super thickly covered in white though. Decent edibles from the sugar leaves too.

    A. S.

    Habe Diese Automatics als Ersatz bekommen für Samen die nicht gekeimt sind. 5/5 Samen super gelungen.

    H. S.

    Top service!
    Alle zaadjes zijn uitgekomen! Kan niet wachten tot er geoogst word :)

    M. K.

    Steeds een snelle levering bij Zamnesia, Ook kwalitatieve huis zaden zoals deze Ik doe hier nu een tweede run mee omdat de eerste zo goed was meegevallen.

    J. B.

    Gutes Saatgut
    Gutes Saatgut, sogar besser als viel größere Anbieter.

    M. L.

    Super Strain
    Ich hatte ursprünglich 2 Samen bestellt und sie zunächst in meinem Garten gepflanzt. Als sie größer wurden, habe ich sie in den Wald verlagert. Es hat insgesamt etwa 4 Monate gedauert, bis sie herangewachsen sind. Eine der Pflanzen ist ungefähr 80 cm groß geworden, während die andere mit etwa 40 cm kleiner blieb. Insgesamt konnte ich etwa 20g hochwertige Buds ernten, die einen wirklich leckeren Geschmack haben. Bezüglich der Potenz würde ich sie als mittelstark einstufen, was angesichts meiner mittleren Toleranz ziemlich stark ist. Der Name Sticky Beast ist definitiv verdient, da sie wirklich klebrig ist.Allgemein eine sehr gute Sorte für Anfänger, aber auch für Erfahrene Grower.

    G. K.

    Schnelle Lieferung
    Wie immer wurde der Artikel schnell und in diskreter Verpackung geliefert.

    T. S.
    You cannot post a review because you have not purchased this product
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Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
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