Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized


Calling the Royal Gorilla by Royal Queen Seeds a powerful hybrid may not do her justice when you know that her THC levels can reach an insanely high 27%. This ultra-potent strain that until now was only available in the US will deliver an outright spectacular high that despite her crazy potency is still balanced. Get ready for incredible relaxation together with a nice uplifting euphoria!

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Royal Queen Seeds – Royal Gorilla: Super-Potent Legend From the US

It doesn’t always happen that new strains from the US come across the pond and then make cannabis enthusiasts here in Europe as excited as we’ve seen with Gorilla Glue. This hybrid made already waves in the States where it reached outright legendary status shortly after her discovery which by the way was entirely coincidental and somewhat curious.

As the story goes, Gorilla Glue owes her discovery to two breeders, Joesy Whales and Lone Watie from the US. What happened is that Joesy’s Chem Sis accidently hermied and pollinated his Sour Dubb, something which is otherwise a disaster should it happen to cannabis breeders. For reasons that we’ll likely never know (call it Karma, divine intervention or simply incredible luck), Lonie kept some of the “spoiled” seeds when Joesy tossed out the plant. Possibly out of sheer curiosity and not expecting anything, Lonie later germinated some of the seeds and what was sprouting to the light was - who would have thought? - one of the most spectacular strains of the recent years: Gorilla Glue, or in our case, Royal Queen Seeds’ version of it, Royal Gorilla, was born!

Like any serious breeders would do, the first thing that Lonie and Joesy did was sending the new strain to the lab for some measurements. Their jaws dropped when the first results came in. The Royal Gorilla measured a staggering average THC content of 24-26% through the bank, with some of the strain’s phenos even exceeding this and at time reaching an outright insane 30%, a THC potency which up until that date had never been measured before.

But it wasn’t just the Gorilla’s crazy-high THC content which made it clear to anyone that they had a really outstanding new hybrid before them. Any time they handled her, the two kept sticking to everything because of the strain’s crazy resin production and this is where they came up with the name for the strain and fittingly called her “Gorilla Glue”. Yet another interpretation for her name can be that it also nicely describes her extremely relaxing body stone and how she can “glue” you to your couch in deep relaxation although her high comes also with a nicely complementing euphoria.

Royal Gorilla may not necessarily win prizes when it comes to yield numbers but this is easily forgotten since she makes well up for it with the outstanding quality of her buds. As the saying goes: “Quality before Quantity”! And to get this first-class extremely potent bud it doesn’t even require any special skills. You can grow Royal Gorilla everywhere, indoors or outdoors and if you do you can look forward to some massively-sized buds on a gorgeous plant with wonderful lime-green leaves. The plant will sparkle in the sun because of the sheer amount of sticky trichomes all over. This 50% Indica/Sativa can yield up to 550/m² when you grow her indoors with yields of up to 600g per plant if you grow her outdoors.

As we mentioned already, the Royal Gorilla brings some crazy THC content of 24%-26% to the table but you shouldn’t be be surprised if some plants may even surpass this and come close to 30% given the right care when you grow her. This is a very powerful Indica/Sativa hybrid with an effect that is incredibly relaxing which makes Royal Gorilla a perfect plant for stress relief or if you simply want to chill. But unlike as with other high THC strains, she doesn’t just knock you out and keeps you stoned for the rest of the day. What’s special about her is that her relaxing effect also comes with a greatly uplifting and happy euphoria.

Because of her sheer potency, Royal Gorilla is also a good strain for medicinal users who want some potent and effective medicine that can help with the management of a variety of symptoms such as chronic pains, insomnia and many more ailments.

Royal Gorilla’s taste nicely blends earthy and sweet flavour notes with lemon and pine tones. When you smoke her she makes for a smooth and highly enjoyable experience - an absolute delight for any serious cannabis connoisseur!

Her potency, along with her good resin production and the great taste are among the reasons that Gorilla Glue won already numerous awards, including at the 2014 Cannabis Cup and the 2015 World Cannabis Cup where she won first place as the best hybrid.

Plant some seeds and join the many fans of Royal Gorilla everywhere. One thing is for sure, this spectacular hybrid is absolutely worth growing!

Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Royal Queen Seeds
Genetics 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Parents Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC 26%
Yield (Indoor) 500-550 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 550-600 gr/plant
Height (Indoor) 160cm
Height (Outdoor) 170cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (60)

    partent bien
    Pas encore récolter. Bonne structure


    Pas de Feuilles apres cotylédons Et 2germees sur 5
    Graines petite pâle craquelé bref 2 sur 5 germés mais qu une qui a pris pourtant je ne suis pas novice en indoor J espère un geste commercial malgré que je ne rêve pas...Dommage car sinon je pense que c'est un manque de chance j'ai eu un mauvais Lot


    Hallo Lieve Mensen, Ik heb geen enkel negatief advies. Planten groeien prachtig. Eerst binnen, en vanaf zo'n 25 cm. op het balkon. Balkon op het NW. Maar gedijt prima. Kopen dus.


    Soweit sogut
    Alles in allem richtig gut aber nicht perfekt. Anbau ist einfach, da keinere Fehler schnell verziehen werden (Licht zu nahe etc). Stecklinge sind zu 100% angewachsen. Buds bzw. Ertrag sind in Ordnung. Geschmack und Turn sind der Hammer. Habe schon 50 Sorten durch, aber diese geht mit in die Top 5. Einzige negative: Keimungsrate nicht optimal 3 von 6. Habe aber von Zamnesia Ersatz bekommen für die Nichtkeimer.


    Sur les deux graines une seule à germé, je rajouterai deux étoiles de plus lors de la récolte si tout va bien.


    2 graine sur 4 on prit trisomique super .... le plan reste petit les bud sont pas si mal est full terpène je laisse 2 étoile car pour le prix ben tu t’attend à avoir des graine qui parte sans souci est surtout conforme je ne recommanderai sur zamnesia de toute façon pour ma part la première est la dernière fois aussi de chez RQS les deux font pas la paire du tout bonne continuation avec vos strain fade 🤷‍


    Très moyen
    Petite plantes qui ont du mal à pousser, 4 graines sur 5 ont germé.


    Jusqu'ici, tout va bien...
    1 graine achetée (parmi d'autres), 1 graine germée... Pour info : 1 nuit dans l'eau dans un placard (à l'abri de la lumiere), puis direct en terre. 6 jours plus tard, sortie de la premiere feuille. Je mettrai la derniere etoile à la récolte... ou pas, selon le résultat ;-)


    3/3 sind gekeimt und sind prächtig gewachsen. Bin auf das Endergebnis gespannt.


    Quel puissance !!!
    Magnifique plante, assez facile à cultiver. Attention à la place, elle s'étire beaucoup. Un goût puissant que je ne serai décrire, mais... tellement délicieux. Si vous êtes débutant allez y doucement à la dégustation. Cette weed est vraiment PUISSANTE 🤯 Livraisons rapide discrète et graines de super qualité ( 100% de réussite chez moi )

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Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized