Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized


Just like the mighty green fist from The Hulk, Bruce Banner #3 will smash you in the head with an incredibly powerful effect that is creative, euphoric, and energising. This heavy-hitter will transform you into a superhero. Hulk-smash procrastination and enjoy new levels of inspiration and productivity; Bruce Banner #3 is redefining the meaning of wake and bake!

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Zamnesia Seeds - Bruce Banner 3: The Super-Potent Upper Strain

The mighty Bruce Banner #3 already made waves in Colorado, where the strain is so popular that second-rate imitations are making it difficult to find the real deal. Combining potent OG Kush genetics with those of Rez’s famous Strawberry Diesel, it didn’t take long for cannabis enthusiasts to flock to BB#3. Many Cannabis Cup awards soon followed, with 1st place for “Most Potent Strain” at the 2013 HTCC representing just one accolade.

The mainly sativa-leaning hybrid (65% sativa) grows into a plant with fluorescent green buds, which occasionally feature purple shades running through them. She will develop compact, spiky nugs with a thick and frosty coat of resin. Manicuring Bruce’s buds is easy since they have few leaves when plucked from their long-running colas. Contrasting the green shades are the orange-coloured pistils that wrap around the buds, giving the plant a beautiful appearance with many shades of green, red, purple, and orange.

Bruce Banner #3 is not too difficult to grow, but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend her to new growers. Indoors, the plant normally reaches a height of 120–150cm. She can really benefit from topping early and often to encourage new growth. She makes a particularly good option in a ScrOG, allowing you to max out your yields. Likewise, the strain may need a little longer to mature than a typical OG Kush, taking around 63–70 days to flower—but that’s nothing too unusual for a sativa. Bruce Banner #3 will reward you with exceptional harvests. Indoor yields of 400g/m² and up to 900g/plant outdoors are possible!

Connoisseurs fortunate enough to get hold of a true BB#3 are in for a treat. Her citrusy, berry flavour is refreshing and smooth like a mouth-watering strawberry smoothie, rounded out with notes of pine and earth. You can also taste some subtle Kush notes when you smoke her.

Bruce Banner #3 is a massively potent strain that, on average, measures 20% in THC, with some phenos clocking in at 27% for true superhero potency! One hit may be enough for you to feel the strain’s massive amount of cannabinoids rush through your body, smashing lethargy and procrastination with her green fist.

Energising and inspiring, she will make you feel pumped up and ready to take on the world! This is an excellent strain for working and doing all sorts of activities where you want a boost. Better still, she will lift you up to new levels of creativity, while relaxing both the body and mind!

Bruce Banner #3 by Zamnesia Seeds is a sensational heavy-hitter that is redefining the meaning of wake and bake. Her enormous potency, sensational “upper” high, and great flavour profile make her a strain absolutely worth growing.

Brand Zamnesia Seeds
Genetics 65% Sativa/35% Indica
Parents OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC 27%
CBD <1%
Yield (Indoor) 300-400 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 700-900 gr/plant
Height (Indoor) 120-150cm
Height (Outdoor) Medium
Available as Feminized seeds

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Reviews (33)

    Got a purple and green pheno. 2/2 germinated. So far really nice, couple weeks left


    Thick Resin
    Due to cold everything was below average but not the Very sticky trichomes , tasted Great and superlong high.


    Wat voor en lekker ding
    echt een lekker strain, helemaal sterk hoor


    Top! Schnelles Keimen und Wachstum. Blütezeit 8-10 Wochen. Tolles Gras für den besonderen Tag.
    5 von 5 Samen haben schnell gekeimt + sind leicht aufzuziehen. Schöne Buds im Blühstadium. Blütezeit 8-10 Wochen. Starke Wirkung. guter Ertrag. Gut geeignet für Indoor-Grower


    Comme Hulk, elle grossit d'un coup
    Premièrement, service client au top. J'ai reçu trois graines de BB3 en compensation de trois GG qui n'avaient rien donné. Sur trois graines, trois plantes semblables dont deux qui ont fourni des têtes énormes ! Au début les fleurs ne grossissent pas. Les autres souches fleurissent plus vite et atteignent leur taille quasi-définitive avant que les BB3 ne commencent vraiment à fleurir. Mais une fois lancées, rien ne les arrête ! Elles grossissent, grossissent, dépassent leurs voisines et continuent jusqu'à la fin de flo ! Un peu comme Bruce Banner qui s'énerve et devient Hulk d'un coup. Toujours comme Hulk, elle se part d'une belle couleur vert clair. A la dégustation, elle a une bonne force de frappe ainsi qu'une odeur "chimique". On aime ou pas, mais ça ne laisse pas indifférent. Bref, excellente souche.


    the best!


    3 graines = 3 MICRO BANZAI MH 400w - HPS 400W Atteint péniblement les 40-45cm malgré un énorme système racinaire PRODUCTION NUL malgré les bonnes conditions de culture En croissance, se porte bien, fait des promesses mais fini par décevoir En FLO consomme plus d'eau que de nutriments malgré un PH idéal Painfully reaches the 45cm despite a huge root system POOR PRODUCTION despite good growing conditions Growing, doing well, made promises but ended up disappointing In FLOWERING consumes more water than nutrients despite an ideal PH


    Bruce Banner 3
    Keimen sehr spät oder gar nicht und wachsen bei mir nicht gut. Würde gerne besser bewerten da es sich um eine Wunschsorte handelt. Aber alle Daumen hoch für euren Service!


    Bruce Banner #3
    100% succes rate!!! Lovely quality seeds! Thx!


    Bruce Banner (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminize
    I haven't tried these seeds yet, but I was highly recommend them from many shops including Zamnesia. Zamnesia shop is always very efficient, their workers are very organized, my judgment is more than excellent, it is also cheap. Thanks a lot, Zamnesia!

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Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized
Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized
Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized
Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized