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Sticky Beast Automatic By Zamnesia Seeds: Post-Harvest Review

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How sticky is Sticky Beast Automatic? Find out with Top Shelf Grower. The monster plants from Weed In The Wardrobe have been harvested. The trimmed buds are dry and curing in glass jars. Now it’s time to enjoy the frosty finished product.

Now it’s time to drop a dank bombshell on all those that still doubt autoflowering cannabis hybridsSticky Beast Automatic could do everything the best photoperiod strain could do in the grow-op, only faster. But the real test for this sticky green, or any other, is the toke test. Without further ado, the following is the complete Sticky Beast Automatic smoke report.

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Weighing in at a combined 147g dry harvest from two plants, Sticky Beast Automatic proved she is a heavyweight producer. In fact, this is my fattest harvest to date from any cannabis strain in such a short space of time. However, my stash of Sticky Beast Automatic is not entirely uniform. The variance between the two phenos is reminiscent of that expressed between members of the Blue Family, which has no genetic relation, but serves to illustrate the differences.

Similar to the sisters Blueberry and Flo, my pair of Sticky Beast Autos had their individual, unique charms. This was most evident when the dry nugs hit the scales. My bushy indica with a double-dose of Critical+ influence contributed a massive 89g, while my stretchy pheno with wider internode spacing and slightly less-compact nugs still kicked in a respectable 58g.


Crystals and colours are the first things you will notice. Blizzard buds covered in red, orange, and the odd pink hair consume most of the sinsemilla surface area. You’ll also the notice the neon green hue of these dazzling nugs. The only downside is, rather than long-running trophy colas, the stash is mostly small to medium-sized chunks. Nevertheless, Sticky Beast Automatic has got 5-star bag appeal.


Oooh, that smell, can’t you smell that smell? The smell of dank is all around you. That’s right, Sticky Beast Automatic is incredibly loud. Dare I say it; she has a rancid reek of cat urine and roadkill. Maturing with time by curing in a glass jar converts the aroma into a more appealing skunky and hash-like profile. Although, the slightly less dense nugs from the stretchy pheno have always had a pronounced earthy odour. The contrast between the stench of the growing plants and the more floral fragrance of cured buds is tremendous.


Positively adhesive sweet, sugary buds. This gooey ganja must be manicured with great care. It’s not very leafy bud, but it is hairy. Handle with care and try not to disturb the pistils’ punk rock collage of orange, red, and pink. Nugs have a tendency to stick in the teeth of the weed grinder. I interpret this as a dank omen as it’s also a common problem with the gooiest OG Kush.

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Here is where the two phenotypes diverge most. The bushier, higher-yielding pheno pleasantly surprised me with a blend of sweet and sour flavours. Earthy and smooth on the way in, and sweet on the exhale with a delicious candy aftertaste. Bubblegum sweetness was lurking beneath all that Critical Mass after all. A tasty sweet and sour combo.

By no means less mouth-watering, but definitely different, the stretchy pheno also impressed me with a cocktail of flavours. These buds hit me right away with a blast of spicy hash-like smoke. Still very smooth and easy on the throat, but not so sour. Still left me licking my lips, savouring that sweet candy aftertaste. Again, Bubblegum influence shines through for a very tasty contrast with the earthy, hashy elements.


There are some notable differences here between the two phenos. Once more, the example of Blueberry and Flo comes to mind. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call the stretchy pheno headstash, it definitely has a cerebral side worth mentioning. The high begins with an uplifting, cerebral wave reminiscent of OG Kush. Later, her heavier physical side creeps up on you. A balanced high evolves that is not too overpowering or racy. Just right for chilling out.

However, with the bushier pheno, a heavy physical effect can be felt within tokes. The high is more dreamy and sedative. Overall, a very relaxing stash best enjoyed after dark. Definitely potent enough to turn you into a semi-functional zombie willing to risk ice cream in the microwave to soften it up some.


Sticky Beast Automatic is dank. Not just dank for an auto; Dank! This is the first autoflowering strain that has genuinely exceeded my expectations and outperformed most of my previous photoperiod crops. This hybrid really does exhibit the best traits of OG Kush, Bubblegum, and Critical+ Automatic. Highly recommended for beginners, and so damn tasty even die-hard photoperiod connoisseurs will start making room in the cannabis garden for automatic firepower.

Lest we forget the concentrates fans. You’ve probably already guessed, Sticky Beast Automatic flowers are fantastic sugar nugs for extracts. I thought the same thing too. My next crop is already underway, and that’s also some dank desert cannabis. Make sure to check out the Zamnesia blog regularly; some awesome homemade concentrate specials are coming soon.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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