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Since the dawn of time humans have been finding ways to harness nature and get high. Being a species able to use tools, we have developed all sorts of intricate and interesting ways to aid ourselves in this pursuit. Well, much like our ancestors, the modern human still strives to enhance their experience in any way possible. Here at Zamnesia we have a huge range of smoking gear that will make things all that more pleasurable – be it bongs, pipes, lighters, or the latest cannabis related accessory, we have you covered. To help you chose from the best of the best, we have put together a list of our top 10 headshop products, updated on a regular basis.

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Budhead Metal Rolling Tray Small (Zamnesia)

Roll in style with this exclusive rolling tray from Zamnesia. Crafted for durability from premium metal and elaborated with an exclusive design, this tray is sure to turn heads the next time you roll up. Measuring 18 x 14cm, this tray is also large enough to roll comfortably yet still small enough to fit in any bag or backpack.

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Smell-Proof Puff Pouch (Zamnesia)

Take your precious flowers with you in our stylish Smell-Proof Puff Pouch. Thanks to the 5-layer fabric, odours are easily contained within the pouch, and your buds are protected from rain and spills. The size of the bag makes it perfect for any backpack, while it's roomy enough to safely store your travel stash and accessories.

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Premium Trippy Glasses (Zamnesia)

Kaleidoscope glasses make the world look absolutely beautiful. This is true in all states and places, but especially so in inebriated states at festivals and parties. Buy them now and have them to hand for your next party.

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Greeting Cards 7-Pack

Whether you've got a birthday to celebrate or an apology to write, Zamnesia has you covered. Pick up this 7-pack of greeting cards that contains a card for every occasion. However, these differ from the ones you'd pick up from Hallmark. Each has a space for you to slip in a fully packed joint for you and the recipient to enjoy. If you have something to say, say it with weed. *joint not...

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Professional Pruning Shears

If you're looking for complete control over unruly plants, or just want to tidy up a few stray branches, the Professional Pruning Shears by Zamnesia are sure to do the trick. These comfortable cutters sit easily in your hand, thanks to a PVC grip, allowing you to precisely clip and chop as you please. They certainly won't slip while you're trimming, no matter the confines of your growing...

€ 12,99
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Activated Coconut Charcoal Filters (Zamnesia)

Ready for the cleanest smoking experience ever? These 6mm slim filter tips are made with activated coconut shell carbon for the finest filtration, without affecting the flavour or draw of your smoke.

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Geotextile Fabric Pot

Keep your plant's roots in pristine condition with this Zamnesia Fabric Pot. The vessel allows air to flow through the sides while keeping the substrate hydrated and moist. The durable material can handle one grow operation after the other.

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Zamnesia Embossed Hoodie | Black

Made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, our line of embossed hoodies provide maximum comfort. However, that doesn't mean there's not an element of sophisticated style to the garments. Available in black, the hoodie features an embossed Zamnesia logo that's subtle to most, but bound to turn the heads of stoners in the know. Effortlessly stylish, and enough to keep you warm whenever you need...

€ 59,99 € 44,99
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Rolling Tips RAW Pre-rolled

The pre-rolled Rolling Tips by RAW are made from purest natural, chlorine free fibers and are vegan friendly. Always perfectly shaped and delivered in a matchbox style box. A box contains 21 tips.

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Cannabis Cookies (CannaShock)

From the team at CannaShock comes a selection of cannabis-flavoured cookies that are bound to attract the sweet-toothed stoner. Available in various flavours, Canna Cookies are perfect for snacking on any time you feel like doing so. Without any THC, they offer up that sweet edibles vibe without any of the psychoactive effects. So enjoy them guilt-free, without any impairment.

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